If you crave optimum insurance for your vehicle, chances are that you’ll be on the lookout for the best car insurance companies in Nigeria.

Searching for the best car insurance companies in Nigeria, you might not find one particular company that specializes only in car insurance. In other words, reputable insurance companies render multiple insurance covers rather than tying themselves to a single aspect of insurance. This, observably, is because no serious client would want to undergo the rigour of purchasing various insurance services from different insurers.

Every insurance client likely wants to have all of their insurance (probably ranging from health insurance to life insurance and vehicle insurance) in a single company. Provided that you need a reliable Nigerian insurer for your car, this article is likely your best bet for finding out the best 5 car insurance companies in Nigeria.

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1.AIICO Car Insurance

AIICO Insurance offers car insurance which is suitable for a varying population of clients including bus owners, multiple family (vehicle) owners, private vehicle owners, commercial vehicle owners, delivery vehicle owners, tricyclists and motorcyclists.

With AIICO being a widely diversified insurance company, it’s notable that its auto insurance broadly caters to the insurance needs of clients for both commercial and private vehicles

2.AXA Mansard Car Insurance

Considered another diversified insurance company, AXA Mansard renders several auto insurance plans all of which provide coverage for fire damage, theft, third-party property damage, accidental damage and third-party bodily injury.

Below are AXA Mansard’s three auto insurance plans:

  1. AutoPlus –this is an auto insurance plan that provides additional coverage
  2. AutoGo –this is an instant means for an AXA Mansard client to purchase their third party auto insurance along with the relevant certificate
  3. AutoFlex –this plan is considered beneficial not only for its flexibility but also because it enables AXA Mansard clients to reel in huge savings on their auto insurance premiums

3.Custodian and Allied Car Insurance

With Custodian and Allied Car Insurance, clients are at liberty of purchasing insurance coverage for a varying number of automobiles including trucks, motorcycles, trailers and cars. Custodian Motor Insurance provides coverage for your vehicle so long as you’ve selected the appropriate insurance for the vehicle type.

Notably, the two basic motor insurance covers of this car insurer are:

  1. Third-Party Fire &Theft Insurance Cover –this cover is a third-party-specific policy which provides insurance coverage for death/bodily injury to the third party as well as any accident to the third-party’s vehicle
  2. Comprehensive Insurance Cover –this cover provides insurance for the third party in the event of death or bodily injury as well as theft, fire or accidental damage to the third-party’s property

4.Industrial and General Car Insurance

The auto insurance of IGI (Industrial and General Insurance) comes with three policies namely Comprehensive, Third-Party Fire & Theft and Third-Party Only.

  1. Comprehensive –this is designed to comprehensively insure a vehicle against any form of accidental damage
  2. Third-Party Fire & Theft –this policy combines risk coverage (precisely in the event of theft and fire) and the third-party only insurance
  3. Third-Party Only –unlike Third-Party Fire & Theft, this third party only insurance guarantees insurance in the areas of liabilities (caused by damage on a third party’s property), legal expenses (emerging from the defence of a suit for damages), and the unlimited indemnity for being liable to the death or physical injury of a third party

5. Leadway Car Insurance

Leadway is one of Nigeria’s leading insurance companies which have stood the test of time. Through its all-inclusive auto insurance, Leadway guarantees optimum coverage for insured vehicles particularly in the event of mechanical breakdown, accident, damage or loss.


It is worth reckoning that all of the five insurance companies above offer more than car insurance. In any attempt to purchase an insurance service, do well to understand every detail of the service. That way, you’ll have a clear picture of the degree of coverage you’re bound to derive.

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