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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for primary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Agricultural Science Exam Questions for Primary School Students.


INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

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1. The top surface of the earth is called ____ (a) floor (b) soil (c) sky
2. It is on soil that ___ grow (a) water (b) air (c) plants
3. Men live and build on ___ (a) water (b) plants (c) soil
4. ___ is one method of the farm produce preservation (a) sundrying (b) basket (c) matchet.
5. Farm produce perseveration is the keeping of agricultural farm produce for future use (a) true (b) false.
6. ___ is one of the importance of farm produce preservation (a) it kills plants (b) retain freshness (c) it waste food.
7. The use of smoke from coal fire to dry foods like meat, fish etc. is ___ (a) smoking (b) salting (c) sundrying.
8. The preservation of food in a fridge or freezer is called __ (a) smoking (b) refrigeration (c) trying
9. The best soil for planting is ___ (a) loamy soil (b) sandy soil (c) clay soil
10. Sandy soil cannot hold much water (a) true (b) false
11. There are __ main types of soil (a) 2 (b) 5 (c) 3
12. Soil have different types of properties (a) true (b) false (c) not true.
13. When soil contain all plant food that a plant need to grow, it is said to be ___ (a) fertile (b) infertile (c) good
14. What does a farmer need to grow his crops? (a) fertile soil (b) infertile soil (c) dead soil
15. Removing of plants food from soil will make the soil to be ___ (a) fertile (b) infertile (c) big


1a. What is soil?
b. Mention the three types of soil.
c. Mention 2 properties of clay soil.

2a What is farm produce preservation
b. Mention four methods of farm produce preservation.
c. Mention four importance of farm produce preservation.

3a What is soil fertility?
b. Mention 4 causes of soil fertility reduction

c. Mention 4 ways of making soil fertile

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