Agricultural Science Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students

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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for Junior secondary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Agricultural Science Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students.

SUBJECT: Agricultural Science 


Social Studies Exam Question
Agricultural Science Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students

  1. Agriculture is derived from two Latin words “ager” and ‘cultura’ meaning ______ and _____ (a) field and planting (b) field and cultivation (c) planting and cultivation
  2. One of these is the importance of agriculture (a) provision of food (b) provision of income (c) all the above
  3. Which of these is not an importance of agriculture to the nation (a) foreign exchange (b) international relation (c) provision of shelter
  4. _______ refers to the different areas covered in agricultural production (a) forms of agriculture (b) live stock farming (c) horticulture
  5. People keep bees for ________ and ________ (a) pollination and honey (b) honey and beewax (c) beewax and pollination
  6. Habbit is a type of ________ (a) fish (b) snail (c) bee
  7. Another name for bee farming is ________ (a) horticulture (b) apiculture (c) beewax
  8. Ornamental plants are plants grown to _______ the environment. (a) landscape (b) beautify (c) make environment tidy
  9. Sheep, goats, cattle, poultry, rabbits and pigs are all the _______ found in Nigeria (a) common animals (b) common livestock (c) live stock farming
  10. Soil science, crop science, fishery, animal science are all _________ of agriculture (a) types (b) branches (c) forms of agriculture
  11. Crops belong to a group of plants called ________ higher plants (b) plants (c) lower plants
  12. Plants with one seed leaf or cotyledon is referred to all _______ (a) dicityledons (b) monocotyledons (c) cotyledon
  13. Which of these is not a factor affecting distribution of crops (a) climatic condition (b) soil condition (c) none
  14. Poultry, diary animals, work animals, aquatic animals pets, etc are __________ (a) livestock (b) farm animals (c) form of farm animals
  15. Flavouring made from plants are called _______ (a) spices (b) latex (c) none of the above
  16. Crops that takes two seasons or year to complete their life cycle are _______ crops (a) annual (b) biennials (c) perennials
  17. Trees and shrubs are _______ (a) perennials (b) woody perennials (c) annuals
  18. _ are animals characterized by possession of backbone (a) vertebral column (b) none (c) vertebrates
  19. Animals that produce their young once alive and feed them with milk from mother animals are called? (a) Mammals (b) mothers (c) Ruminant
  20. Herbivores are animals that feeds on __________ (a) Green matter (b) Vegetable matter (c) animal matter.


Answer any three questions. All question carries equal mark.

  1. What is Agriculture

(b) Mention four (4) importance of Agriculture

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(c) State four (4) branches of Agriculture

  1. Mention five (5) forms of Agriculture

(b) Explain any two (2) forms

(c) Mention four (4) parts of plants

  1. What is Photosynthesis

(b)What is monocotyledon and dicotyledon plants

(c) Give two (2) examples each of monocotyledon diotyledon

4a.     Mention four (4) classification

  1. Explain any two classifications of crop
  2. What is vegetables?

5a.     Enumerate the factors that affects distribution of farm animals

  1. State 5 uses of farm animals
  2. Mention 3 farm animals and their product and By-product.


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