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AIM Global (fully pronounced as Alliance in Motion Global) is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company established by the trio of John Asperin, Francis Miguel and Eduardo Cabantog.

How To Login To Your Aim Global DTC

You can access your alliance in motion global dtc account by clicking on these links:

This first link will re-direct you to this second web link: where you will be able to select your country of residence and input your username and password. See below…

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Once you have chosen your country, click on submit, you will be taken to the page shown in the image below. Click on the DTC login icon.

Alliance In Motion Global DTC Login Page

After clicking of the icon above, input your login details and you will be automatically taken to your dashboard.

dtc aim global links

Here is also Easy Guide To Register With AIM Global (DIY)

AIM Global DTC Login App

Technology is making AIM Global International Business more accessible on mobile devices. Now you can download AIM Global App! Access your DTC with just one click of a button!

Alliance In Motion Global DTC Login App

Once you open the Alliance in Motion Global DTC App, you will see the DTC Login page, also the field to type your Username and Password, which you were given when connected.

Is AIM Global a Pyramid Scheme?

Some people may find it a bit awkward to tell if AIM Global is a pyramid scheme. This, probably, is because the company claims to deal in certain tangible products whereas there are dozens of pyramid schemes without any known products.

In clarifying whether AIM Global is a pyramid scheme or not, one has to consider that pyramid schemes occur in two basic forms: the product-based pyramid schemes, and the no-product pyramid schemes.

Having failed to thoroughly review AIM Global, you could be beguiled into accepting that the company is concerned with direct selling whereas in reality, AIM Global is a pyramid scheme hiding behind the curtains of its so-called direct selling.

Below are a number of foolproof reasons to substantiate that AIM Global is a pyramid scheme rather than a direct selling company:

  1. Compensation increases in accordance with increment in recruits: This is likely one of the most observable flaws of AIM Global. Like typical pyramid schemes, members’ earnings tend to increase when there is an increase in the number of referrals. This, again, indicates that AIM Global covertly prioritizes membership referrals in place of direct selling
  2. Members barely get paid through product sale: AIM Global may have touted itself as a direct selling company but in actuality, the company doesn’t pay members from the proceeds of product sales. What AIM Global does instead is paying commissions to old members (with recruits) through the registration fees of new members
  3. Absence of a clearly defined product return policy: This, needless to say, is one of the red flags about AIM Global. Normally, one would expect an actual direct selling company to have a well-defined product return policy. AIM Global, however, is devoid of a product return policy, hence buttressing the impression that the company is only hiding behind “direct selling” to pitch its pyramid scam to unsuspecting people

Is AIM Global Legit?

We may not need to further stress that AIM Global should not be regarded as a legit company. Of course, some of the points enumerated and discussed earlier are pointers to the claim that AIM Global is a pyramid scheme. Like other pyramid schemes, AIM Global adopts a compensation plan that rewards members through referrals. This is why the company’s compensation system tends to favour only the members with high numbers of recruits.

There are various other reasons why you should doubt the legitimacy of AIM Global. One of these (reasons) is that the company is dealing in an unregistered investment whereas the company’s proclaimed mode of operation (as a direct selling enterprise) requires due registration with SEC.

Another (cogent) reason to question the legitimacy of AIM Global is that members are certain to stop receiving compensation if the company is unable to recruit more people. This clarifies that the earnings of old members (with considerable amounts of recruits) are generated from portions of new members’ registration fees.

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