Basic Science And Technology Exam Question For Primary School Students

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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for primary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Basic Science And Technology Exam Question For Primary School Students.


INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions in section A and any four in section B

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1. Garden tools are instruments used to carry out activities in the garden. (a) True (b) false
2. ___ is an example of garden tool. (a) cutlass (b) stone (c) wood.
3. Teeth is found in the ___ (a) stomach (b) leg (c) mouth
4. An adult has ___ teeth is his mouth (a) 32 (b) 7 (c) 24
5. How many set of teeth does an adult have? (a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 7
6. The two set of teeth found in the back are the premolars and the ___ (a) canine (b) incisors (c) molars.
7. The teeth is used for ___ (a) play (b) chewing (c) dance.
8. Which of the teeth do we use for cutting food (a) molars (b) canine (c) incisors.
9. Which of these do we use for grinding food in the mouth? (a) canine (b) molars (c) inscissors
10. Water is odourless, tastless and colourless liquid. (a) true (b) false
11. Water is essential for a ___ (a) health living (b) dirty living (c) school living
12. The process by which water changes from liquid to gas is called ___ (a) condensation (b) evaporation (c) steaming
13. A wet cloth get dry through ___ (a) condensation (b) evaporation (c) freezing
14. The tongue, saliva and the teeth help in the __ of food. (a) excretion (b) reproduction (c) digestion.
15. The lip, tongue and saliva play important role in feeding system (a) true (b) false (c) not true.

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Basic Science And Technology Exam Question For Primary School Students

1a. Mention 5 garden tools that you know.
b. Mention 5 uses of the gardening tools you have mentioned.
2a. Mention four types of teeth.
b. Mention four uses of teeth you have mentioned.
3. Write out the role of each of the following in feeding system.
i. Lips.
ii. Tongue
iii. Saliva
4a. What is evaporation?
b. Apart from heating the water for evaporation to take places mention other ways that evaporation take place
5a. What is water?
b. Mention 5 sources of water
c. Mention 3 uses of water


Answer any five questions

1a.     What is workshop safety?

  1. Mention five safe working habit in the school workshop


2a.     Define the term technology?

  1. Differentiate between developed and under-developed technology with one economic activity for each.


3a.     What is Mechanical advantage of a simple machine?

  1. Explain the principle of operation of first and second order lever machine with one application each.


4a.     Describe an alloy?

  1. List FOUR types of alloy


5a.     Define the term maintenance

  1. List Three types of maintenance and explain each one


6a.     What is First Aid Treatment?

  1. Calculate the mechanical advantage in a screwjack needed to lift a load 90kg with an applied effort of 15kg.




1. Draw a title block 150 x 50 and print the following informations
(a) School (b) Name (c) Class (d) Title (f) Date

2. Make a large freehand sketch of a claw hammer

3. Draw a line of 120mm and divide it into 6 equal parts.

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4a. Construct a bisection on a hire AB = 90mm
b. Draw a circle of radius 40mm and divide it into 8 equal sector

5. Identify the parts of the simple machine drawn below

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