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PPSSPP Games are really awesome. PSP, which is the portable variant of the popular Play Station gaming console, is one lovely gaming device that has caught the fancies of many gamers for an immense time. However, the technological drift to more portable devices (such as smartphones) is gradually infusing decline in the popularity of PSP.

As a result of the latter, many gamers who can’t just do without PSP games would be damn eager to play their favourite PSP games on their Android smartphones. As such people might wish to know the most downloaded PPSSPP games out there, we’ve taken time to thoroughly compile and present them as follows:

PES 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is undoubtedly one of the most-loved PSP games available to Android users. Courtesy of the gamers’ attraction to this soccer game, PES 2019 has experienced tons of downloads, giving it a likely edge as the top choice of most soccer game addicts.

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More to that, PES 2019 packs a whole lot of stunning features including its chic graphics, mind-blowing live commentary, player trading, enhanced playing techniques, improved goal tactics and player updates.


Assassin’s Creed –Bloodline

Bloodline is touted as the initial version of Assassin’s Creed on the PSP platform. By virtue of the affection many gamers have grown for PSP-based Assassin’s Creed, more and more Android-based downloads have been recorded for Bloodline.

In its ever adventurous feel, Bloodline features Altair who’s destined to traverse Cyprus and trace down the last Templars. Altair has to fight with a certain adversary under Templar leader Armand Bouchart’s mentorship.


God of War –Ghost of Sparta

God of War has constantly remained a top favourite among addicts of fighting games. Like it is on PSP, God of War is downloadable on Android devices and in recent times, the game’s Ghost of Sparta seems to have recorded a huge number of downloads.

Besides being God of War’s second-placed entry in the PSP gaming realm, Ghost of Sparta may be described as the link between God of War I and God of War II.


Metal Gear Solid –Peace Walker

Konami-produced Metal Gear has been a well-known franchise in the gaming industry. While PSP gamers can reckon that Metal Gear Solid subjects its player to a long fighting mission, Konami seems to have delighted gamers with Peace Walker which is the most recent Metal Gear entry.

Basically, Peace Walker features two modes namely Mother Base and Mission. While Mother Base simulates Metal Gear’s Comrade System, Mission perfectly portrays the game’s action-packed storyline that obliges the players to invade the enemy’s zone.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

Auto Vice City Stories has not only shot into limelight as the successor to Grand Theft Auto’s Liberty City Stories but also emerged as one of the most downloaded PSP games on Android.

Interestingly, Vice City Stories features a determined Vic Vance who wades himself through hardship in the course of protecting his country, embattled family and his very person. Vic Vance, who’s compelled to be on the streets, is left to suffer a dilemma which means choosing between getting crushed and accepting to build an empire.

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Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core is much likely to be a priority to gamers irreversibly given to playing Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core sheds light on the early life of the various characters and it delights gamers, thanks to the remodeled style of gameplay. Obviously, the game’s new style paves the way for free motion which happens to be the recipe for a player to combine various techniques. This makes Crisis Core a lovely game with an enviable place among the most downloaded PSP games on Android devices.



Portable games, such as the well-known PSP (portable Play Station) gadgets, have been on the gaming market for an immense time. Although there’s some perceptible decline in the popularity of PSPs, PSP games have remained parts of the most downloaded games across mobile platforms including Android.

If you’d tirelessly searched for sexy PSP games but couldn’t make any success with your search, rest assured that this article has got a list of the best sexy PSP games to download.

Tomb Raider Legend

This is really one of the most enthralling sexy PSP games you can ever find. The game features sexy Lara Croft who appears more charming and is dead prepared to give all of her strength in wading through the obstacles, a feat which paved the way for her initial emergence at the top.

Tomb Raider Legend is packed with action as well as an amazing storyline. Besides the sexiness of the game, other flavours you can expect to derive from the game are impression and some energizing feel. Needless to say, this game has recorded a whopping lot of downloads, making it one of the best sexy PSP games out there.

Dead or Alive Paradise

This is yet another exciting PSP game as you’re bound to see the tropical tracts of New Zack Island where sexy ninja babes are taking a refreshing moment away from their fights. The ninja babes, in their ever-sexy appearance, can be seen partying, shopping and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Every lover of sexy game can expect this PSP game to make their day for all the time the thrills of the featured ninja babes last.

Criminal Girls

This is such a beastly sexy game which brings into light, the crazy lifestyle of criminals. Criminal Girls feature prison-like scenes where tough guys and girls slug it out. It presents a thrilling adventure wherein no culprit is condoned –every criminal is made to face the consequences of their actions.

In Criminal Girls, every sexy girl or guy gets their own ride of fun and possibly some crazy moments when they’ve got to confront the “ultimate evil”. In all sincerity, Criminal Girls is a highly recommended sexy game for PSP owners who so much crave adventures that pack sexiness.

Sims 2

The earlier Sims game might not have impressed gamers enough; in fact, some gamers might not have envisioned Sims as any game that could give similar games a run for their money. But here is Sims 2 which has impressively revamped the earlier Sims, hence making it one of the most creative sexy PSP games out there.

With its pack of exciting environmental relations, Sims 2 has claimed an essential edge as to giving gamers a feel of the real world coming to them or them going into that world. If you’re a PSP gamer who craves a mixture of sexiness and gaming reality, Sims 2 shouldn’t be left out of your gaming choice.


Brooktown High School Senior Year

This is a game known for having perfectly imitated high school lifestyle without failing to capture the dating journey students embark upon. Players of this game have got to experience lots of exciting moments through part-time occupation, peer pressure and dating.

In its ever adventurous feel, Brooktown High School Senior Year exposes its players to a blend of struggle and fun through which they decide on academic life as well as what to have as grades.



The Cartoon Network has garnered much attention not only as a lovely TV series but also for featuring actions that have been adapted into exciting video games.

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If you’re an avid gamer looking for PSP games based on the Cartoon Network, do well to read this post to its concluding line as it is bound to serve your information need.

Finally, here are the top 7 cartoon network games you should be willing to download.


Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

This PSP game is in line with Cartoon Network’s new television series as it empowers its players with the all-new Ultimatrix which transmutes Ben 10 into a reinvigorated alien. Based on the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien   TV series, some of the fresh alien heroes this PSP game features are Terraspin, Armodrillo, NRG, Terraspin, AmpFibian and WaterHazard. Thanks to these introductions, players of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien can perform specular tricks such as enhancing alien capabilities, emitting radiation beams and releasing waterblasts.

Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks

Vilgax Attacks happens to be the recent edition of Ben 10 Alien Force. In the Ben 10 series ever, Vilgax Attacks marks the first appearance of Ben and the Omnitrix in outer space. While this PSP game features scenes packed with exciting actions, it also portrays a battle between Vilgax (Ben’s greatest villain) and Ben who’s able to adopt 10 of his alien forms in outwitting the former. Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks promises to be exciting courtesy of its combination of gameplay with combat and puzzle solving.

Code Lyoko

This PSP game brings into light, an interesting storyline reflecting the fourth season of the Cartoon Network TV show. Code Lyoko is such a thrilling game that equips players with vehicles, weapons and even various costumes. While the storyline reveals that Lyoko has eventually been outwitted by X.A.N.A, it also evinces the battle against X.A.N.A in the digital sea.

Ben 10 Alien Force

This marks the reappearance of Ben 10 coupled with the incorporation of exceptional abilities for triumphing over enemies. Players of Ben 10 Alien Force are provided with a host of remarkable aliens including Jet Ray, Swampfire, Spidermonkey, Humungousaur and Big Chill. And some of such enemies the players come up against are DNAliens, Xenocities, Highbreed and Forever Knights.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx Tag Force 2

This game features the dawn of another year at the Duel Academy where you can locate the most befitting accomplice with whom you may partner and turn out to become a formidable force. Notably, the much-anticipated Tag Duel Event will be marked by the appearance of champion duelists from across the globe.

Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun

If you’re on the lookout for a PSP game based on Cartoon Network and which incorporates lots of daring challenges, you can rest assured that this very game will serve you right. In Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun, the player is at liberty of Zak Saturday (the game’s leading character) and the Saturdays, Zak’s relatives. As this game avails players the opportunity to unravel tons of mysteries, it also comes with varying play capabilities and styles which enable Zak to unearth V.V. Argost’s devilish plans.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

This game is really the best of its kind particularly for being the trailblazer in the lineup of Wi-Fi-enabled fighting games. While the game is solely produced for Europe and the US, it prettily packs amazing team-based one-player and multiplayer options. Interestingly, it also lets you build your desired ninja force by making good use of Naruto’s sumptuous universe.



When it comes to gaming, shooter games happen to be the top priorities of avid gamers who love to see scenes of gun shots packed with ever-thrilling action and daring missions.

If you’re a PSP gamer who has been looking for a well-written list of shooter games, you can always hope to derive the most excitement from the following top 10 PSP shooter games of all time.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

In this shooter game, Brian is the character you often use to navigate Vegas. While it’s considered the first PSP Rainbow Six installment, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas can be played on a single player basis and if you wish otherwise, you can share the game with the maximum of 5 players via the online multiplayer mode.

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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs FireTeam Bravo 2

This shooter game empowers a player to protect their country against terrorism by controlling a force of sophisticated Navy SEALs. For the gameplay, you’re provided with 40 varying weapons coupled with the adoption of local intelligence, surreptitiousness and the realistic SEAL tactics in carrying out your missions.

Medal of Honour: Heroes

This is, of course, the perfect shooter game that brings back memories of World War II as its players are provided with unlockable characters as well as the famous Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson. In addition to its breath-taking graphics, Medal of Honour: Heroes’ features are 15 new playable maps and the 6 varying multiplayer options.

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

This shooter game features a battle with the “evil empire” as a series of fights occurs in space and on land. Renegade Squadron is determined to overcome the evil empire as this game’s storyline captures scenes in between Return of the Jedi’s battle of Endor and Star Wars: a New Hope’s battle of Yavin.

Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of The Movie

This PSP shooter game is a reflection of the actual summer blockbuster of Peter Jackson’s King Kong. By virtue of reflecting Jackson’s blockbuster movie, this game features players occurring as interchanging characters between the mighty King Kong and Jack. Adding to this game’s exceptional graphics is a blend of excitement and action.

Medal of Honour Heroes 2

This shooter game, coming after the earlier reviewed Medal of Honour Heroes, requires the player to come up against the Nazi regime. Considered another action-packed installment of the Medal of Honour, this game comes with the one-player mode (where you track “enemy lines”) and the online multiplayer mode supporting up to 32 players.

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is packed with a nice storyline entailing characters such as Cordell (a public officer with the ambition of getting a mysterious cargo) and Gabe who happens to be the sole executer of Cordell’s ambition. This shooter game promises to wow its lovers courtesy of excellent graphics, multiplayer support and its intriguing one-player campaign.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials

This game features the continuation of Splinter Cell: Double Agent as well as a recall scene of Sam Fisher’s past moment with the Navy SEALs. In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials, you can always look forward to that amazing gameplay (incorporating slyness, gadgets, techniques and weapons) which constitutes the selling point of Splinter Cell games.

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Here’s a game where players undergo 14 missions of varying campaigns and which portray a series of fights between Nazi soldiers and the trio of Canadian, British and U.S. forces. Although this game doesn’t support the multiplayer mode, it’s surely a nice bet for lovers of war-like games.

Killzone: Liberation

This is really a different PSP shooter game as it entails a series of future actions plus the mission to come up against daredevil Helghast. Unlike its predecessor, Killzone: Liberation seems not to have come as a first-person shooter but it is considered as having improved gameplay with its only drawback being the absence of a multiplayer mode.



As you readily know that a PSP emulator is needed in order to play any of the above-listed PSP games on your Android device, you should also note that we have only listed some (or perhaps the commonest) of the most downloaded PPSSPP games for Android devices.


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