AT&T is a widely admired email service that lets you access a host of sophisticated features without you having to pay a dime. The email service is available both as an app-based platform and web-based resource, meaning you can opt to use it as an Android app or via a web browser.

Unarguably, AT&T is fast becoming the number-one choice for email users willing to have a sophisticated email program that combines seamlessly with other popular programs including Outlook and Microsoft.

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If you’re damn scared of losing your sensitive email data, AT&T could be your lifesaver especially for its security toolbox which packs built-in antivirus and effective spam filters.

Basically, this post guides you on how to sign into your AT&T email account. Importantly however, the post majorly revolves around unmerging Yahoo Mail from AT&T.

This is because –as a Yahoo Mail user who finds it awkward to use a combined account for AT&T and Yahoo Mail –you may want to find out how you can disengage your Yahoo Mail and AT&T accounts from each other.

How can I access my ATT Yahoo email account or I can’t log in to my ATT Yahoo email account? On the contrary, there was once a time that Yahoo was connected with Currently from AT&T. Where users can use the Yahoo Mail login page to sign in to your AT&T Yahoo email account. However, right now the ATT Yahoo login or ATT Yahoo Email login is no longer accessible on the Ymail login page. Hence, you can find out the ATT Yahoo email login where you can sign in your ATT email account.


ATT Yahoo Login - How to Login ATT Email | Email Login

In the meantime, AT&T Mail is a fascinating email services provider that provides you the smartest way to view your inbox, schedule travel plans, check out amazing details and lots more. However, the ATT Yahoo email login serves as a security protocol. That requires an identification that includes your email address and your account password. Moreover, your email account password is one of the most important credentials that actually keeps your account safe from online hackers.

How to Access the ATT Mail Login

Furthermore, the ATT Yahoo login or the ATT email login allows you to access your email account. By providing your email account credential that includes your email address and password. Hence, you can use the following ATT Yahoo email login step to sign in to your email account:

  1. Simply, go to the AT&T Mail homepage with the link to access the Sign In page.
  2. Then, click Sign in at the top right corner of the page to authenticate access to your AT&T mail account.
  3. Clicking the Sign In icon will direct you to the page where you can sign in your ATT Mail account.
  4. Then, enter your username or email address.
  5. Next, enter your email account password and click Sign in.
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Easy Steps for Signing in to AT&T Email Account

  • Click the link here to access the login page of AT&T
  • As you land on the page, a box will pop up from the bottom of your screen with sign-in and sign-up Provided you already have an AT&T email account, click the sign-in button to proceed
  • Then, select the my AT&T option so that you can input your sign-in credentials
  • After inputting the necessary credentials in the User ID and Password fields, click the Sign-in button below the fields (Ensure you provide the password in the correct case. The Password field is case-sensitive and failure to note this may prevent you from logging in successfully)

Identifying if AT&T Email and Yahoo Mail Are Still Together

It’s no longer news that AT&T and Yahoo are no longer in merger. With this, many people have successfully disengaged their Yahoo accounts from AT&T, meaning they can now access Yahoo Mail without any interference from AT&T features.

If you’re one of the Yahoo Mail users with merged accounts at the time AT&T and Yahoo were in merger, you may want to know if your Yahoo Mail account is still merged with AT&T.

Below are the things you’ll notice –or may have noticed –provided your AT&T and Yahoo Mail accounts are still together:

  1. You can login to your Yahoo Mail account using your AT&T login details
  2. You get redirected to MY AT&T when you try to enter Yahoo
  3. When you change the password of one account (AT&T or Yahoo Mail), the change reflects on the other account
  4. When you supply your Yahoo e-mail address for AT&T login, the attempt becomes successful
  5. Your AT&T account password is the same as your Yahoo Mail password
  6. Mail and messages are sent to you for both AT&T and Yahoo Mail

How to Separate AT&T and Yahoo Email Accounts from Each Other

Separating AT&T from Yahoo Mail is what you’ll likely want to do if you’re a long-standing Yahoo Mail user who can barely tolerate having a merged account for Yahoo Mail and AT&T. Below are the easy steps for separating your Yahoo Mail account from AT&T:

  • Head over to Google within your smartphone browser
  • Input the official website link of AT&T in Google’s search bar
  • After making your way to the AT&T website, you’ll have to log in to AT&T email account
  • To do that, simply navigate to the Sign-in page of the account
  • Your AT&T account is tagged “MY ATT”. Input the necessary details; User ID and password; in order to sign in to the account
  • After the sign-in, look under MY ATT and choose the Profile option
  • Subsequently, you’ll also have to choose the Account Profile option under AT&T Email Accounts
  • From the tabs that emerge, select the User Information tab and then, click the Delete Account option
  • With that done, the next thing that appears (after a while) is a Delete Email confirmation box
  • Click the OK button to confirm your intention

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Completing the steps above is only the first phase of the account separation process. For the second phase, which lets you completely “unmerge” Yahoo Mail from AT&T, below are the steps you should follow:

  • Input Yahoo sign-in link in the Google search bar of your browser
  • After making your way to the Yahoo sign-in page, supply the required credentials; user ID and password; for logging in to your Yahoo account
  • Select the Sign-in button after supplying the login credentials
  • Now that you’re logged in to Yahoo Mail, you can opt to fully separate your Yahoo Mail account from AT&T
  • To do that, scroll down the right-hand corner of the Yahoo page and tap the Unmerge button

Hopefully, the steps above will prove successful in helping you unmerge Yahoo Mail from AT&T. But if things don’t pan out as expected, your last resort is to seek the assistance of Yahoo and’s technical team.

Can I Sign in my ATT Mail Account on Yahoo App?

Yes, you can sign in and organize all your ATT Yahoo emails from the Yahoo Mail app. Therefore, download and install the Yahoo Mail app on your mobile phone to access your AT&T Mail account to organize all your emails from your phone.

To download the Yahoo app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Search for Yahoo Mail, and you will see the result.
  3. Click on the Yahoo Mail app and install it.

After installing the application on your devices, then, you can access the email sign in on the mobile app. Simply, access the email services provider AT&T and enter your account sign in credentials to gain access to your emails.

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Can’t Sign in my ATT Mail Account?

On the contrary, the most common problem concerning the problem that relates to the issue can’t log in to my ATT Yahoo email account is the incorrect password or incorrect User ID. However, from the ATT mail log in page, you can resolve the issue by click Forgot Password or Forgot User ID? Immediately, you click on it, all you need to do is follow the instruction that’s display on the screen to recover the following access to your ATT Mail account.

Why Would Users Want to Separate Yahoo Mail from AT&T?

Previously, AT&T and Yahoo were together and this made it possible for a user of the two email services to have a single account for them. This merger (of Yahoo Mail and AT&T) might have delighted some users but unfortunately, it was reported that the merger didn’t sit well with many long-standing users of Yahoo Mail.

Such users are, perhaps, individuals so strongly accustomed to Yahoo Mail that the sight of AT&T logo (or other AT&T features) on the Yahoo page tends to upset them. The merger, for instance, integrated the features of Yahoo Mail and AT&T into a single page. While this integration happens to have disrupted the satisfactory experience users would normally get with the Yahoo-only page, unmerging Yahoo Mail from AT&T is likely the best bet for bringing back that experience.


This post, on the one hand, must have walked you through the steps for signing in to your AT&T email account and on the other hand, it must have guided you on how to unmerge Yahoo Mail from AT&T.

But if you’re still struggling to log in to your AT&T email account, we suggest you use an updated browser (provided your current browser is outdated), deactivate any ad-blocker in the browser or simply try the AT&T mobile app.


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