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AIM Global (fully pronounced as Alliance in Motion Global) is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company established by the trio of John Asperin, Francis Miguel and Eduardo Cabantog. Registered in 2005 under the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission, AIM Global is a Philippines-based corporation which touts itself as a market leader in Direct Selling and MLM with a boast of over 5 million distributors worldwide.

Login into your AIM Global Account is really simple and straight. To login to your AIM World or AIM Global Distributor Tracking Centre, all you need is to DOWNLOAD the AIM Global Login App for Android.

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When You get to the DTC Login Page, you will see the Field for Your AIM Global Username and Password which was generated when you were registering your AIM Global Account and the System will log you into Your AIM DTC.

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Labelling itself a global enterprise, AIM Global lays claim to the ownership of business branches across countries including:

  • Uganda
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Pakistan
  • Togo
  • Ghana
  • Kuwait
  • Dubai
  • Hawaii
  • Brunei
  • Singapore

In one of AIM Global’s claims, the MLM company boasts having over 100 Business Centre Offices spread across Philippines’ major cities. AIM Global further claims to have recorded 1.4 billion pesos in sales for 2015 and 1.2 billion in 2014. Notably, AIM Global included these two sales figures (1.4 billion and 1.2 billion pesos) in its SEC filings but reports reveal that SEC i-View is yet to publish any statement to substantiate that.

AIM Global’s Major Nutritional Products

AIM Global describes itself as a global company in partnership with the trio of DSM, Weider and Nature’s Way. Going by its claim, the company, therefore, deals in a variety of products including beauty products, beverages and food supplements.

Essentially, AIM Global prides on the sale of a broad range of nutritional products. Below are some of the company’s major nutritional products with brief details about them:

  1. Complete Phyto-Energizer –This is considered C24/7’s lower variant. AIM Global recommends that it as a suitable supplement for expectant mothers as well as individuals and teenagers
  2. C24/7: This is described as AIM Global’s flagship product as well as one of the world’s food supplements with the highest concentration of nutritional elements. AIM Global claims C24/7 is a supplement that energizes the body, nourishes the body, provides longevity and protects bodily cells.
  3. Kiddi 24/7 NutraGummies: This is essentially a kid-oriented supplement incorporating health-yielding ingredients such as (26) fruits, minerals and (14) essential vitamins
  4. Choleduz Omega Supreme: This is a supplement specifically targeted at consumers willing to cut back on unhealthy cholesterol, courtesy of the supplement’s blend of Vitamin E and Fresh Oil
  5. Vida Maxx: Considered another AIM Global’s major nutritional product, Vida Maxx is composed of FruitFlow and resVida. On one hand, FruitFlow enhances the normal flow of blood, courtesy of its generous tomato content and on the other hand, resVida enhances arterial dilation
  6. RestorLyf Longevity Formula: Living up to the “longevity” in its name, this supplement helps delay ageing. While RestorLyf is considered a suitable product for diabetic patients, it harmoniously combines a number of extracts from red wine powder, Japanese knotweed and grape seed.
  7. Liven Coffee: AIM Global’s boast about this coffee is the provision of multiple health benefits courtesy of its host of (131) organic ingredients and 16,000 phytonutrients
  8. Vida Drink Mix: This is a heart-nurturing supplement in form of a beverage. It substantially blends carotenoid lycopene and resVida, making it a suitable supplement for promoting cardiovascular health
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What You Should Know about AIM Global’s Compensation Plan

Observably, AIM Global adopts a compensation plan which, according to the company’s self-published information, rewards members in various ways. AIM Global basically rewards its members in 5 different ways: Retail Profit, Direct Referral Bonus, Matching Sales Bonus, Unilevel Commission and Stair Step Bonus.

Before you can have access to AIM Global’s rewards vis-à-vis the ways mentioned above, you must have registered with the company. This registration is done through the purchase of a global package at the price of Php6,980. Notably, AIM Global offers a range of packages composed of products that members can, according to the company’s self-published information, sell at profitable prices.

Purchasing AIM Global’s package supposedly guarantees a member a return of their investment. This, going by the claim of the marketing company, is because each of the company’s packages commands greater value than what a member actually pays.

Finally, here’s an explanation on each of the ways you can make money with AIM Global:

  • Retail Profit: You’ll be entitled to this reward plan following your purchase of any AIM Global package. In this case, you’ll be made a “distributor” and you’ll stand the chance to earn between 25% and 50% return on any product. Notably, there is a recommended retail price for every item and while you’re permitted to sell an AIM Global item at a greater price (fixed by you), you must be sure you aren’t selling the item below the recommended retail price.
  • Matching Sales Bonus: Based on a binary system, AIM Global’s matching sales bonus is a kind of reward that guarantees you Php1,000 for bringing in two new members and having them in your sales team’s right and left columns. Meanwhile, the underlying circumstance (for you to get rewarded with Php1,000 herein) is that your recruits (who are now members of your group) also have to recruit other people on their right and left columns.
  • Direct Referral Bonus: This is the bonus (in the sum of Php500) that you get for each individual who joins the programme through your invitation. Such an individual must have purchased a global package before you can earn the stated bonus
  • Stair Step Bonus: AIM Global comes with Stair Step Program which indicates members’ progress in the company. Notably, a member gets promoted in the Stair Step Program depending on his/her positional points earned on AIM Global’s products. While commissions (earned in the Stair Step Program) can vary between 0% and 40%, it’s worthy of note that there are associated positional points for all of AIM Global’s products. Also worthy of note is that a group’s volume of product sales determines the group’s commission.
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Is AIM Global a Pyramid Scheme?

Some people may find it a bit awkward to tell if AIM Global is a pyramid scheme. This, probably, is because the company claims to deal in certain tangible products whereas there are dozens of pyramid schemes without any known products.

In clarifying whether AIM Global is a pyramid scheme or not, one has to consider that pyramid schemes occur in two basic forms: the product-based pyramid schemes, and the no-product pyramid schemes.

Having failed to thoroughly review AIM Global, you could be beguiled into accepting that the company is concerned with direct selling whereas in reality, AIM Global is a pyramid scheme hiding behind the curtains of its so-called direct selling.

Below are a number of foolproof reasons to substantiate that AIM Global is a pyramid scheme rather than a direct selling company:

  1. Compensation increases in accordance with increment in recruits: This is likely one of the most observable flaws of AIM Global. Like typical pyramid schemes, members’ earnings tend to increase when there is an increase in the number of referrals. This, again, indicates that AIM Global covertly prioritizes membership referrals in place of direct selling
  2. Members barely get paid through product sale: AIM Global may have touted itself as a direct selling company but in actuality, the company doesn’t pay members from the proceeds of product sales. What AIM Global does instead is paying commissions to old members (with recruits) through the registration fees of new members
  3. Absence of a clearly defined product return policy: This, needless to say, is one of the red flags about AIM Global. Normally, one would expect an actual direct selling company to have a well-defined product return policy. AIM Global, however, is devoid of a product return policy, hence buttressing the impression that the company is only hiding behind “direct selling” to pitch its pyramid scam to unsuspecting people
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Is AIM Global Legit?

We may not need to further stress that AIM Global should not be regarded as a legit company. Of course, some of the points enumerated and discussed earlier are pointers to the claim that AIM Global is a pyramid scheme. Like other pyramid schemes, AIM Global adopts a compensation plan that rewards members through referrals. This is why the company’s compensation system tends to favour only the members with high numbers of recruits.

There are various other reasons why you should doubt the legitimacy of AIM Global. One of these (reasons) is that the company is dealing in an unregistered investment whereas the company’s proclaimed mode of operation (as a direct selling enterprise) requires due registration with SEC.

Another (cogent) reason to question the legitimacy of AIM Global is that members are certain to stop receiving compensation if the company is unable to recruit more people. This clarifies that the earnings of old members (with considerable amounts of recruits) are generated from portions of new members’ registration fees.


The facts reeled out in this post must have cleared your doubt about the legitimacy of AIM Global. While some of AIM Global’s enticing offers might make you think the company is an actual direct selling company, it’s advisable that you cross-check all the claims levelled against the company.

Perhaps, cross-checking such claims should help you form an unbiased judgment as regards the legitimacy of AIM Global.

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