Is it possible to be an affiliate marketer without a website? If so, how can I make money through affiliate marketing without a website?

In today’s post, you will not only find the answer to these popular questions. Also, you will learn how to make money through affiliate marketing without a website.

One of the most frequent asked questions in social groups is, “can I start an affiliate marketing without a website”.

The short answer is, Yes you can

It is when you sign up for an affiliate program, you will be issued a unique link, which you have to share, and through that link your generated sales will be counted. i.e., anyone you refer must come through that link that was issued to you. So, in this scenario of what affiliate marketing is, you don’t need a website of your own to become an affiliate. 

Why do people use a blog or websites?

You may love to know why some people choose to own a website or blog for their affiliate marketing business.

It all depends on your marketing strategy to promote your affiliate link to generate more sales so that you can get your commission for each sales you generate.

Some people choose to have a website or blog of their own, so they can write in detail the pros and cons of a product or service they want to promote.

Also, few affiliate programs do require you to own a website or blog of your own before you can become their affiliate. 

To sum it up, it, not a MUST to have a website of your own to become an affiliate.

However, in some affiliate programs (like Grammarly) you must have a website of your own before you can become their affiliate. But these cases are rare. Many affiliate programs pay, and of which you can join freely without having a website.

Now let me tell you the 5 ways you can make money through affiliate marketing without a website, the number 1 is the most effective and trending.

5 ways to make money through affiliate marketing without a website

  • Email marketing 
  • Paid advert
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Forums

1. Email Marketing

You might have heard of “email marketing,” but do you know that it is the most effective way to make money fast through affiliate marketing without a website. 

But how can you do it?

Getresponse has an answer to your question!

The best way to do this is by signing up with 

What is is one of the most entrusted powerful email-marketing, lead generator and auto funnel software that will enable you to manage your email campaigns easily, capture leads, and convert them to sales for you, even while you are sleeping. 

How to use Getresponse for affiliate marketing without a website 

After you have signed up with Getresponse you can then choose from the list of its professional, responsive template to create your landing page and test for conversion. 

You can choose to customize it to your taste. Then you publish it. The landing page will serve the purpose of a website in acquiring leads for you.

The next step is for you to start now driving traffic to your landing page and hoping someone clicks and signup to your stuff.

And since you are using getrespone, you are assured you will get a remarkable number of sign up because getresponse has a perfect converting and responsive landing pages. 

After you have gotten some signups, you then craft and send your sales letter including your affiliate link to your subscribers in your mailing list.

When any of your subscribers click on the link and make a purchase, you got your commission.

However, some sales are automated, i.e. you can even make more money from affiliate marketing without a website even when you are sleep.

It is possible if you are using getresponse. 

There is a feature in getresponse called Autofunnel.

It makes selling easy. All you have to do is set it up and send traffic and sit back, or take a nap while getresponse sales for you.

2. Paid adverts

Paid advertising is also a great way to make money through affiliate marketing without a website provided the affiliate program’s rules allow it.

From paid adverts (like Adwords, Facebook ads), your linking directly to the company’s website (through your affiliate link).

So, this covers advertising of any kind that are paid to drive traffic or leads to your affiliate link. It can be a pay per click (PPC) campaign, pay per impression (PPM), or any other based on your choice. 

3. Video Marketing

Yea, you can make videos on youtube to promote your affiliate link, you don’t need to have a website to own a youtube channel. Or a Vimeo channel. All you have to do is to make sure to include your affiliate link under the video itself.  

4. Social Media

It is more of like influencer marketing, and you need to create many good following on social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, quora). You may leverage your influence on your followers by promoting your affiliate link that is of relevance to your ideal followers. 

Do you know that this is the one-way celebrities do make much money online from their following on social media? So, what you want to do, if you love facebook, then you want to create a facebook fan page and grow it to standard and that how it is, with other social media. 

The higher the number of followers you have will yield the higher profit for you. Also, some companies may even contact you directly, to make some sponsored posts for them. 

5. Forum

Forum is also a great way to make money from affiliate marketing without a website. You know a forum is an online discussion platform where many people can hold discussion sessions in the form of the posted message. 

So, what you have to do is to create an authority on a particular topic or discussion first. People respect and interact with your post whenever you post on a specific topic. They have seen you as an expert in that topic. 

It would be so easy to promote a product that is based on the topic people have known you for as an expert. 

For example.

In a large forum, You continuously make a post that focuses on tips to lose weight fast. With time, you will get a higher authority on that topic.

And whenever you make a post, it will get much engagement. So, if you post alongside an affiliate link ( promoting a product that deals with weight loss), you will drive more leads and get more sales.

In conclusion,

My final thoughts on, making money from affiliate marketing without a website or blog is quite a straight forward one.

All that is need of you is to have a good knowledge of email marketing. And getresponse will guide you on how to start and grow your list. 

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