The demand for refrigerators in Nigeria has increased with the increase in population and number of households. The Nigerian market is so large that it can be difficult to know which freezer to buy, especially when there are a lot of options available. So we’ve compiled this list of 10 freezers you might want to consider.

10 Best Freezers to Buy in Nigeria in 2021

Every day, more Nigerians are becoming conscious about how to save money. Freezers can be a great way to do so! The following is a list of the best freezers in Nigeria for 2021:

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Haier Thermocool Small Chest Freezer

Now you can use the freezer in your tiny home! This Haier chest freezer uses 100 hours of freezing time and a “super freeze” setting to keep your food fresh even when the power is out for days.

When you’ve suddenly got a mouthful of caviar and champagne to give out, the best thing for your little Haier Thermocool HTF 166 Chest Freezer is a quick nip back into your living room.

A powerful freezer capacity continuing up to 100 hours afterward so the mouths on command stay iced A Standard wide voltage compressor combined with Extra-Density insulation means that every liter is valuable for all seasons, but don’t worry about higher ranges.

Spec and Features

  • 3 years full product warranty
  • Anti-rust protection ensuring durability
  • Low noise operation for a peaceful environment
  • Insulation thickness of 75mm ensures cold food lasts up to 100 hours after power interruption
  • 100-hours (4 days) freezing capacity with 166Ltrs


Lg Chest Freezer 253l 25k

LG Chest Freezer gives you the flexibility and top-notch performance that is perfect for any homemaker with limited space in their kitchen. LG’s sense of energy efficiency is a must-have if you want to save on your electricity bills, without sacrificing features such as preserving food for long periods of time or keeping it frozen.

LG chest freezer 253L is stylish, functional, and perfect for all your storage needs!

Not only does it come with FAN technology that makes it 30% faster-freezing than models without, but the cold-air circulation created by the fan blowing from the door ceiling also cools stored food faster and easier.

LG doesn’t play around either when it comes to power; the voltage fluctuation range is 135V ~ 290V, so you don’t have to worry about stopping because of a difference in power from time to time.

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Spec and Features

  • Removable, transparent lid
  • High capacity at 253Litre
  • Improved durability with Linear Compressor
  • Inside Freezing Fan – aid extra cooling
  • Lock and Key Door – so your ice cream doesn’t melt


Smk Solar Freezer 300liters Dcf308

The DC Solar Freezer is designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable in most rural places.

This appliance requires very little electricity, has a maintenance-free DC compressor, can stay cold or hot depending on your needs with its frost system that reduces water condensation/ice formation during low temperatures for increased efficiency of operation.

The adjustable fridge interior temperature lets you keep it as cool as desired while an insulation layer prevents damaging heat loss at lower than freezing operating temperatures by protecting against conducing effects from outside air currents (primary foam technology).

The DC solar freezer & refrigerator was developed to be efficient and environmentally conscious even if used in one of the most remote locations possible such as Africa where there are no power lines available across

Features and Spec

  • Great for summer storage
  • Keep your food fresh with 12VDC power!
  • Fast, lightweight cooling technology – no more waiting hours to refrigerate
  • Easy to load and unload with lockable lid and interior light
  • Environmentally friendly
  • CFCS free
  • Rugged exterior for long-lasting durability
  • Interior made of aluminum, easy to clean.
  • Lockable lid with interior light
  • Lowest operating costs of any product in the market
  • Fine-tune your refrigeration for precise storage needs
  • Totally enclosed compressor is protected from dirt, dust, and outside debris
  • Environmentally friendly with CDC-free refrigerant that isn’t damaging to the environment
  • Simple design with low voltage disconnect and easy operation


Aucma Chest Freezer Bd 500a 568

Aucma freezers are the most reliable option for frozen storage and provide a convenient center-located lid handle.

They also have an indicator light that reassures you that power is supplied to the freezer, so your ice cream will be safe from melting!

There’s no better way than Aucma when it comes to quickly lower temperatures in even large amounts of food. With features like fast freeze or dual functional design, there’s nothing stopping these appliances from being perfect for any home!

Spec and Features

  • Large space for storage
  • Provides quick freezing and high-efficiency cooling
  • An energy-efficient compressor leads to less noise
  •  Easily adapts to a wide range of electrical voltages
  •  Store more food and make fewer trips to the grocery store with this large capacity freezer
  • Large inner light provides easy access for retrieval of frozen goods
  • White liner is not required but can be installed if desired
  • 441L security and peace of mind in a compact 1412 x 740 x 845mm footprint
  • Does not require any defrosting, insulated aluminum body-no external power is needed for cold storage
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Air conditioning cooling systems are designed to reduce the burden on the electricity grid as well as provide comfortable and reliable air temperatures in the summer months.


Nexus Chest Freezer Nx 330h Grey

Nexus Freezers are among one of the most durable brands in Nigeria. They have been known for their high-quality products with great design and functionality. The NX-330H is a chest freezer that comes at an affordable price but does not compromise on features or durability.

Spec and Feature 

  • Low energy consumption
  • Less noise
  • Large space for storage
  • Thick door and cabinet wall
  • Doubles ass chest freezer
  • Broad Climate design


Scanfrost Deep Freezer Sfl151 Comfortline

Scanfrost Freezers are among the most popular brands in Nigeria when it comes to Freezers. The SFL151 is a deep freezer that comes with large storage space and the ability to store frozen food for long periods of time.

Spec and Features

  •  Stay fresh with the 120 hours cool retain time
  • Know that your food is being held at a low voltage for safety and convenience
  • No more rust for worry-free usage in any environment
  • Lock up foods safely to avoid anyone from helping themselves
  • Freezer capacity: 166 litres/25kgs
  • Low energy consumption, less noise, low running cost
  • Thick door with insulation foam sheeting on top and bottom side panels
  • Economy mode


Samsung 329ltrs Refrigerator With Bottom Freezer

Samsung Refrigerators are known for their sleek design and amazing storage capacity. The 329LTRS is no exception to this rule with its relatively small size, yet large freezer section which can hold up to 26kgs of food at any given time.

The Samsung Freezers are also some of the best in Nigeria ranging from different sizes and shapes to different functions. For instance, the 329LTRS has a freezer on its bottom which is perfect for keeping your food at an even temperature throughout the entire process of freezing it without having it go through any unnecessary heat transfer processes in between.

The329 LTRS also comes with other features such as storage baskets are placed in the freezer for easy access to your food, a removable tray that can be used as an ice maker, and also has a setting on it that makes your Freezer perfect for storing different types of foods.

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The 329LTRS is definitely worth considering if you want one of Nigeria’s best Freezers without having to spend too much money.

Specs and Features

  • Achieves all-round cooling by utilizing 4 different cooling systems
  • Includes 10-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Features water dispenser to keep your thirst quenched, and deodorizer to eliminate odours
  • Utilizes LED lights so you can save on electricity costs with display screens that turn off when not in use.
  • Includes fresh zone shelf which preserves food longer than traditional refrigerators


Bruhm Chest Freezers

Looking for a new appliance to help you keep your kitchen cool? Look no further than Bruhm’s wide selection of refrigerators, ranging from double door or side-by-side.

Brühm Chest Freezer is a large and heavy freezer that can be used for storing food, drinks as well as other items. It has an inbuilt ice tray and comes with two drawers that are designed to store baby bottles. Its price ranges from N80,000-N320,000 depending on the size.

Whether it be an upgrade or replacement, these appliances are designed with efficiency in mind and will make all the difference in creating a smooth-running modern home!

It can fit well in tight spaces and doubles doors with plenty of room inside!

Spec and Feature

  • High-end, high-quality freezer for storing food and other products
  • Features a wide thermal range so can work with a variety of temperatures
  • Long-lasting energy efficiency that will save you money long term
  • Innovative design that allows you to move it if needed and includes safety features such as locks and lights
  • Reduced risk of food spoilage during power outages thanks to the longer cooling retention time
  • Low noise level & fast freezing time with Super Tropicalized technology
  • Keep your food frozen for a long time with the fast freezing feature; reach -18°C in minutes!
  • The insulation on the inside of the fridge is thick and will keep your food at lower temperatures than any other brand.
  • It has a LED light in the fridge to make it easier to see everything that you have stored inside.

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