There are lots of different Fire Stick applications available. After installing Fire Stick, you need to check out the best Fire Stick apps so that you can have the best experience of using Fire Stick.

A lot of people are addicted to music and that is why there are many applications with the help of which we can stream music, one of which is Amazon fire stick app.

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But when visit a library you might be overwhelmed by the huge amount of applications available and subsequently get confused on which one to install.

Here, we have outlined 20 plus different Amazon fire stick apps with the help of which you can get entertainment and also effective enjoyment.

best firestick apps

As we all know that Amazon fire stick can be used with most modern TVs to get an entertainment experience beyond our imagination, as it does not have the restriction that we have when we opt for cable or satellite TV.

In this article, we are going to give you the different applications which are best for streaming any thing on Amazon fire stick.

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20+ best firestick apps 2020

Below, we have l different apps which are best Amazon fire stick Apps with the help of which you can get all the things like entertainment, news, music and all.

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Site NamesLink
PlexView Site
NetflixView Site
CrackleView Site
CrunchyrollView Site
morph TVView Site
Cinema APKView Site
stremio View Site
BeeTVView Site – BeeTV
TVZionView Site
Titanium TVView Site
KodiView Site
MobdroView Site
Players Klub IPTVView Site
HD streamzView Site
ESPNView Site
BBC NewsView Site




This is a Media management company. You can use this application in a wide range of devices and also in your Amazon fire stick. With the help of this service you can convert your computer into a small media hub by transforming into plex service and which lets you access the local and online media.

you can download any of the show or any of the movie on your computer and play all of them wirelessly on your firestick with the help of plex, and for that you need not to have the same Wi-Fi network. Plex is free and that is why we would recommend you to use it because it is one of the best app we can use for entertainment on firestick.


netflix mod apk

Whenever when it comes to streaming online movie all TV shows the very first option that comes in our mind is Netflix. Netflix is the biggest online web series and movie streaming platform. When you take the membership plan of Netflix then you will never get bored on Netflix because they think it to have new content every day.

there are a lot of old TV shows that are available on Netflix that people can watch. There are a lot of different plans available to take when it comes to taking membership plan of Netflix. when you talk about the content available on Netflix then there is no any other streaming platform that gives this much amount of content of movies and web series.

And if you are an old school boy who loves to watch old TV shows from HBO and other channels then this is for you. Old TV shows like friends are nice to watch and you will enjoy it with your friends. You need to go to Amazon app store and search for Netflix and after installing it we would recommend you to use Netflix for one month at least because when you join Netflix it will give you one month free subscription.

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Morph TV

morph tv

Before the morph TV we used to use the Morpheus TV. Give me also can install Morpheus TV nowadays too, but you should know that you will not get the new updates because they do not gives new update and that is why you will have to sacrifice with the content that are uploaded there from a long time.

But you can use Morph TV instead of Morpheus TV because it is gaining Ivory good response among all the streamers. you will get the software updates on a regular time interval and also new media collection are added in net with every update with new movies and TV shows for you. The user interface of Morph TV is quite good and you can easily get used to it by learning it.

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This is another one of the most entertaining video streaming service app. And this application is from Sony entertainment. there are a lot of best movies and award winning movies and TV shows which are available on this streaming platform.

You should go to crackle and disturb yourself to watch TV shows and movies and web series which are from the best platform from all around the world with the help of your Amazon fire stick.

But you can stream movies and web series of your favourite you need to create an account on crackle so that you can also have the freedom to access all the content that is available there.

So if there are adult content on this crackers film platform then you can control this application . This application is available free on Amazon app store. All you need to do is search it in the search button. And after clicking on the get it button you will install it on your firestick.



There are different kind of movies and web series available on many of the platform of all around the world. but there are a lot of people from all around the world who do also love watching anime movie and web series.

And if you are one of them who do you love to watch Japanese anime movie Android series din this application computer is just for you. On this application you can stream all the contest by taking the premium membership and enjoy all the features.

But before taking it you will get a 14 day of free trial so that if you do not like it you can easily cancel the subscription anytime possible. There are a lot of different kind of shows available but before putting on the stream they translate it into various languages so that people do not get interrupted.

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You can install this 20 roll application by going to Amazon app store and then simply clicking on the search icon and search this application. and after following the instruction given there you can install it in your Amazon firestick.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK

the another application which is good for your mistake is cinema APK which is extremely popular and mongo all the Android application used for movies and television shows. Cinema APK became the mainstream streaming application when terrarium TV shut down. There are almost endless content available on Cinema TV with hundreds of hours of streamable content.

As this application does have active team of developers which regularly puts new content and keeps us updated with the new releases of movies. you will automatically get a new update and with that you will have new and recent TV shows and movies also.

you should remember that this cinema apk does not host any of the content from its own because it does features the streaming links from other multiple streaming services from various locations. You can control this app with the help of fire stick remote and enjoy your favourite movie all web series which are available on this application absolutely for free.



If you are new to fire stick and you want to install an application to stream movie or TV shows then luckily stremio is a very good application for you. Because stremio is uncomplicated where to stream our favourite movie or TV shows.

This application does supports on large number of devices and so does also on firestick. I have used to this application and trust me this is one of the best streaming platform for all of us. The user interface of stremio is quite simpler and you can easily I start it within few seconds. When you log into stremio after signing up to it you can add-ons on online mode.

It’s like saving your favourite playlist in the online mode so whenever you log into the stream you using firestick you can watch them as many of the Best fire stick Apps does not have large amount of storage but you can save a limited amount of add-ons on stremio.

When you will look then you will see that there are many add-ons that would be lined up for you venue visit the add-on section. This is one of the another application which can be used on Fire stick and which is quite good to use.


The another application which is helpful and one of the best fire Stick App is none another than BeeTV. if you are looking for an application with almost English collection of movies and so that you can enjoy and get entertainment from s then you should definitely go with BeeTV.

Not only this application have a use content library and which you can binge watch and completely enjoy your time with your friends and family why is streaming movies from here. But also it is absolutely free to use.

It does not host its own content of movies in lip series but it does acts as an aggregator and gives you different women links from other sources which are available on the internet.

and when you sign up on BTV then you can have a higher quality of links and you can enjoy your favourite movie all web series from all around the world and also the TV shows with high quality of audio and video both. It does have a regular update so whenever new updates comes it comes with a large amount of new media library so that we can enjoy something new while watching them.



this is another on demand streaming application and one of the best Apps for fire stick that you can try and it is absolutely for free. TVZion is a one click Play app with dozens of movies and TV shows for you with HD quality of video and sound also.

The simple user interface is very eye catching and anyone can use this application. The app can be controlled hundred percent with the help of fire stick remote and this makes this application navigated easily. it is free and you can say that it is not the best on demand but you can give a try to this application if you use a firestick.

Titanium TV

Titanium TV

This is another free streaming platform of movies and web series. From the users it has been said that titanium TV is the replacement for Terrarium TV.  As terrarium TV does not get updated and that is why people are using titanium TV which does gets regular update with new movies and web series so that you could not get bored of it and the Watch new movies and web series absolutely for free.

Venue look into the titanium TV then you will see that there are a large amount of movies and TV shows that you can steam even is the highest quality of video possible. It does not have its own contained but it was fetches you many several links from all around the world with the help of which you can stream all your favourite movies and web series and TV shows in full high definition quality possible.

but if you download and use it with shining up to the titanium TV then you will get large number of links with the help of which you can have full HD links of a movie or TV show. So we would recommend you to use this application by signing up for it. It does not cost you any rupee. Titanium TV can be installed on fire TV, fire TV cable, five stick and many more.



Let us now talk about Kodi. it is the best app for firestick You should know that it is an open source application which can be downloaded on Amazon fire stick and it does not charge any of the cost. The user interface of this application is very I catching and simply very beautiful so any of the beginner can use this application with no any worry.

you can watch your favourite movies in HD qualities and not only that you can also watch your favourite TV shows also with the help of your Amazon fire stick. all you need to do is install this application in Amazon fire stick and you can have access to over thousands of movies from almost all the generous by just going to Kodi in a single click.

You should know that this application does have an unique feature with the help of which you can share your photos from one screen or digital album from your personal slideshow also. And the another feature which is very interesting about this application is that you can record your favourite TV show and for that we need to just download a PVR add-on for this application.

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There are a lot of users from all around the world who use this application. So we would recommend you to use a VPN if you do not have access to this application.



latest now talk about the sports and games and if you are one of them who like watching sports and games then this is one of the best Fire stick apps. as discussed just above this and if you install Kodi and you are a good user then you can install it from the Kodi itself. this application is not available on Amazon Play Store so you cannot download it from Amazon app store.

Either it can be downloaded from those official website or from Kodi. How motor works is that when you open the mobile application on your firestick then you will notice that it does start searching free video streaming from all around the world and it does change it directly to your device. And this is very interesting and best feature of Mobdro.

You can enjoy unlimited streaming of sports but if you want to remove the ads then you will have to take the premium version of Mobdro and with the premium subscription you will enjoy add free entertainment of sports and also capture and download them to your storage sense also and watch them later.

Players Klub IPTV

Players Klub IPTV

This is another good app for fire stick . And this is a quality IPTV service provider which gives us access to more than 2,000 TV channels from all around the world. the channels that are available on this application are mostly from USA and their are plenty of TV channels from all around the world and from the countries like Australia Canada UK India and many more.

But when you want to install this application then you will have to take a premium membership of which goes with monthly subscription plan. And this course you about $8 per month. but when you will look at the number of channels that it was provided that there are a collection of channels which does streamer high quality videos from all around the world so it is absolutely worth it.

Not only that this application does have also the live TV app in which you can stream dozens of movies and TV shows from all around the world. The quality of video available on players Klub IPTV is much more higher than the other application which provide us those movies and web series for free. This application is an Android application which you can install on firestick and it can be navigate to with the use of the remote and it is very user friendly.

HD streamzHD streamz

Latest novel talk about another free live TV application with does have access to run on firestick and that application is called HD streamz. and it is one of the best movie apps for firestick After installing this application on Amazon fire stick you can have the access to feature hundred of free satellite channels from all around the world like USA India UK Australia and many more.

What when you will look at the interface then you will not get that much consideration but it is still a good option because it is assisting live TV section and which is absolutely for free.

when you will open the application and use it then you will see that this app does have radio on-demand tabs with the help of which you can have live radio streaming also, but latest remind you that in that situation you do not have enough content. you can basically use this application for live streaming of movies and TV shows from all around the world.


Let us now talk about a brand which is famous for the sports only. Here we are talking about the ESPN network. If you love watching a particular sport then there is no any other application other than ESPN.

You should use this ESPN application this is one of the best Amazon fire stick Apps and it is available on Amazon play store all you need to do is simply go and click on the search icon for ESPN and you can download it in your fire stick.

There are hundreds of events of sports that are governed by the ESPN application when you download it on Fire stick and you can watch any of them. you just need to choose which sport you want to watch and in that also you will have different events happening on that particular day.

If any of the event does last for more than one day then you can also purchase a monthly pass or a pass of one year for the premier version of ESPN. This application for firestick is available in many of the countries from US to India and other countries also. for taking the premium membership of ESPN you will have to login and you will get a 7 day of full trial and after that you will have to pay for the service.

BBC news

This is a paid application but you should know that BBC news is one of the top news channels from all around the world. With the help of BBC news you can watch the live streaming of videos on the channel and also you can browse news articles and read them on your TV screen with help of Amazon fire stick apps.

This channel does supports almost all section of news including health lifestyle business and entertainment. And if you want to read very new content and the best news from all around the world then this is for you. and when you take the premium membership of BBC news then you will have no any commercial or ads which will interrupt you while watching the video or viewing and reading the article.

All the videos are lined up and can be played in the auto mode. You can also jump from one video to another by clicking on it. BBC news it trustworthy and many of the people from all around the world does trust this news channel. You can install this application from Apple Play Store by simply going to the search button and searching for it.


BBC news

Let us small talk about YouTube this is one of the best Amazon fire stick Apps. As we all know that this platform was first launched in 2004 and from the very far beginning it has made an impact to all the users and all the people all around the world. which is the best platform where we can not only get entertainment but also we can learn and also we can get news.

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But many of the users from all around the world uses this platform to watch songs and listen to them. As the technology has advanced many of the people from all around the world used YouTube to watch the take videos and you can also create and play music on YouTube.

With the help of music playlist you can have your favourite songs in them and whenever you want to play them you can play them and listen to them. This application is also free to use but there are their streaming on every video nowadays on YouTube.

so we would recommend you to take the YouTube premium subscription in which you do not get to see any of the ads. And if you want to install it in your fire stick then you need to go to the Amazon app store and search for YouTube and follow the steps to install it.



The another application which can be downloaded on firestick is Spotify. Well if you do not know about Spotify let us tell you that this is a music streaming platform where you can stream music from all around the world. And if you are a all time music lover then this application is for you.

Once you install Spotify on your Amazon fire stick by going to the search icon in the Amazon app store and type Spotify and install it by following all instruction you can have access to millions of songs from all around the world. All you need to do is install it by following the steps and them logging in by signing up to Spotify.

You should know that you can use a single Spotify account to play music on different devices by using the same Wi-Fi network. you can also search your favourite music by going to the search item in the Spotify application.

The algorithm open Spotify is so good that it will give you the songs by analyzing your history of played songs. Spotify does have add string in between so when you take the premium membership of Spotify then you will have access to unlimited music without any advertisement in between them.



Downloader by the name it is clear that this application helps you to download things on firestick. If you are using any of the platform then you should have an application which is pre installed so that you can get help.

Whenever you want to download and application which is not authorised or you want to save your music for a video in firestick then you will need an application and for that this application downloaded is the best to do the task.

With the help of download that you will get extra speed in the internet and it might help you to save your time. Whenever your data speed reduces then this application, the downloader app for fire stick, immediately pouch them and it will resume it when you will have a good internet connection automatically. And this helps us to save our data and time also and we do not get any corrupted file downloaded.


You should know that any of the browser from all around the world is very necessary and undoubtedly most useful app for firestick. You should know that there are many e application which are very useful on firestick but you cannot be downloaded from Apple Play Store and for that you need to use an application which is a browser.

Because to download that you need to go to the official website of the application that you need to download. And for that, to access the website, you need a browser.

This browser does have a multi function as we can have YouTube and Spotify running on these browsers without getting downloaded the application of them in our fire stick. the browser does also saves our time and space also by eliminating the requirement of install third party applications that we need to side load on Firestick. we would recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox browser and to install it to go to Apple Play Store at search For it.



Other than Netflix there is an application cal HBO now which can be used to stream movies and TV shows from all around the world. You can stream movies in 4K quality and also the live TV channels of HBO network from all around the world absolutely in high definition quality possible on firestick.

Vinod that HBO go requires a cable TV subscription but we can get HBO now without getting a cable TV subscription. There are hundreds of hours of incredible original content available on HBO now and all of them are absolute for worth watching.

all you need to do is download HBO now by going to Apple Play Store and searching for it and following the steps given. The monthly subscription plan of HBO now is of about $15 per month. When you to download HBO now in fire stick you will get a 7 day off free trial with a new account.


So these are the different 20 plus Best firestick Apps that you should definitely try on fire stick. As we have seen that there are application like Netflix, HBO Now which provide us streaming of movies and TV shows by charging us on a monthly basis. And there are another application which is absolutely for free which we can download and use on firestick and stream movies in HD quality.

Their application like Flex and crackle on which we can watch and stream movies and TV shows from all around the world absolutely for free. If we love watching anime series then we can use Crunchyroll to watch them.

There are another application like ESPN Mobdro and HD streamz with the help of which we can watch and stream sports from all around the world. Applications like YouTube Spotify are the one which can be used for small entertainment purpose.

The downloader and browser application can be used to download applications which are not available on Apple Play Store. all these applications has their own significance so we would recommend you to use all of them for once.


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