SEO has became a very essential factor for ranking. A good and healthy SEO defines a successful blog. And to grow a successful blog, you need to apply some SEO techniques. In applying SEO techniques you need to be very careful to ensure you avoid black hat SEO techniques and accept white hat SEO techniques.

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If you’ve been a long time blogger, I’m sure you must have known what black hat and white hat SEO is. But if you’re not aware of what they are, then relax I’m going to give you a full detailed explanation about them.

What Is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is an SEO techniques used in achieving high search engine rankings which complies with search engine guidelines and polices. This technique works in accordance with all search engines guidelines especially Google.

White hat SEO is a legal Search engine optimization technique, which promotes positive rating by search engines and fetch natural backlinks.

What Are White Hat SEO Techniques?

1 Quality Content

Like I always say, writing quality contents with added value is just one of the SEO Optimization technique you should apply.

Quality content is King. And it applies to white hat SEO the most. When you write quality contents, you’re providing valubles to your audeinces and trust me other bloggers will be happy to link back to you, which will generate natural backlinks for your blog.

If you read my previous article on things I wish I knew before going into blogging, I vividly explained how writting quality and added value articles can fetch you quality and natural backlinks.

2 Guest Blogging

This is the act of writting for other blogs and a very effective practice of white hat SEO. Guest Blogging is a very easy and stress free way of getting natural and quality backlinks.

This is because the site owner will allow you opportunity of links. The links on your guest posts will lead people back to your site indicating you’re the original author and notifies Google that you are a valid source of information.

You have to ensure you’re writting for high quality blogs related to your niche. This is very important. Because writing on an non related blog niche will land your blog penalized by Google, because it is considered irrelevant.

3 Proper Keyword Research

Proper Keyword research also applies to one of white hat SEO techniques. This is a practice of checking for Keyword competitiveness before using them in order to rank easily on search engines.

Using less competitive Keywords in your articles increases your chances of getting your articles Indexed easily on search engines.

In things I wish I knew before going into blogging, I also explained vividly how choosing low competitive keywords will get your article Indexed on Google’s first page. I also explained how I make my own Keyword research and the tools I use.

4 Internal Linking

This is the act of linking related articles together in your blog for more references and good users experience. This practice also applies to white hat SEO techniques.

Linking your articles together increases ranking, especially linking your already Indexed article with your new ones. Internal links connects your content and give Google an idea of the structure of your website.  Using the right internal link strategy increases the value of your contents and boost your SEO.

5 Making Your Site mobile Friendly

Ensuring your site is mobile friendly should be your number one priority. A fast responsive website creates more users experience and makes it easier for user to navigate.

About 85% of your site visitors are mobile users this is why you should ensure your site is mobile friendly. By boosting your site’s speed load time.

My site visitor’s device breakdown

You can get Cloudflare activated on your site or use WP Super Cache Plugin to boost your site speed and make it more responsive.

6 Keyword Optimization

Proper Keyword optimization is the major SEO techniques used in ranking article although when it’s misused it becomes a black hat SEO technique.

While writing your article insure your Keywords are in your articles and other important place, this will increase your chances of getting your article indexed by search engines. But avoid Keyword stuffing this will get you penalized.

While writing your article ensure your Keyword appears in your Url, first paragraph, subheadings, in your content, in your alt and Image title and in your meta description box.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

As the name implies, black hat SEO techniques is the complete opposite of white hat SEO. It’s the practice of using short cuts, and hacks to manipulate search engines in order to achieve quick index and high ranking. This practices are completely against search engines guidelines

What Are Black Hat SEO Techniques?

1 Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is an SEO Optimization technique whereby Keywords are loaded inside an article for quick index.

This is one of the major black hat SEO techniques used for quick article index. This techniques can get your site penalized by Google search engine. Google considers this act as webspam or spamdexing. Below is Google’s example of Keyword stuffing.

How to make money online,

To make money online you have to invest money to make money online, because making money online isn’t really possible without investing money which will yeild you more money.

2 Content Scrapping

This is the act of plagiarizing other site contents by lifting the articles through copy and paste and republish on their own site. This is one of black SEO techniques.

Content scrappers typically copy the entire Content and paste it on their blog. If you’re Involved in such act, you’re inviting Google’s wrath. And also using spin tools to spin  articles for the sole aim of re-writting them, is also a black hat SEO technique and should be avoided at all cost to avoid getting penalized.

Google penalizes blogs that contains scrapped content without legal permission and source from the original author, because Google knows where the original content is.

3 Cloaking

Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique that involves the practice of showing one thing to visitors and another to search engines.

Example: A user searches for “Top 10 must friendly dogs” and when he clicks on the search engine result, he sees “Dogs & their bad habits”. Which is entirely different from the title

Another example: A user searches form “10 richest celebrities” and when he clicks on the search results, he sees “Celebrities naked pictures

This black hat SEO technique is used by so many webmasters to gain quick index and higher ranking. It may fetch results, but not for long, because your site will definitely get blacklisted by Google when they find out.

Spam Comment.

This is the act of dropping unsolicited comments with links involved on blogs and forums comment section.

Blog commenting, with links to your website is a spammy way of getting links to your website and i highly recommend avoiding the practice because this applies to black hat SEO and can get your site tanked by Google.

5 Sneaky Redirects.

Redirection is used as a technique to send readers to useful pages or contents, when resource has moved or changed on your site or when your site has been moved to a new domain.

Unfortunately, this can be misued in black hat SEO, where a visitors will be redirected to irrelevant pages. This is another style and example to cloaking black hat SEO techniques.

6 Buying Bulk Backlinks.

This is a practice that involves buying backlinks in bulks to manipulate search engines and get higher ranking. Search engines like Google strictly ban the buying and selling of links.

You should avoid paying any other site to link to your content. Google asks users to tell them about instances of people buying or selling links. They state they will penalize both buyer and seller of links once the practice is detected.

If you’ve already been involved in buying backlinks without knowing it’s a black hat SEO technique. You can click on Disavow link. This is a way of telling Google not to take this links into account when accessing your site.

7 Link Farm

This is a site developed specifically for collecting links and for the purpose of link building. Search engines ranks a website by looking at the number of links that points it’s direction.

But unfortunately this has been misused in black hat SEO by using link farms to inflate the number of backlinks a particular site has.

Link farms often have low-quality content and lots of links. The links normally contain the keyword they want the site to rank for in the anchor text.

Google search engines has become very sophisticated and can detect any site involved in link Farming and get them penalized. So i advise you shouldn’t involve in such act.

What is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO

Have you ever wondered why heros in old movies wore white hat? while the villains wore black hat? Just like in the movie the wizard of Oz.

I want you to Picture “white hat” as an angel and the “black hat” as the devil. In summary white hat SEO involves legal SEO practice for search engine ranking and indexing, which complies with search engines guidelines.

While black hat SEO involves an illegal act of SEO techniques used to manipulate search engines to rank a site. This practices is against search engines guidelines and can get you penalized.

What Are The Penalties Involved In Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Manual Actions penalty

When a manual penalty hits your site, you’ll receive an alert in your Google console dashboard. You can look for alerts within the Manual Actions.

No issues detected in my manual action

To remove the manual penalty, you will have to fix the problems and notify Google for reconsideration. You also need to explain to them how you resolved the issue

Algorithm Penalties (Blacklisting)

Practicing black hat SEO techniques can get your blog blacklisted by Google or removed from search engines entirely which means your blog will no longer appear in search engines. You can imagine how disastrous this may be.

When an Google algorithm penalizes your site, it is not always straightforward to remedy. You can try to undo your wrongs and hope the algorithm catches the changes over time.

Unlike manual action penalties, when your site gets penalized by Google algorithm you won’t receive any alert in your Google console dashboard. This penalties are trickish you will only know when their is a dramatic reduction in your daily traffic and low ranking effect, or total disappearance of your blog on Google search engine.

How To Avoid Black Hat SEO

Involving in black hat SEO techniques may yeild results but not for too long. So why indulge yourself in something that can’t yeild you a long and lasting result?.

No doubt black hat SEO techniques are against Google and other search engines guidelines. Below are some tips on how to avoid black hat SEO:

  • Treat searchers and search engines the same. Avoid indulging in cloaking and Sneaky redirects practices this techniques will do you more harm than good.
  • Ensure to always write quality and added value contents, avoid plagiarism, content scrapping and content spinning practices. Remember quality content is King.
  • Never buy backlinks. This act can get your site tanked by search engines
  • Always stay up to date on webmaster guidelines so you can avoid black hat techniques prohibited by search engines. Here are the webmaster guidelines for GoogleBing and Yandex.

What Are The Benefits Of White Hat SEO techniques?

1 Free From Penalties

White hat SEO techniques practices abides by all search engines guidelines and involving in white hat SEO techniques will keep your website free from all search engines penalty especially Google  Penguin penalty

2 Less Expensive

White Hat SEO techniques needs no expensive automated tools to help you with your ranking. All you have to do is avoid all sorts of black hat SEO practices and abide by all search engines guidelines. Since white hat SEO is more focused on the long-term goals and natural, it will take alittle longer to see results, all you have to do is keep working harder and have some patients. Your good work will definitely pay off.

3 Healthy Website Ranking.

White hat SEO techniques will definitely build a healthy SEO and fetch you natural backlinks.

White hat SEO techniques will definitely be slow to achieve results, but your results will definitely be positive, effective and stable overtime.

4 Builds Good Relationship

Practicing white hat SEO techniques means publishing quality contents which gives values to your readers, keeping them well satisfied and entertained. This make them keep coming back for more and thereby  building a healthy and solid relationship with your audiences.

5 Your Reputation Will Not Be Tarnished

Another advantage of white hat SEO techniques is, it won’t damage your brands or company’s reputation.

Practicing white hat SEO techniques will gradually build a healthy SEO all around your blog and keep your blog steadily growing.

In Conclusion

The essence of this article is to give you a detailed explanation and difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

My advice to you all is Avoid Black Hat SEO techniques and accept white hat SEO techniques. Although gaining backlinks and boosting your domain authority through white hat SEO may seem quite difficult but trust me, it worths all the stress.

White hat SEO strategy is a much better approach to search engine optimization. In the long run. While black hat SEO strategy will give you a short term result (if you’re lucky) and cause you a nasty penalty later on. So avoid all form of black hat SEO practices and embrass white hat SEO know the facts about black hat SEO techniques and White hat SEO techniques.

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