Do you have a love for flying? Do you want to be a pilot? If the answer to this questions is a resounding yes, then you will find this article on the best aviation schools in the world very resourceful. We have also entailed in comprehensive detail what to study to become a pilot.

On the lips of wise men is a saying that there is no such thing as a bad school, but only students who do not want to learn, without a doubt this also applies to aviation schools, and we mean the best aviation schools in the world.

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Most of the time it will be your effort and the skills you have in the subject that will get you ahead, however, we cannot ignore that around the world there are schools that have been recognized for their high academic level. That is why we present in this article, the best aviation schools in the world.

But before we jump into the main event, we will first analyse what to study to become a pilot.

What to Study to Become a Pilot?

In aviation, your adaptability to pressure is far more paramount than what to study to become a pilot.

If you:

  • have flexible hours and geographical mobility,
  • remain calm and sensible when making decisions,
  • have a minimum of resilience, certain communication skills,
  • like technology and you have a great capacity for learning,

it may be your thing to be Plane Pilot.

To become a pilot, you need theoretical and practical training to help you get the necessary licenses to fly. It can be university in one of the best aviation schools in the world or non-university, with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

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Among the subjects that you are going to study to become a pilot, mathematics and aeronautics stand out among other subjects, as well as training with simulators and real flight practices, that will allow you become a complete professional.

Is it Worth Getting an Aviation Degree from One of the Best Aviation Schools in the World?

A university career in one of the best aviation schools in the world offers a higher quality of training and prepares one better for the professional future of a pilot.

In addition to the skills you need to develop for the job, it endows you with a highly appreciated personal maturity in a complex field such as aeronautics and aviation.

To cap it off and further sweeten the pot, these best aviation schools in the world usually have agreements with airlines who, for example, offer internships, which further opens the doors to a prosperous professional future.

When you finish your degree in one of these best aviation schools in the world, in addition to being a commercial or private pilot, you can work as a director of air operations or a flight engineer.

Additionally if you prepare for the exams and pass them, you can become an air traffic controller or engineer for AESA (State Agency for Air Safety) which is the highest authority in some countries.

How Long Does it take to Study for Pilot?

A study program in one of the best aviation schools in the world is made up of 240 ECTS, spread over four years with 60 each.

You must study core, compulsory and optional subjects, in addition to the compulsory external internships and the final degree project of rigor, as in any other university degree.

What are the Subjects in Aviation?

First course

    • Principles of Mathematics I
    • Principles of Physics I
    • Business Administration and Organization
    • General Navigation I
    • Air Law
    • Principles of Mathematics II
    • Principles of Physics II
    • Meteorology I
    • Principles of Flight I
    • General Knowledge Aircraft I (Engines I)
    • Performance I
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Second course

  • Aircraft General Knowledge II
  • Communications
  • Instruments I
  • ATC procedures
  • Principles of Flight II
  • Radio Navigation I
  • Flight Instruction I
  • Meteorology II
  • Loading and centering
  • Radio Navigation II
  • Flight planning I
  • Instruments II
  • General knowledge aircraft III

Third course

  • Flight Instruction II
  • Performance II
  • Flight Planning II
  • General Aircraft Knowledge IV
  • Psychology
  • Meteorology III
  • Principles of Flight III
  • Flight Instruction III
  • Operational Procedures
  • General Navigation II
  • Operations Management
  • General Knowledge of Aircraft V (Engines II)
  • Medicine

Fourth course

  • Flight Instruction IV
  • Airline Operations
  • Commercial and Marketing Management
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Operational Error Management
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Flight Instruction V
  • MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation)
  • Commercial aircraft operations and systems
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3

End of Degree Project

Best Aviation Schools in the World 2021

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy in Europe

It is one of the largest aviation academies in the world and also one with the best reputations, which is why it ranks first on this list of best aviation schools in the world.

Best aviation schools in the world

CAE has a history of 85 years on which they have built a reputable standing. They currently have 8 schools spread over different continents, however, it was first established in Europe.

In terms of its fleet, there are 200 aircraft available to train more than 2,000 pilots each year.

Flight Safety Academy in the United States

Since 1966 Flight Safety Academy has stood out for the great work they have done in terms of training pilots.

Best aviation schools in the world

As one of the best aviation schools in the world, they currently have more than 17,000 graduates who are working in more than 62 different airlines or in corporate flight departments.

CTC Wings in Europe

CTC is one of the best aviation schools in the world with the most respected reputation due to the training and experience they give to their students.

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CTC Wings in Europe
International students including Veton Breznica from Kosovo, at CTC, Boyd Road, Hamilton, New Zealand, Friday 30 October 2015. Photo: Stephen Barker/Barker Photography. ©CTC Aviation

Today, CTC wings is the school with the highest number of graduated pilots. This has only been possible thanks to the hard work on the part of all those who make up the academy and the partnerships tied with world-class airlines.

International Aviation Academy in New Zealand

This well-known aviation school offers everything from engine management licenses to a commercial pilot career.

Best aviation schools in the world

The New Zealand academy has 28 aircrafts so that you can develop in the most optimal way, with their courses lasting 52 gruelling weeks. Unlike many schools, International Aviation Academy are one of the best aviation schools in the world because their cost already covers absolutely everything you need to graduate.

Aerosim Flight Academy in the United States

Your commercial pilot course lasts approximately 12 months, however, this academy is affiliated with the University of Jacksonville in Florida, so there is the opportunity to formally graduate with a career, which lasts four years.

Best aviation schools in the world

Here the students are subjected to different examinations, many of which are of a mental nature, where their decision-making capacity is put to the test. Unrivalled in their region, Aerosim Flight Academy are one of the best aviation schools in the world.







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