Atomy USA Review – Everything You Need To Know About

Atomy USA Review

In this article, we will be focusing on a detailed review of Atomy USA. We will define Atomy, where the company originated from, the countries where the business is available, and other important information you should know.

What is Atomy?

Atomy is a natural skincare marketing company that was founded in 2009 in South Korea by Han-Gil Park. Atomy is a multi-level marketing company that deals mainly in the marketing of goods in the area of cosmetics and home care products.

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Atomy is currently located in the United States and the company is not as popular and trusted as some big multi-level marketing companies in the United States are.

The company still has a long way in gaining popularity and building trust. But overall, Atomy is a good choice for you. As you know now, Atomy is an MLM that is based mainly in South Korea. They sell not only beauty products but also, wellness supplements called HemoHIM Plus. All the beauty products they market and sell are made from 100% natural based ingredients.

Is Atomy Legit or a Scam?

Atomy USA is very legit. The company is not a bad company in anyway at all. Atomy USA is under the company called Atomy Co., Ltd which was established by Han-Gil Park in 2004 and this company deals in the sales and marketing of licensed goods of top notch quality that come at really affordable prices all over the world. Many active network marketers that have done business with Atomy testify to the legitimacy of Atomy USA.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a type of business done globally where people are sponsored or recruited to become part of a personal sales team that will sell the retail goods, and then you can generate earnings from the team’s sales too. This type of business style is very popular for the sale of retail beauty products.

Earnings are made through commissions. Atomy USA has been in the business for more than a decade now and they are getting it right because the business hasn’t folded.

Atomy has product lines all over the world and the countries they are present in include Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, U.S.A, Mexico, Japan, Philippines and more.

Does Atomy USA have a website?

ATOMY USA REVIEW –IS ATOMY USA A LEGIT OR FRAUDULENT SCHEME? You can either visit for their global website or visit for the Atomy USA information page. So, yes.. Atomy has a website that you can visit when you are done with reading our review.

How Exactly Does Atomy Work?

Like we mentioned earlier, Atomy is a network marketing company that recruits other people in order to promote rental goods. So, the business model that Atomy practices is the Network Marketing model. Individuals that work with Atomy can sponsor others. These sponsored people end up like one’s personal sales team and for every sale that the team make, one can generate earnings.

This marketing model is very common among skin-care product lines because the sale of these products can generate substantial margins that make it easy to earn sales commissions. Because South Korea is a beauty hub, Atomy has a term for their beauty sector in Korea called K-Beauty.

In order to enroll for Atomy, you don’t need to pay any fees. It is completely and entirely free. Atomy has zero enrollment fees, it has no starter packages or any of those yearly charges. None of these things are done by Atomy USA. You can easily upgrade yourself from being a registered member to being a distributor very easily.

The Products Sold by Atomy.

Many of the products sold and marketed by Atomy are for both male and female. In order for you to buy a product from Atomy, you need to be a member and applying for membership is absolutely free.

The products sold by Atomy are mainly for skincare and personal care. And many of the products that Atomy sells are made from natural ingredients like herbal extracts, essential amino acids and vitamins.

Like many of the other skincare MLMs, Atomy has its anti-aging product that it markets to consumers and users. Atomy also sells a number of household cleaning goods and products.

Another product sold by Atomy that you can sell is the Herbal supplement called HemoHim(plus). This herbal supplement contains many nutritional supplements that are made from natural ingredients. This herbal supplement can battle cancer at the cellular level and helps to strengthen the body’s immune system and response.

It is important to note that the products sold by Atomy can be divided into different sections depending on the purpose of these products. Some of the sections include:


Under this section of products, Atomy sells products like morning care products, evening care products, sun creams, and many other products similar. Many of these skin care products sold by Atomy come in packages.

Packages like Calming Care Special, AC Care Special, Evening Care 4 Set, etc. All of these packages have unique combination of products that make them up. For example, the Calming Care Special package contains 140 ml of Calming Skin cream, 40 ml of Again serum and 40 ml of Flora Milk.

There are other packages under the Atomy Skin care category that come with unique skin care products.


Atomy also has a unique number of skin care products that are catering to the male gender. And there are many males that are beginning to take care of their skins more than before. Atomy has the Atomy Men Essence (45 ml), Atomy Men Lotion (140 ml), Atomy Men Toner (140 ml) etc.

1- Atomy Oral Care.

Atomy has toothpastes, tooth brushes, and other unique dental care products for you to sell and buy.

2. Atomy Personal Care. – Atomy Body & Hair Set.

Atomy has products for hair care like herbal based shampoos, conditioners, hair tonics, herbal therapy hair set and more for the hair of your customers. Atomy also has products for body care like body cleansing set, and more.

3. Atomy Makeup or Cosmetics.

Atomy has makeup products like the mascaras, eye liners, powders, skin glowing products, and more. Apart from the categories listed above, Atomy has more categories like Atomy Healthcare, Atomy HemoHIM, Atomy Home Care, Atomy foods and drinks and more.

Other Things To Note: – In order to become a distributor with Atomy, it is completely free! – As a registered member, you can climb the ladder because there are 5 kinds of registered members depending on the amount of commission you have accrued. – It is not compulsory to keep stock with Atomy.

– No fees to enroll. It is totally free. – There are plenty of incentives waiting for you as you climb up the ranks.


While we believe this review article has offered you basic understanding of Atomy, it is strongly advisable that you master the concepts of online sales and marketing before venturing into the MLM scheme.


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