The Ultimate Best 4K Smart TVs Review

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The Ultimate Best 4K Smart TVs Review

4K smart TVs, otherwise called UHD, basically consist of TV screen technology that supports complete pixel density that’s 4X the 1080 pixels resolution. 4k smart TVs are much more than just improved pixel.
These TVs comprise of other new-age features and design that separates them from regular HD TVs.
You can even check out our previous reviews on the  best televisions to buy this year,it might be of great assistance. However, this review consist  of some of the best 4k smart TVs in the market.
We have to add that there’s an option for you to enjoy all of these best 4k smart TVs with the use of headphones. Check out the best wireless headphones on sale this year to accompany your smart television viewing experience.

Samsung QN65Q8FN LCD Ultra HDTV
Best 4k smart TVs

  • Magnificent colour presentation
  • Detailed and deep blacks
  • Dimming with a full-array backlight


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  • Confusing display GUI and remote controls
  • Inconsistent voice command
  • Dolby Vision not featured

Price – $2,799
Our Verdict
The Quantum dots featured in Samsung’s QLED TVs enable it to produce incredible colours. Throw in the amazing features that Samsung TVs are known for, and you’ll understand why this QN65Q8FN is among the makers top television sets in the market.
Samsung’s QLED (don’t mistake it for OLED) UHDTVs are Samsung’s first-class models. For those who don’t know, the letter Q from QLED represents quantum dot.
The innovation creates a backlight system that offers a more accurate means to produce red, blue and green lights which is a better innovation than the common one in LCD TVs.
Samsung is generally known for producing awesome smart TVs, and this model comfortably sits among its best 4k smart TVs ever.

Sony Bravia XBR-65A9G OLED Ultra HDTV


  • Top-notch contrast
  • Magnificent resolution and colour
  • You can watch from all angles


  • Muddled picture alterations
  • Expensive

Price – $3,800
Our Verdict
Sony’s latest XBR-65A9G OLED smart TV is without a doubt expensive; however, it’s hard to name a level board Ultra HD TV that gives a better TV experience.
The XBR-A9G, the most recent OLED smart TV from Sony’s Master TV series, follows the A9F. The distinctions from that TV model are little; however, this 65-inch XBR-65A9G is ready to shine and dominate. Does this deserve a place with the best 4k smart TVs? You decide.

TCL 75Q825 8-Series Roku LCD Ultra HDTV


  • Super-punchy HDR execution
  • Classy dimming
  • Application-based calibration of images


  • Restricted off-centre window viewing
  • VRR and Free-Sync not available for games

Price – $3,000
Our Verdict
TCL has been shaking the budget division for quite a long while. Be that as it may, the Chinese manufacturer with their latest 8-Series, have strongly moved into the Ultra HDTV ecosystem.
TCL broke into the worldwide market by producing budget Television sets that are designed with Roku streaming. Now they have elbowed their way through with the fresh 8-Series (in 65-and 75-inch screen sizes)

Samsung QN65Q90R LCD Ultra HDTV


  • Great brightness levels
  • Great off-centre image consistency
  • Clear HDR


  • Dolby Vision not offered
  • Remote ergonomics

Price – $3,500
Our Verdict
There’s little to reprimand here because there’s a lot to like about the LCD UHDTV from Samsung. This 65-inch Q90R Samsung TV has a proposed price of $3,500; however, it tends to be discovered online for less. Also, there are more series (75-and 82-inch) of the Q90R models, which can be purchased for $6,500.

Vizio M658-G1 M-Series Quantum LCD Ultra HDTV


  • HDR10 built-in as well as HLG and Dolby Vision
  • Extraordinary post-calibration execution
  • Inexpensive


  • Restricted HDR brightness levels
  • Weak off-centre image consistency
  • No functioning motion-smoothing features

Price – $1,000
Our Verdict
The Vizio Quantum M-Series TVs is terrific in a 65-inch display for people who are reluctant to shell out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a big-screen Ultra HDTV.
The makers are known for producing value smart TV sets. In spite of competition from Chinese organizations and from big Japanese and Korean manufacturers with more expensive pricing, Vizio seems resolved to keep up, or even improve, its position.

Sony XBR-65Z9F LCD Ultra HDTV


  • Amazing HDR brightness
  • Superb shadow detail plus dark level
  • Superior off-centre views for LCD


  • Some blooming backdrop illumination artefacts
  • Unremarkable implicit sound

Price – $3,500
Our Verdict
The Series Z9F Master LCD from Sony is a strong contender for best Ultra HDTV in today’s market.
This smart TV produces magnificent pictures, with improved off-centre viewing; which means every visitor in your house will be glad to watch your favourite programs with you.
This masterpiece along with the XBR-Z9F LCD and A9F OLED smart TVs are built in 75- and 65-inch sizes

Vizio PX75-G1 P-Series Quantum X LCD Ultra HDTV


  • Works well with HDR10+ and any HDR format
  • Uncommon performance
  • Reasonable price


  • Restricted off-centre viewing
  • Weak remote controls
  • Smart TV menu is jumbled and not fast

Price – $2,200
Our Verdict
In spite of the fact that the onscreen interface is clustered and the remote control is not exactly ideal, the Vizio Quantum X produces an extraordinary experience, especially with HDR.
What amount are you ready to part with for an Ultra HDTV (75-inch) that supports most of the high dynamic range programs available without you tone-mapping? (which almost every 4K/HDR TVs demand).
Vizio’s Quantum X P-Series (75-inch) professes to give positive HDR performance for as little as $2,200.

  • Where to buy?

If you’re interested in more details about the best 4k smart TVs to buy this year, endeavour to visit any of these top 20+ e-commerce shopping stores to look up these smart TVs and some of the best televisions in the market and learn more about the functionalities and current price of each one of them.


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