A degree in aerospace engineering is undisputedly one of the requirements that qualify an individual for positions in the aerospace industry. This, in other words, gives the impression that the individual must have completed a program in aerospace engineering before they can become an aerospace engineer.

With aerospace engineering being one of the most reputable engineering subfields, it isn’t a surprise that many individuals are interested in running BEng or MEng in aerospace engineering.

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Fortunately, there are myriads of accredited universities where students can successfully acquire advanced knowledge of aerospace engineering. These universities equip students with the hands-on knowledge that will enable them to secure relevant jobs upon graduation.

The United Kingdom alone is home to the University of Cambridge (rated no 1 in the University Table League) and several other reputable universities for aerospace engineering programs.

While this article first provides you with an overview of aerospace engineering, it will further walk you through a detailed list of the top 11 aerospace engineering universities in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, both foreigners and UK citizens are allowed to enroll in the aerospace engineering programs of these universities but UK citizens or European Union nationals (as the case may be) relatively lower tuition fees.

An Overview of Aerospace Engineering

With engineering being a broad field with many sub-disciplines, aerospace engineering is unarguably a subfield of engineering. Specifically, aerospace engineering is the engineering arm concerned with the design and building of aircraft and spacecraft.

By and large, the subfield of aerospace engineering incorporates inter-related branches of engineering notably aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Aerospace engineering essentially entails the design and construction of objects or structures meant for use in air. Such structures include aircraft and spacecraft while the objects include missiles and weapons.

As an academic branch, aerospace engineering is one of the most sought-after engineering sub-disciplines by individuals seeking admission into engineering universities. A degree in aerospace engineering can span a four-year period after which the individual with the degree may become an expert contributing to the development of the aerospace industry.

To acquire theoretical and hands-on knowledge of aerospace engineering coupled with exposure to state-of-the-art facilities, it is highly recommended that you enroll in any of the top aerospace engineering universities in the United Kingdom. These schools meet international aerospace standards and they offer students the skills that prepare them for breakthroughs upon graduation.

What Do Aerospace Engineers Do?

Through the requisite knowledge they have acquired, graduates of aerospace engineering programs are expected to be capable of various tasks such as design evaluation and quality test.

In general, aerospace engineers are saddled with the task of designing aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and satellites. Some of the other functions performed by aerospace engineers include prototype creation, prototype testing and product maintenance. By prototype testing, aerospace engineers try to find out if the prototype of a particular aircraft, spacecraft, missile or similar object will function in accordance with the design specified for it.

Aerospace engineers are widely employed by companies –as well as in industries –where activities such as aircraft design and missile creation take place. The engineers may be required to design, construct and analyse spacecraft, aircraft or similar structures needed for defense purposes. While they can be employed by both private and public sectors, aerospace engineers are high-profile engineers widely required in aerospace manufacturing locations. In the United Kingdom, they can be found in aerospace construction hotspots including Wales, the North West, the South West, the South East, the Midlands, Northern Ireland and the North West.

Are Aerospace Engineers Well Paid?

Before you can actually earn substantially as an aerospace engineer, you need to have acquired excellent qualifications, reached a high level and gathered significant experience. This is usually the case with many other professions.

Location and industry are also key factors which determine what the aerospace engineer earns in salary. According to findings, the average salary of UK’s junior aerospace engineers is estimated at £32,920 while senior aerospace engineers (particularly those holding managerial positions) earn an estimated salary of £50,015.

The bottom line here is that aerospace engineers are well-paid professionals even though the term “well-paid” can be quite relative.

What are the top 11 aerospace engineering universities in the United Kingdom?

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a globally acclaimed seat of learning considered one of UK’s best universities for aerospace engineering. It boasts enviable spots in several rankings including the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, the Guardian University Guide 2021 and the Times University Guide 2021. The university occupies the 3rd, 1st and 1st positions respectively in the three rankings just mentioned.

At the University of Cambridge, aerospace engineering programs are available to both graduate and undergraduate students. With its more than 87% score in Research Excellence Framework, the University of Cambridge obviously maintains its footing as a remarkable research center.

UC’s degree program is a kind of bipartite program which makes it possible for students to complete a BSC and Ms. ENG in a four-year period.


University of Bristol

This UK university offers a four-year MEng aerospace engineering program as well as a three-year BEng aerospace engineering program. The associated annual tuition fee for foreign students is £24,700 while that of home students is £9,250.

University of Bristol delivers remarkable research works that are widely recognized by funding agencies, research bodies and the government. It is therefore unsurprising that more than 80% of the university’s research works were considered “internationally excellent” or “world leading” in the Research Excellence Framework of 2014.

At the University of Bristol, students of aerospace engineering are taken through a comprehensive range of subjects which come under three streams notably dynamics and control, aerodynamics, and structures and materials.


University of Leeds

The University of Leeds offers a bipartite degree program which makes it possible for students to combine Master’s and bachelor degrees in a four-year period. This basically comes under the university’s four-year integrated Masters (MEng, BEng).

Through its BEng in aeronautical and aerospace engineering, University of Leeds exposes students to the know-how of aircraft design, analysis, manufacture and operation. It is therefore one of UK’s best universities for aerospace engineering.

University of Leeds charges an annual tuition fee of £24,000 for a degree in its aerospace engineering program. While the stated tuition fee is for foreign students, home students (or EU students) pay the annual tuition fee of £11,000 for enrolling in the same program.

Impressively, the University of Leeds runs an aerospace engineering program which combines a powerful design methodology alongside the knowledge of physics, mathematics and computer science.


Imperial College of London

This seat of learning is considered the best UK university for a Master’s program in aeronautical engineering.

Through the Master’s program in aerospace engineering offered by this academic institution, students are exposed to the scientific mechanics required for the design of aircraft.

In both European and global rankings, the Imperial College of London occupies positions among the best schools for engineering courses. Globally, it ranks as the 49th best school for engineering while in Europe, it sits in the 15th position among the top schools for engineering.

In majority of the rankings where it is featured, the Imperial College of London can be found in the top 10 ranking globally, making it one of the world’s top universities. Meanwhile, its aerospace engineering program is considered one of the best in the world.


University of Bath

The University of Bath adopts both theoretical and practical approaches in transmitting the knowledge of aerospace engineering to students. The university’s MEng aerospace program offers a comprehensive curriculum which incorporates aircraft performance, aerodynamics, propulsion and helicopter aerodynamics, control and structures.

Courtesy of the combination of theoretical and practical teaching methods, this university furnishes its students with the requisite know-how for product development, analysis and testing. Therefore, students who have successfully completed the university’s aerospace engineering program should boast the mastery of aircraft development from the process of design to manufacture.



University of Glasgow

Scotland-based University of Glasgow is enviably the third best aerospace engineering school in the United Kingdom.

University of Glasgow offers a Master’s program in aerospace engineering through which the university teaches modern aircraft design in a comprehensive manner. Notably, its Master’s program in aerospace engineering is considered a multi-disciplinary course which exposes students to all they need to know in terms of modern aircraft design.

This university offers an enviable advantage by allowing its aerospace engineering graduates easy access to sophisticated facilities such as an autonomous unmanned vehicle (UAV), structural testing apparatus, a flight simulation lab, computer labs, helicopter test rig laboratories, and wind tunnels.

Besides being the hotspot of aerospace research for more than six decades, the University of Glasgow remains the best school for aerospace engineering in Scotland.


University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is the sixth best engineering university in the United Kingdom. It also appears among the world’s top 100 engineering universities. Remarkably, this UK university offers a combined aerospace and aeronautics course with the striking point being that it is the only Russell Group university with this offering.

At the University of Southampton, the offered aerospace engineering programs (BEng and MEng) are intended to take students through the sub-disciplines of aerospace engineering. This is done with special attention to the design, specification, and construction of engines, satellites, airframes, etc.

Also, the university offers MEng sub-specialties under which students of aerospace engineering can select specialized courses. Here are the MEng sub-specialties:

  • Computational Engineering and Design
  • Aerodynamics
  • Semester Abroad
  • Materials and Structures
  • Spacecraft Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Airvehicle Systems Design


University of Liverpool

This university’s aerospace engineering program comes with advanced Year Four/Five modules and vastly equips students with specialist knowledge in crucial aerospace subjects.

Notably, University of Liverpool’s aerospace engineering program is structured in such a comprehensive manner that it incorporates the core aerospace engineering topics listed below:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft design
  • Propulsion systems
  • Flight dynamics and control
  • Aerostructures
  • Aerospace materials
  • Avionics

University of Liverpool also boasts requisite facilities which offer its aerospace engineering students a generous amount of practical exposure. Some of the facilities include two full-motion research-standard flight simulators, a water flame, manufacturing robotics wind tunnels and an Active Learning Laboratory.


University of Nottingham

This university boasts that its MEng program aptly prepares its students for the aerospace industry. Meanwhile, the university builds excellent aerospace engineers through its two programs –Meng and BEng in aerospace engineering.

Being one of UK’s leading aerospace engineering schools, the University of Nottingham unsurprisingly furnishes students with the technical knowledge and deftness that prepares them for the modern aerospace industry. Just like the other seats of learning listed herein, this university houses advanced facilities and offers students the opportunity to learn from industry experts. Indisputably, this opportunity allows students to have a good idea of what the aerospace industry demands.

Moreover, University of Nottingham’s aerospace engineering department maintains ties with Boeing, Airbus and Rolls-Royce Aerospace.

Loughborough University

Through its aerospace engineering department, Loughborough University paves the way for both foreign and home students to undergo programs (MEng and BEng) that prepare them for the aerospace industry.

Loughborough University emphasizes collaborative learning by engaging its students in group works through which the students gain the mastery of aircraft design, aero engines, aircraft performance, aircraft aerodynamics and aircraft structures.

An aeronautical engineering degree at this UK university equips students with foundational knowledge in such areas as stress analysis, fluid mechanics, control, thermodynamics, mathematical modeling and simulation, and mechanics.

At Loughborough University, BEng in aerospace engineering is a four-year program which costs the annual tuition fee of £23,100 for foreign students and £9,250 for home (or EU) students.

University of Sheffield

Through its engineering department, this UK university runs both MSC and BEng degrees in aerospace engineering. Specifically, the university’s BEng in aerospace engineering equips students with excellent foundational knowledge of aerospace engineering. The students will be further exposed to the effective communication skill that will enable them to properly interact with individuals from differing engineering disciplines.

At the University of Sheffield, BEng students of aerospace engineering are first taken through a one-year period of core study after which the students can freely decide between aeromechanics stream and avionic systems.

In the second place, the university’s MSC program in aerospace engineering exposes students to a practical (design) project which is actually executed in group. The group design project is an avenue for the students to gain the mastery of unmanned air vehicle (UAV) design, construction and launch.


We hope you have found this article helpful for insightful information about UK’s top aerospace engineering universities. It is noteworthy that all the 11 UK universities listed are fully accredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS). With this, it is clear that each of them is a reputable university and should be considered reliable for a degree in aerospace engineering.



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