Place Targeted Ads on Mitrobe

Hi, if you wish to place targeted banner ads on

The use the contact form.


How do we charge? Per click? Per impression? Per hour?

We charge for approximate value delivered.

This is highly correlated with traffic on the short run.

So when there’s less traffic, you pay less, and when you’re charged more, it will most likely be due to an increase in traffic.

However, on the long run, that’s not the only factor we consider.

We have developed a robust pricing algorithm to make sure that you will always get what you pay for.

What kind of ads would you not accept on Mitrobe ?

We will reject ads that we consider to be ethically or morally questionable in one way or the other.

We reject ads for HYIPs and most MLMs because they are fundamentally unsustainable.

We reject ads that are not in any way relating to our focused niche.

Can we submit animated ads?

No. This is because they are distracting. If your ads are attractive and well targeted, people will notice them without any animations.

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