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SUBJECT:      Basic Technology  CLASS: JSS 1

  1. _______ makes things happen? (a) computer (b) technology (c) career
  2. The open knowledge or ideas, skills and procedures for making, doing or using things in specifiable and repeatable ways is refer to as __________ (a) complex (b) simple (c) technology
  3. Technology can be high level or low level, simple or complex. This statement is ________ (a) true (b) false (c) not correct
  4. Technology is characterized by ______ certain wise way of making or doing things and ______ (a) scientific ideals and findings (b) open ideals, skills and procedures (c) all the above
  5. Technology stands still, it does not grow (a) true (b) false (c) none of the above
  6. Even occurring by chance, which result in injury to people or damage to property is known as ________ (a) incident (b) accident (c) injury
  7. Which is not a cause of accidents in the workshop (a) unsafe actions (b) failure to use safety devices (c) unsafe conditions
  8. Which is not an unsafe condition? (a) failure to obey workshop rules and regulations (b) slippery or wet floors (c) absence of safety devices
  9. Which is a way of preventing accidents in the workshop (a) dressing safety for work (b) working safely with hand tools (c) all the above
  10. Which is a safety device? (a) fire extinguishers (b) fire alarm (c) all the above
  11. Which is not a type of fire? (a) mechanical fire (b) electrical fire (c) chemical fire
  12. Goggles and visors protects the ________ against injury (a) legs (b) nose (c) eyes
  13. One of these is a type of wood. (a) hardwood (b) all the above (c) softwood
  14. Mahogany, Obeche, Opepe, oak and Abura are examples of _______ woods. (a) hardwood (b) none of the above (c) softwood
  15. Ferrous and non-ferrous are types of _________ (a) metal (b) wood (c) silk
  16. Properties of metal includes all except? (a) hardness (b) luster (c) none of the above
  17. The slow wearing of metals through chemicals or rusting is known as ______ (a) corrosion (b) conductivity (c) conductor
  18. Which of the following is not used in making creaminess (a) lime (b) cement (c) clay
  19. Rubber is used in electrical insulations because it is a poor conductor of electricity (a) true (b) false (c) not always
  20. The major property which distinguishes ceramics from wood, metal, plastic and rubber is being ________ (a) a good conductor (b) resistance to corrosion (c) brittle
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SECTION B – Answer Question three and any other two Questions

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1a.     List five safety rules which must be applied in a basic technology workshop.

  1. Mention three unsafe act which can cause accidents in a workshop
  2. State five safety measures you should observe when using a machine

2a.     How can we prevent accidents in a workshop?

  1. List three unsafe conditions which can cause accidents in a workshop.
  2. State five safety measures you should observe when using a hand tool

3a.     What is technology?

  1. State five benefits of technology to the society.
  2. Identify five things in the environment that are products of technology and state why you chose them.

4a.     Define ferrous and non-ferrous metal

  1. List four examples each of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
  2. name three examples each of hardwood and softwood.

5a.     What is ceramics and glass?

  1. State four properties of ceramics.
  2. List five uses of ceramics.

6a.     What is natural rubber and synthetic rubber?

  1. State three properties of glass.
  2. List five uses of glass.


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