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The biter truth is that internet service providers Companies especially  in Nigeria are doing a great job. It’s hard to find a reliable and fast Internet Service Provider but this article will explain all that you need to know.
There are a lot of service providers in Nigeria but in this post, we will be listing out the Best 15 internet service providers Companies in Nigeria. ISPs as the name  implies are companies that provide internet services to their customers and also manage the network speed.
Getting fast and reliable internet service provider has been a major challenge for many Nigerians. Everyone loves to be online, whether it’s as simple as surfing the net, updating social media, downloading your favorite movies or complex activities such as blogging, digital marketing, running a YouTube channel among others, we all require the internet for our day to day activities. Some providers go as far as saying data is life. 

Defination of Internet  service Provider?

Internet service providers generally refers to any Organization, individual or business which offers valuable service to others in exchange for payment and profit. Internet providers are also group of companies or a company that provides customers with an internet connection. In the world of connectivity, service providers play a major role in establishing set targets.
And as a result, Network service provider tends to provides solid rock services to an existing or already established Internet service provider (ISP), with this ISP services most web users and online entrepreneurs can easily have access to the internet without fear or worries.
Classically, all IP tends to connects at a certain point called the Internet Exchange (IX) which is directly proportional to a regional ISP that in turn connects to an NSP backbone server.

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Internet service providers (“ISPs”)

Internet service provider (ISP) refers simply to an organization that offers exclusive services to users in order to access and seemingly use the Internet.
ISP’s make the internet accessible. The service rendered by the ISP’s may be classified into:  Primary access services – dial-up access through analog modems, dedicated access through leased lines and cable network or wholesale services provided by backbone operations (eg MCI Worldcom, VSNL, etc); and Value added services – e-mail, web hosting, internet telephony, e-commerce services, etc
Presently, dial-up access is the single most popular access mechanism. However, with the advent of the best tools in convergence, access through cable, asymmetrical digital subscriber lines, local multi-point distribution system, etc are expected to significantly erode the number of subscribers opting for dial-up access.
The single largest driver of this change is the inevitable necessity to provide greater bandwidth to internet users.
A number of ISPs are operating in india as a result of the opening up of the sector to private players. VSNL continues to be the largest ISP in india, with approximately 60 percent market share (nearly 6 lakh subscribers). Other major private players include Satyam infoway, Bharti-BT, Sprint RPG, Rolta, BSES, etc.
Application service provider (“ASP”)
An ASP manages and delivers application capabilities to multiple entities, either over a dedicated wide network or over the internet. The primary benefits are:

  • The cost of the application and maintenance is spread over multiple users and hence the cost per user is reduced.
  • Individual users are also relieved of the responsibility of maintaining server infrastructure and operating staff.
  • The model is suitable for packaged off-the-shelf applications, which can be used by multiple users without significant customization, etc.
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Software companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, etc offer their packaged products through ASP’s. An ASP consortium has been formed in USA in May, 1999 whose members include IBM,Cisco, Citrix, Compaq, Exodus, Sun Microsystems, etc. In India, leading ISPs like Satyam and Dishnet and companies such as Wipro, Aptech, DSQ software have also shown interest in the ASP segment.

Best 15 internet service providers  Companies in Nigeria

  1. Cyberspace Limited
  2. Netcom Africa Limited
  3. Spectranet Limited
  4. MTN Nigeria
  5. IPNX Nigeria Limited
  6. Maine Cable Company
  7. Vodacom Business Nigeria
  8. Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited
  9. Coollink
  10. Swift Network Limited
  11. Globacom Limited
  12. 9mobile Nigeria
  13. Hyperia Limited
  14. Cobranet Limited
  15. Gateway Telecoms Integrated Service


  1. Cyberspace Limited

Cyberspace Limited is one of the leading internet service providers in Nigeria offering a wide range of services that include affordable data plans. The company started in 1995 and has maintained steady growth since its inception. They are regarded as the providers with the highest network speed currently.

  1. 2. Netcom Africa Limited

Netcom Africa Limited offers fast and reliable internet plans among other services. Some of their services include; Fiber, Radio, Broadband LTE, Satellite, Maritime VSAT. NetAccess is their paid WiFi service that allows users access to the Internet at good network speed.

  1. Spectranet Limited

Spectranet Data plans are valid for 30 days, and they offer fast Internet Service. Included in the spectranet Data plan are;

  • 8GB @ N3070
  • 15GB @ N5110
  • 10GB @ N3580
  1. MTN Nigeria

MTN offers fast and affordable data plans to their customers. But one thing most people complain about is that their data zaps and consumes a lot of data. Follow the link to find out all data plans on the MTN network.

  1. IPNX Nigeria Limited
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ipNX is regarded as one of the best choices for anyone who wants a fast and reliable Internet and phone connection. Their network is 100% fiber-optic straight to your home or office giving you a whole new experience with guaranteed high-speed broadband internet and crystal-clear voice calls so you can download from the net in seconds with speeds starting from 20Mbps.

  1. Maine Cable Company

Maine Cable Company focuses on cable and TV subscriptions but also has plans for internet users. Their plans are affordable and come with really good download speed.

  1. Vodacom Business Nigeria

Vodacom offers voice and data plans to its customers and boasts of affordable and fast internet speed. If you want to buy the Vodacom Data plan, check our post on an affordable data plan in Nigeria.

  1. Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited

Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited is a Systems Integrator & internet Provider serving a diverse client base in various sectors in Nigeria and West Africa since 1997. ISN delivers the most reliable, robust, high performance IT solutions and services IT infrastructure to industries, corporate, residential, off-shore and rural areas clients. They are Internet Service Providers (ISP), Application Service Providers (ASP).

  1. Coollink

Best 15 Internet service providers companies in Nigeria
Coollink data plans are mostly tailored towards large business owners looking to buy a large data bundles at affordable prices. Their plans are fast but they are quite expensive considering other providers. You can get as high as 10GB for N9900.

  1. Swift Network Limited

Swift offers network plans similar to the traditional voice and data plan providers. You can subscribe to their weekly or monthly plan depending on what suits your needs. Check out their list of available plans.

  1. Globacom Limited
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Glo Nigeria as popularly known is known as the data king among most of the internet service providers. They have a lot of good plans, but the problem is that their Network is not on every location. Some places experience very slow browsing speed, which can be very frustrating. Find globacom data plans.

  1. 9mobile

9mobile, formally Etisalat Nigeria is a fast-growing network offering good data deals to its customers. Most people will agree with me that 9mobile is arguably one of the fastest network providers in Nigeria.

  1. Hyperia Limited

Hyperia Limited is an Internet Service Provider offering fast and reliable data plans to their customers. They have good speed but their plans are expensive.

  1. Cobranet Limited

Cobranet is a Nigerian ISP that provides affordable data plans to their customers. There are various plans to choose from to suit each individual needs and the benefits of this technology include Unlimited data, a Superfast connection, Faster download speeds, 24/7 technical support and offer Three days FREE Browsing upon activation.

  1. Gateway Telecoms Integrated Service

They started out in 1997, and since inception have been working tirelessly towards offering affordable, fast and reliable data plans. The brand is now known as Vodacom.


In our data-driven world, it has become Paramount that every Internet Service Provider optimizes their Network in order to offer the best speed at an affordable rate also to their customers. If your Internet Service Provider is not offering you a reasonably decent plan, then you can switch and test out another provider, it’s as simple as ABC.

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