Best Clickbank Alternatives for Nigerians: Complete list 2020

Alternative to clickbank

Hey, dear Nigeria affiliate marketers or aspirant’s, I am quite sure your heart is troubled.

You can’t become a Clickbank affiliate marketer because of the ban they place on Nigeria participants.

Well, don’t worry I am going to show you the Best Clickbank Alternatives for Nigerians that are way better than Clickbank.

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And of course, you can be eligible to earn thousands of dollars of commission for sales generated.

Best clickbank alternatives

Does it sound too good to be true, well read on and you will discover that you have been wasting time trying to lure your way in either by crook or by a hook to own a Clickbank affiliate account as a Nigerian?

Yea, it is because this Clickbank alternatives that I am going to reveal to you is far more profitable and easy to use by Nigerians than the so-called Clickbank.

3 code

These Clickbank alternatives are incredible the only problem is you know how to use their platform.

But then, I trust you will with time.

You will get along so If you are ready to start making 6 figures as an affiliate marketer these 7 best Clickbank alternatives for Nigerians are there for you. 

7 Best Clickbank Alternatives for Nigerians

Below is the complete list of best Clickbank alternatives available for Nigerians.

  1. Warriorplus
  2. Jvzoo
  3. Clickfunnel
  4. Expertnaire
  5. Cj
  6. Jumia affiliate
  7. Amazon associate
  8. Linkshare
  9. Private Networks

Warriorplus Affiliate Program

Warriorplus is one of the best ClickBank alternatives for Nigerians.

It is an affiliate platform where you can find bunches of great warrior special offers that you can promote via an affiliate link.

All you need to get started on warriorplus is to get an Affiliate ID use this link to create a warriorplus account.

Like I said earlier that some of these best Clickbank alternatives are way better than you can ever think of.

Have you ever seen an affiliate program that offers a 100% affiliate commission?

Well on warriorplus you get to see loads of offers to promote that has 100% commission rates.

That is if the product is sold at $47 you get the whole $47 as commission if you refer Someone to buy.

Isn’t that awesome, now below are some amazing features of warriorplus you will enjoy as a Nigerian

You get instant account approval I.e you don’t have to submit ID upon idea before your affiliate account gets verified.

You also can withdraw to your local bank account.

You can make a hell of money, no limits per day to what you earn.

You are entitled to promote any warriorplus offers as far as the vendors approve your request to promote his offers.

JvZoo Affiliate Program

Jvzoo is a marketplace for vendors and sellers of digital products, authors of ebooks, courses, and other digital products.

Unlike some affiliate platform, Jvzoo doesn’t do the selling. It acts as a clearance house introducing sellers to resellers.

That brings a number of important benefits, not least of which is the lack of a fee to offer your product.

You won’t have to cough up $50 just to let people know that you have an ebook they might want to sell. Fees are a flat 5% on sales.

It also means that buyers and vendors deal with each other.

So the money goes directly to the affiliate as soon as a sale is made and the seller has complete control over refunds.

While other services return the money as soon as a buyer makes a request, a JVZoo seller can engage with the customer and perhaps save a purchase from being refunded.

So if you are looking for a Clickbank alternative Jvzoo is free to join for you to create an instant revenue stream as an affiliate.

Clickfunnel Affiliate Program

As a Nigerian have you heard of clickfunnel before? Maybe yes Or no but clickfunnel is a blow.

Super clickbank alternative, if you try clickfunnel today you will dislike clickbank I bet you.

Clickfunnel affiliate program allows Nigerians to joins, and earn a hefty amount of commissions whenever someone uses their clickfunnel affiliate link to make a purchase, plus clickfunnel platform is super user friendly and easy to navigate.

At clickfunnel you will come across top super products of highly influential marketers to promotes, plus they provide you marketing resources such as

  • Banner ads of different formats
  • Email sales copy templates
  • Deep links and lots more

They make the whole work so easy that you don’t Ned to worry about conversion.

Just push in the traffic and their landing page will do the closing.

Expertnaire Affiliate Program

Expertnaire is a Nigerian online marketplace for the sale of high-value digital products.

This means that the products you are recommending is online products or online courses that teach people various things or solve a specific problem for them, such as:

  • How to relocate to Canada with low IELTS
  • How to Advertise on Facebook
  • How to lose weight with Nigerian foods
  • How to start an Affiliate Online Business
  • How to start a Mini-importation Business
  • How to get a UK Visa without an Agent

Well, to be an affiliate on Expertnaire you have to Register an account with an expertnaire at N10,000 per year.

After that, you can then choose any of the HOT products above and get YOUR affiliate link.

Recommend it to your contacts and strangers and when they buy, you get paid 30 – 50% commissions.

Here is a payment proof that shows that a lot of affiliate marketers in Nigeria are doing well with expertnaire.

Well, your marketing skills determines your income potential in affiliate marketing business.

Meanwhile, if you having difficulty in sales generation as an affiliate marketer or you are a newbie, read my tips on How to become an affiliate marketer without having website.

CJ Affiliate Program

Commission junction (CJ) will always make it On the top list of best Clickbank alternatives because they have been in the system for quite a long time now.

CJ is a big company that helps advertisers to acquire new customers.

And also create an avenue for affiliates to earn a commission for generating sales for advertisers.

It is very easy to become a CJ affiliate, just signup as a publisher and boom you are good to go.

And just like most other ClickBank alternative they don’t have a standard fee.

Each merchant is entitled to negotiate their rate and to further complicate matters, the fee change per Action tracker.

Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia affiliates can still be seen as an alternative to Clickbank since jumia is dedicated to Nigeria.

It is simple as ABC to start earning as a jumia affiliate.

Register for free and get approved the next day. Shikina

After then, you can start marketing using the banners, deep links and other available promotional materials.

On Jumia you earn a fixed 13% commission for every sale you generate.

While some people things that jumia affiliate is not profitable others a making a living out from it.

For the fact that it is specially for Nigerians doesn’t hinders it from being g among the best clickbank alternatives.

Have you ever tried selling dog food to someone that doesn’t own a dog.

Jumia affiliate is cool because it focused on Nigeria product, so your market is right here.

Amazon Associate


Amazon is one of the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace. You earn money advertising fees from qualifying purchases.

Choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers.

Whether you are a large network, content site or blogger, Amazon have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your web site kr buyers list.

It’s easy and free to become an amazon affiliate, get up and running today.

Just one approval to join — no third-party advertiser.

You get commissions up to 10% in advertising fees.

Also, you earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised.

Plus, amazon trustflow makes it’s quite easy to a high conversion rates.

So, that makes amazon a good Clickbank alternative.

Get up and join today, just one approval to join.

Linkshare Affiliate Program


Linkshare is another alternative to clickbank.

What you need to do to become an affiliate of linkshare which Is now branded is Rakuten is to sign up and start working.

Rakuten works with advertisers to create affiliate opportunities.

On Rakuten you as an affiliate his given the opportunity to click and scan through advertisers product pages.

To know the best offers suitable for your niche, the commission you are to get before you can decide to apply to promote the offer.

Private Networks

Do you know that 99% of every business model online does has their personal affiliate program.

Now, those are what we refer to as private network affiliate program.

For instance, I can decide to start an affiliate program for my online course The 3 Code system to make 6 figures online and pay commission to those who promoted and drive sales.

Another example is like Leadway. Leadway is the No1 insurance company in Nigeria insuring life’s and property since 1970.

Now, they also have their affiliate program whereby you get rewarded for any new investor you bring for Leadway.

That is just a typical example of a private network affiliate program.

So you see it is also a good Clickbank alternative.

Look for companies you have dealt with or are interested in and sign up on their affiliate program.


Right here I have come to the conclusion of the best click alternatives to check on.

I hope out of the lost you where Abe to fall in love with one or two.

Meanwhile, I suggest you bookmark this page because from time to time I will keep adding more of the Best Clickbank Alternatives.

Nevertheles, if you have any affiliate program that is legit and you want me to add to this list of the best clickbank alternatives.

Just say it in the comment section.

Thanks for Reading.😊


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