How to Get Airtel cash loan in Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria

What is the Airtel Cash loan?

Do you know that Airtel Nigeria has amazing loan offers for Nigerians? Certainly, the availability of loan companies and organizations as eliminated the cumbersome process of getting loans in Nigeria. The Airtel Cash Loan is a smart way to get access to cash when you are short of funds.

In this post, we have put togther a detailed guide on the Smart Airtel Loan offer. Perhaps, if you are searching for loan companies to get instant cash, this the article will be helpful to you.

Telecommunication giants, Airtel, has a mobile money service which is handy in providing cash loans for her customers in Nigeria.

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Airtel Cash Loan; How it Works

The Smart Airtel loan is a microloan service offered by Aledin Nano Ltd in partnership with Airtel and Access Bank Plc. This partnership birthed the mobile money the platform which is known as Access Money.

The Smart Airtel loan gives you loans at your fingertips without any form of collateral. Moreover, the interest rates are decent and loans are disbursed in less than 60 minutes from the time of the request.


If you must qualify to receive the Airtel Cash Loan, you must meet the requirements. These requirements qualify you and also make you eligible for the Airtel Smart Loan package.

  • Firstly, you should be an Airtel and Mobile Money customers. After then, you must reach the following criteria specified below;
  • You must be aged 18 and above.
  • Your mobile money account must be active.
  • You must have a registered Airtel SIM must be active for a period of 90+ days.
  • You must have no outstanding to loan with ALEDIN Nano Limited at the time of applying.
  • If you have borrowed loans previously from ALEDIN, your credit history should not be negative. Your previous loans should be paid as at when due.

How To Apply

To apply for the Airtel Cash loan, simply dial *903#. After dialing the code, follow the prompts and choose the Smart Loan offer in the Menu, then enter your Mobile Money PIN.   

From the options, you can choose if you want to apply for a loan, repay your previous loans or to know more details about the Smart Loan.

To get the loan, simply enter the amount you need. Then, choose the number of days you would like to pay back the loan. Confirm the loan amount and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

After this is done, wait for the confirmation and approval of the loan. Upon approval, it’ll be sent to your Mobile Money account.

Interest Rate

An interest rate of 1% will be charged daily on your loans. When it’s due time to repay the loan, the full amount will be debited automatically from your Mobile Money account.

Bottom Line

The Airtel Loan is a quick and fast way to get access to quick loans anytime and anywhere in Nigeria. If you are an Airtel customer, you can use this loan product instead of patronizing other online loan companies with high-interest rates. 


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