Airtel FAF Code | Friends & Family New Codes 2021

Airtel Nigeria

Aitel has a family and Friends plan usually referred to as FAF as Airtel Family and Friends or call it Friends and Family. Airtel FAF plan can be accessed if you are a prepaid user on the airtel network.

Basically, the Airtel FAF plan allows you to initiate cheap calls to other Airtel numbers you have added to your friends and family list. The friends and Family plan has been adopted by several other networks in Nigeria for many years now so it may not be so new to so many of you guys.

However, to keep you abreast of what’s up with the Airtel Friends and Family plan in 2021, we have decided to put together updated information om the subject.

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If you goal is to enjoying call your family and relatives at a very cheap rate then the Airtel FaF is offering you massive discount on your call rate for numbers of your close ties.

It is fair if you just suggest connecting numbers to airtel friends and family lists that you also dial most often. Many people add the phone number of their parents, kids, brothers and sisters and best friends, which is also not a bad idea whatsoever.

Airtel FAF Code

If you are an Airtel user on the FAF code is a way to make cheap calls, we will I’ve you the list of the Airtel FAF code to get and board and start making cheap calls on the network to your friends and kinsmen.

Please remember that you can no longer use the below codee functions for inserting, removing, and reviewing faf list-code (* 141 * 2number, * 141 * 3number #, * 141 * 5 #).

NOTE: There must be only five (5) numbers per user.

FAF Code to add Number

Dial 3112number# to register a new number. Example: dial 311208121936220#. You will be sent an instant pop message showing that the Airtel line has been successfully added to your FAF list. You will be able to add 4 more numbers to the list to make 5 FAF numbers.

AIRTEL FAF functions
Call Rates 25k/secods
Add Numbers *311*2*Airtel Number#
Delete Numbers *311*3*Airtel Number#
View Numbers *311*4#.

How to Delete Numbers from Airtel FAF List

Because they restrict how many numbers you may add to the list, you can need to handle the list often. Just dial * 311 * 3*airtel phone number # to delete that number you do not want on your list anymore.

Airtel Faf Code to Check Numbers on Your List

To show latest airtel details, dial * 311 * 4 # as your family and mates.

Airtel FAF Call Rates

Is it worth it? Let’s do some checks.

Your call rates depend on the time of the day you initiated the call. Every call that is made between 6 am and 10 pm receives a fee of 25 koBo per second, while the call limit between 10 pm and 6 am is 21 kobo per second.

However, the call cost is 40 Kobo/minute (24 Naira/min) irrespective of when you dial if you dial using the smart connect incentive. Using the SmartConnect bonus: 40 kobos per second, regardless of the time of day.


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