Best Brands of Generators to Buy in 2020

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Are you looking to get a new generator or a replacement for the old one and you’re having a difficult time with knowing which brand to choose from? Here are the best brands of generators you can choose from. While this list is not in any particular order, we have prepared it so as to give you a general idea of the top brands available to choose from.

Best Brands of Generators to Buy in 2020

  1. Generac

Generac also known as the Generac power system is an American brand manufacturer of backup generators for residential, commercial, and industrial market use.

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This brand was established far back in 1969 and they are best known for their generators for both home use and industrial use. This brand makes affordable and portable generators to power a whole house depending on what you use it for; they have lots of new models with the complete GP series. If you are looking for a new generator to serve you properly for home or industrial use, Generac is the best brand to go for.

  1. Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is top on the list when it comes to producing different residential equipment including generators. This brand was establishes over 100 years ago and it’s a very reliable choice that ensures best quality products.

Briggs & Stratton generators have portable generators that can power home appliances and standby generators that can power high wattage appliances such as water heater, factory lights, refrigerators, air conditioner and much more.


  1. Energizer

The energizer brand is the best brand when it comes to portability. They are currently leading the portable power market with a portfolio of record-breaking product.

All the generators produced under this brand are designed and supported in North America, giving you to their great innovations and world-first technologies.

  1. Winco

Winco incorporated is a top brand known as Winco, it is a power generator manufacturing company based in Minnesota, United States.

Winco is a family company and they produce great generators with fascinating features like dual-fuel portable generators. Winco is a top brand of generator and an excellent choice for you.

  1. Westinghouse

When looking for the best brand on generators, look no more. The Westinghouse is a very good and popular brand name that specializes in making generators.

Best brands of Generators

The Westinghouse has a wide variety of suitable generators for household use or for construction. They also produce inverter generators that are lightweight and run long time, along sides with high capacity models of generator which are durable for heavy duty use.

  1. DuroMax

DuroMax is another great generator that falls under the top 10 list. DuroMax power generally known as DuroMax is a California company. They specialize in dual-fuel engines but what distinguishes them is their different engine type option. For it’s features and performance, this machine certainly belongs to any best brands of generators list.

They have every type of portable generator from inverter generator to heavy duty portable generator even though their product catalogue isn’t too extensive. They have good maintenance reminders, parallel capability and 2 years warranty.

  1. DuroStar

DuroStar is from the same union as DuroMax, this makes most of their designs look similar but DuroStar catalogue is very different and they have a few different products like their diesel-powered generator.

This is a top preferred affordable brand and their prices are budget friendly. They also have small portable generators for household use and high capacity generators for heavy duty use.

  1. Atima

Atima is an innovative shanghai-based brand, one of the best in the portable power industry. They are best known for their inverter generators fitted with great Yamaha engines. Atima currently only ships to United States with the use of Amazon services. Another great thing about this brand is that they are easy to start, use and maintain.

  1. Caterpillar (CAT)

Caterpillar generators popularly known as CAT are the world biggest manufacturer of generators. CAT specializes in producing generators for commercial and industrial purpose. For it’s features and performance, this machine certainly belongs to any best brands of generators list.

CAT generators produce heavy machinery so most of their products are stationery. The CAT series also comprises of small portable generators but they don’t come cheaply. Focusing on production of commercial and industrial generators, they have extensive service team of experts and they are active to ensure businesses run smoothly.

  1. Firman Power Equipment

Firman power equipment is a top brand when considering a generator brand, they specialize in customer’s satisfaction and the company takes customers feedback as guideline to improve on their new models.
For it's features and performance, this machine certainly belongs to any best brands of generators list.
Their products comprise of compact wheeled portable generators, easy access ports and switches, eco-mode and many more. Firman is best at customer service, so firman power equipment should be considered if you have ever been disappointed by customer service.
The listed brands are some of the best brands of generator to go for anytime because they possess all the necessary criteria which makes most of them a must have as some of the best household necessity you should try out. from the first on the list, to the very last, each has highly recommended features.


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