With ENT being an acronym for “ear, nose and throat”, it is unsurprising that ENT hospitals are concerned with the treatment, management and/or prevention of disorders or diseases affecting the ear, nose and throat.

ENT hospitals are some kinds of specialty hospitals but they can be found in strategic places where other hospitals are located. Depending on various factors, an ENT hospital could be established as a subsidiary unit within a multipurpose hospital. Conversely, it could be set up as a standalone clinic with the sole focus of treating patients with ENT disorders.

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If you require medical attention for an abnormality of the ear, nose or throat, you certainly need to consult a nearby ENT hospital. As you read this post further, you’ll find a well-researched list of the best 10 ENT hospitals in Nigeria.

Although there are ENT hospitals across various Nigerian cities and States, the ENT hospitals in this post are majorly concentrated in Lagos State with only one of them situated in a different State.

1.Royal Saints Hospital

Royal Saints Hospital is an ENT clinic for the treatment of children and adults with auditory impairment.

While the ENT clinic specially focuses on otology and rhinology, it further offers special treatment to patients with hearing loss. On the one hand, such patients are provided with hearing aids, and on the other hand, they are made to undergo a hearing assessment.

At its allied hospitals, Royal Saints Hospital performs surgical operations under circumstances where such operations are needed. Notably, this ENT hospital projects itself as a health establishment that strives to accomplish excellence in the delivery of care to patients. This is why the hospital prioritizes employing diligent medical personnel as well as competent doctors.

Royal Saints Hospital boasts high-minded specialists who commit effort to the examination of disease, incorporation of unique therapy methods and formulation of preventive measures.

Meanwhile, it’s quite awesome that Royal Saints Hospital operates beyond the status of a mere health establishment offering paid-for medical services. Precisely, the ENT hospital maintains a charity programme aimed at caring for people with auditory impairment.

2.Jentoscopes Specialist ENT Clinics

Jentoscopes Specialist Clinics touts itself as a healthcare facility with sub-clinics namely Nose Clinic, Ear Clinic, Throat, Neck and Head Clinic.

Jentoscopes Specialist Clinics offers a broad range of medical services with the most notable ones being Laryngology; a surgical service involving the treatment of defects affecting the larynx, Audiology; a clinical service by which the hospital administers a hearing assessment on patients, Paediatric ENT; children-focused treatment of defects, injuries or similar anomalies affecting the throat, ear and nose, Otology; treatment and/or prevention of auditory disorders and injuries, Head & Neck Surgery; treatment of cervical and head disorders and injuries, Rhinology; treatment and prevention of paranasal sinuses as well as nasal impairment/disorders.

Jentoscopes Specialist Clinics not only functions as an ENT hospital but also, it maintains a general clinic where patients with common human diseases/disorders are cared for.

Beyond its clinical responsibility of providing care and treatment, Jentoscopes Specialist Clinics implores patients to regularly undergo ENT check-ups. Under the pretext of “prevention is better than cure”, the ENT hospital holds that such check-ups will assist in early diagnosis of abnormalities. In that case, urgent steps can be taken to prevent the abnormalities from progressing to severe stages.

3.Tent of Life

Tent of Life is a well-furnished ENT clinic with certified otolaryngological personnel. While Tent of Life offers ENT services to patients of all ages, the ENT healthcare facility also delivers excellent medical services.

Besides creating a suitable medical atmosphere for its patients, Tent of Life delivers patient-oriented medical treatment. Courtesy of its state-of-the-art medical equipment, Tent of Life is capable of delivering quality care with respect to all forms of ENT services that patients require.

Tent of Life projects itself as a “leading private ENT clinic” and in view of that, the ENT clinic maintains such desirable values as respect, high standards, teamwork and excellence.


MAXI ENT CLINIC is an ENT healthcare facility duly equipped with high-minded specialists and up-to-date medical devices.

To ensure effective diagnosis of patients’ otolaryngological abnormalities, MAXI ENT CLINIC adopts sophisticated and up-to-date medical equipment for ENT assessment.

Besides the assurance of top-quality clinical services, some of the benefits associated with MAXI ENT CLINIC are an individual approach and staff’s positive attitude towards patients.

As expected of medical specialists, the personnel at MAXI ENT CLINIC commit effort to the examination of clinical features that indicate the presence of diseases. They then incorporate unique therapy methods and formulate preventive protocols. The ENT clinic further lays claim to the delivery of reliable services which are the results of self-proclaimed “cutting-edge technology and wealth of experience”.

MAXI ENT CLINIC prides on the delivery of affordable and quality ENT care. Riding on the strength of sophisticated and dedicated staff, the ENT clinic considers itself a provider of otolaryngological services that measure up to international standards.

The all-inclusive care approach of MAXI ENT CLINIC guarantees patients the examination, diagnosis and treatment of several diseases/disorders. In that regard, some of the clinic’s major services include:

  • Rhinology
  • Otology
  • Audiology
  • Laryngology
  • Hearing assessment for patients of preschool and school age
  • Neonatal/infant hearing screening
  • Hearing aids
  • Otolaryngologic allergy
  • Paediatric otolaryngology
  • Bronchoesophagology

5.Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Centre –Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic

Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Centre (LECC) is a multidisciplinary healthcare facility which prioritizes synergizing with physicians and associates for the delivery of excellent care. LECC further touts itself as a provider of personalized care.

With the mission of approaching health care in an honest and professional manner, LECC offers a suitable medical environment and sophisticated medical equipment. Not only does LECC treat patients of all ages, but also, the multidisciplinary hospital rides on the strength of its medical personnel; including UK, US and Nigerian specialists; for the delivery of quality care.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Clinic is the otorhinolaryngological arm of LECC which is a multidisciplinary healthcare establishment.

The ENT specialists at LECC deliver quality care to patients with disorders, diseases or other abnormalities affecting the throat, nose, ear, neck and head. Therefore, such LECC specialists care for both adult and child patients with the following conditions:

  1. Ringing in the ears
  2. Cancers of the ear, nose and throat (ENT)
  3. Hearing and deafness

Additionally, the specialists treat patients whose conditions demand special needs such as cochlear and ear implant, and endoscopic nasal surgeries.

6.A-Ilupeju Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital

This ENT hospital is generously equipped with up-to-date medical facilities for the delivery of qualitative otorhinolaryngological services.

On the one hand, the Lagos-based ENT hospital maintains the excellent core values of safety and compassion, and on the other hand, it offers daycare and in-patient facilities. By safety, the hospital guarantees patient safety through the conduct of careful ENT diagnoses and treatment. Compassion, in the second vein, defines A-Ilupeju ENT Hospital as one that is empathetically disposed to patients.

By way of assuring patients the quality care they desire, A-Ilupeju ENT Hospital describes itself as a healthcare facility under the leadership of an experienced and reputable medical practitioner. Basically, the hospital’s medical team is led by a medical expert with 25+ years of work experience. Other personnel in the medical team are ENT specialists, neuro surgeons, plastic surgeons, and oral & maxillofacial surgeons.

A-Ilupeju ENT Hospital is generously acclaimed as one of Nigeria’s most advanced centres for ENT diagnosis and treatment.

7.Yinka Ade Clinic (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Yinka Ade Clinic is an ENT hospital located in Ojota, Lagos State. It’s a registered provider of otolaryngological services founded in year 2000. The ENT hospital, which is owned by Dr. Adesegun Adeyinka, has been lauded for the provision of affordable ENT services.

Although we can’t find a good deal of customer reviews about Yinka Ade Clinic, the little information we have indicates that the ENT hospital offers comparatively affordable treatment services for ear, nose and throat disorders.

8.Havana Specialist Hospital Limited

Havana Specialist Hospital Limited is a healthcare facility that labels itself an “award-winning hospital”. The hospital rides on the strength of qualified nurses and competent physicians for the delivery of optimum healthcare services. Besides boasting state-of-the-art medical equipment, Havana Specialist Hospital profiles itself as a multidisciplinary healthcare facility whose services cut across paediatrics, cardiology, obstetrics & gynaecology, surgery and medicine.

The ENT section of the hospital is duly equipped with expert physicians who provide victims of ENT disorders with quality treatment and management. These physicians are well-trained doctors who ensure that the patients receive optimum medical attention with respect to abnormalities of the ear, throat, neck, head and nose.

9.St. Nicholas Hospital Clinic –Victoria Island

St. Nicholas is well known as an all-inclusive medical centre which has been delivering healthcare services for decades.

The hospital offers ear, nose and throat (ENT) treatment as an ancillary to its major medical services namely cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics and cardiothoracic surgery.

In demonstration of its commitment to quality health care, St. Nicholas Hospital employs specialists with excellent profiles and remarkable employment history within and outside Nigeria.

Courtesy of its sophisticated and up-to-date medical equipment, St. Nicholas Hospital is capable of treating otorhinolaryngological disorders as well as many other kinds of diseases.

10.Molly Specialist Hospital

This ENT hospital renders quality care to both adult and child patients with ear, nose and throat disorders.

It maintains a warm medical environment effectively run by competent clinicians and well-trained nurses. The Ibadan-based ENT hospital operates a 24-hour service delivery model and offers both emergency and non-emergency medical services.


We believe our well-researched list of the best 10 ENT hospitals in Nigeria has satisfied your information need. Although there are many other ENT hospitals in the country, the listed ones are our favourite picks based on customer reviews.


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