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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for Junior secondary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Basic Science Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students.

SUBJECT: Basic Science CLASS: JSS 1

1. Which of the following might result from poor hygiene of the teeth? (a) tooth decay (b) toothache (c) falling off of teeth before old age
2. Which of these is not a benefit of personal hygiene (a) reduced disease causing organism (b) save money (c) sickness and weakness
3. One of these is not a consequencies of poor hygiene (a) good health (b) disease causing organisms on our bodies (c) untidy surrounding and us
4. All of these are the type of food except (a) carbohydrate (b) liquid or solid (c) local or imported
5. There are _______ classes of food? (a) 7 (b) 6 (c) 5
6. __________ repairs worn out tissues and cells. (a) carbohydrate (b) vitamins (c) protein
7. Water is 90% component of blood (a) true (b) false (c) none of the all above
8. Balance diet contains _______ classes of food (a) all (b) few (c) no class of food
9. _________ is the source of the earth energy? (a) green plants (b) sun (c) sunlight
10. Conservation of water in nature is through ______ process (a) high sunshine (b) water cycle (c) evaporation and transpiration
11. Conservation of energy means (a) convention of sun energy (b) careful use of energy (c) how living things used energy
12. Energy is conserved in nature through (a) plant (b) animals (c) food chain
13. The human activities that affects environmental balance includes all except. (a) burning of refuse in incinerators (b) construction and transportation (c) farming activities and commercial activities
14. Sorting of refuse means (a) burning all refuse from time at the collecting centres (b) separating refuse into their various forms/kinds (c) selecting the people to carry away dustbins when full
15. All of these are ways by which germs are passed on except (a) by indirect contact (b) through air, water and food (c) through living things.
16. The third developmental stage of anopheles mosquito is the _______ stage. (a) larva (b) pupa (c) egg
17. Which of these is not a vector? (a) tsetse fly (b) black fly (c) water
18. Which of the following is a water borne disease? (a) tetanus (b) cholera (c) typhoid fever
19. Treatment of town water supply includes except (a) boiling (b) filtering (c) sedimentation
20. The reason for boiling water before drinking is that boiling (a) remove suspended matter in the water (b) kills diseases causing organisms in the water (c) remove all colours from the water

SECTION B – Answer any three Questions. All Questions carries equal marks

1a. What is personal hygiene?
b. Mention 4 advantages of personal hygiene
c. State 4 consequencies of poor hygiene
2a. What is food?
b. State 6 classes of food.
c. Define a balance diet.
3a. What is conservation of energy?
b. How is energy conserve in nature
c. Draw a simple food chain
4. Explain sewage disposal
b. Give 3 examples of biodegradable materials and 4 examples of non-biodegradable maternal.
5a. Define vector
b. List three methods of controlling mosquito
c. List three types of disease vectors.
6a. Name three water borne disease
b. State 3 importance of boiling water
c. Mention 3 advantages of using pipe borne water.

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