Basic Civic Education Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students

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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for Junior secondary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Basic Civic Education Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students.

SUBJECT:   Basic Civic Education                                CLASS: JSS 1

  1. The importance or worth attached to a thing is known as (a) worth (b) value (c) cost
  2. Not preserving a thing means we don’t _______ it (a) value (b) worth (c) cost
  3. __________ is associated with the culture of people (a) cost (b) value (c) worth
  4. These are types of value except ________ (a) society value (b) general value (c) personal value
  5. ______ shows norms of society (a) personal value (b) general value (c) societal value
  6. Values help determines and control the behavior of individuals in society (a) true (b) false (c) no idea
  7. Honesty, respect, hardwork, diligence, tolerance, equity and uprightness are all ______ (a) virtue (b) values (c) attribute of a person
  8. Attributes of honesty includes all except (a) trustworthiness (b) integrity (c) respect
  9. The feeling of happiness and satisfaction with whatever one has is referred to as (a) godliness (b) contentment (c) probity
  10. Cooperation is otherwise called _______ (a) unity (b) teamwork (c) mutual agreement
  11. _______, mutual understanding and ______ facilitate cooperation (a) unity and commitment (b) love and commitment (c) honesty and commitment
  12. Sharing, _________ and support are attribute of cooperation (a) togetherness (b) caring (c) love
  13. One of these is not an attribute of self reliance (a) hardwork (b) dedication (c) cooperation
  14. The gaseous resources in our environment is known as _______ (a) water resources (b) Atmospheric resources (c) mineral resources
  15. All these are type of resources except (a) water resources (b) vegetable resources (c) domestic resources
  16. Being citizen of a place implies ________ duties and ________ (a) rights and obligation (b) rights and expectation (c) none of the above
  17. Which of these is not a duty of a citizen (a) respecting others rights and dignity (b) paying taxes (c) none of the above
  18. One of these is not a type of citizenship (a) citizenship by naturalization (b) citizenship by birth (c) citizenship by choice
  19. _________ are the privileges guaranteed by law (a) obligation (b) rights (c) duties


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Section b – Answer any three questions

1a.     Define the concept “value”

  1. Identify the types of values in the society
  2. List six benefits of values

2a.     Explain the level of manifestation of values in the society

  1. State six factors that promotes a good value system
  2. Write short note on general or personal value.

3a.     Define honesty

  1. Identify the various attributes of honesty
  2. State five consequencies of dishonesty in the society

4a.     What is citizenship?

  1. List and Explain any two types of citizenship
  2. What is right?

5a.     Define self-reliance

  1. Mention the attribute of self-reliance
  2. State the benefits of self-reliance.


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