Do you know that roughly 3000 private cars get stolen in Nigeria every year? According to, in a 2013 report, up to 2,043 private vehicles such as motor cars, (excluding motorcycles, commercial vehicles, buses, lorries, construction, and agricultural vehicles) get stolen every year.

This unfortunate incident also happens in other countries across the globe, an FBI reports disclosed that $6 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in the USA in 2018, and around 800,000 vehicles were stolen same year.

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The rate of car hijack and theft within the globe is alarming and if you are a car owner that values your possession (which I think you should be) then you need to start thinking in the direction of securing your car and that of your loved ones by installing a car tracking solution.

Car Tracking in Nigeria is a very new technology that many is yet to hear about, for the few who have to learn or heard about car tracking devices, they are undermining the full potential of the system so they usually come into harsh conclusions about the effectiveness of the system.

To establish that, using a car tracking system in your car is super beneficial as a car owner and can work beyond your expectations,  We have put together some valid reasons that can serve as a kind of an eye-opener for all car owners and organizations that manages a vehicle fleet.

Why Install a car tracking device in your car?

Business owners and company management should forsee Life-threatening situations that may ensue around their company’s fleet and take precaution measures, one of such measures is to integrate a vehicle tracking solution into their fleet management system, so as to avoid the fear of the unknown.

For private individuals and car owners, security of our family members should be a major concern, one of the smartest ways to keep a tab on our family members and be sure they are safe as we go about our daily activities when we far away from them is to install a vehicle tracking system in their cars, that way we can have a level of assurance about their safety and also be sure that we have in solution that can help locate their vehicle in unforeseen situations that they go missing.

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So to cut the long story short, installing a car tracking system in individual cars or fleets will serve immense benefits to car owners especially in the area of security.

Some benefits of installing a car tracking device in your car are to save money and also secure your loved ones.

Yes! installing a car tracking device in your car will save you money. Losing your car to theft or highway hijack can be a very painful ordeal, with a car tracking solution, cars hijacked at gunpoint can be tracked real-time, locked down and recovered for your by the car tracking company in less than 24 to 48 hours, Isn’t that a good thing?

From the management’s point of view, integrating a car tracking solution into fleet management can be a brilliant way to cut down on management cost, companies can use reports generated from the system to manage the performance of employees within the organization.

But, how does car tracking devices function?

How car tracking Works?

Car tracking is an automatic digitized system of Vehicle tracking that leverages the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) to monitor cars from points to point, anywhere within Nigeria without distance barrier, this also guarantees that your car can be recovered in case of theft.

It puts you in full control of your own security thus giving you more peace of mind. One thing is to decide to install a car tracker in your having haven seen the immense benefits security-wise, another thing is to get the installation done by experts and professional car tracking company, it is why we have done the heavy lifting for you and selected the best car tracking companies for you on this page, so you can be sure of a perfect and workable job.

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It will be costlier to pay for cheap crook installers, they may:

  • Damage your car in the process
  • Use cheap/fake devices
  • Do poor or unreliable solution that may not be able to guarantee your car recovery in case of theft

Best Car tracking companies in Nigeria

It is why we are recommending that you patronize the companies we have listed here, they have the best experience in the industry much more, they have all the necessary resources to make sure that your car/fleet is very secured and even if stolen you can rest assured of 92% recovery rate.

1. Car Tracker Nigeria

This is the foremost car tracking company in Nigeria, they are the biggest player in the industry and they offer the best solutions whatever your requirement is.

They have a superb fleet management solution where corporates can monitor 10 or more vehicles on their fleet.

The company also offers speed limiters that meet the FRSC and SON requirements. They even market the anti-shattering glass protective film which protects against breaking the glass.

2. Fenix systems

With over 7 years of industry experience, Fenix System is one of the country’s leading car tracking firms.

Fenix System has customers across the country’s 36 states, they have self-tracking plans and fleet tracking plans for organizations.

The business is a branch of Impactcentric Techniks, a reputable firm with offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kano and Abuja. Their clients are from parastatals, car insurance, banks, companies,  Individuals, etc.

3. Otrac Telematics

Another verified car tracking company we recommend is Otrac telematics. finding the latest car tracking technologies.

The company effectively integrates GPS and GSM systems to allow the owner of the car to acquire and transmit the correct data required to see the vehicle’s location in real-time. They also have a geolocation feature that keeps in you in the known when your car goes out of the set location.

Companies have found a lot of easiness using their tracking solution to manage their vehicle fleet.

4. Car Tracking Nigeria

Abon Technology is another notable company in Nigeria that is offering GPS car tracking solutions in Nigeria. Their solution is 100% automated and accurate.

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They help their customers secure their cars from theft through real-time car tracking, monitoring, they also offer fleet management solutions for corporates.

5. Trackplus Nigeria

If you are on the lookout for a professional GPS Car Tracking company in Nigeria, here is yet another proficient and reputable company in Nigeria that is committed to using digital car tracking solutions to secure the client’s car from theft or hijack.

Their GPS tracking device works by checking for the precise location of your car in real-time and generates a report to you via simple modes- on your mobile phone or laptop.

For more than a decade, they have been offering digitized security solutions so you can rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to getting your car secured and avoiding stories that touch.

6. Denso track2track

Denso Track2track is Nigeria’s leading car tracker installation agency with a one-off payment. It has affiliations worldwide and is dedicated to the telemetry industry for over two decades. Their installation service is cost-effective and qualitative, the monitoring of vehicle is aided by realtime GPS technology. Fleet management services can also be offered by Denso Track2track.

Car Tracker Price in Nigeria

The price of car tracking solutions Nigeria is different from companies, but you should expect to pay between ₦35,000.00 to ₦60,000.00, the prices are also sometimes influenced by the features of your solution especially when you opt to track your car on mobile and PC using the company’s car tracker apps on both devices.

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