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Your Google AdSense account just got banned? Worry no more you’re definitely in the right place, in this very article i’m going to mention the best AdSense alternative to keep on earning from your blog. I know It’s a terrible nightmare t any blogger if his or her AdSense account happens to get banned, but that’s not really the end of the world. I want to let you know today that adSense is not the only source of income in blogging.

Their are so many Ads networking programs just like adSense that can generate lots of revenue to you as a blogger, so long you have reasonable amount of pages views daily.

Google AdSense has proven to be the best Ads monetizing serving network, no doubt about that. It’s totally free, easy to set up and easy to use, but has a very strict policies, you can easily get banned if you happen to disobey any of their policies without been issued a warning, this is the main reason why you should be very careful. You can read Google AdSense Publisher’s policies.

So, if in anyway your Google AdSense account got banned, then you should consider looking into these best adSense alternatives and Continue earning with your blog.




What is Mediavine? Mediavine is a full-service monetizing ad management company for content creators. Mediavine has been around Since 2004, Mediavine owns and operates The Hollywood Gossip, TV Fanatic and Food Fanatic, and is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Mediavine is a very good alternative to Google AdSense, and for the fact it’s an official Google certified publishing partner, which makes it one of the best AdSense alternative.

Mediavine has demonstrated excellent customer satisfaction with high ad viewability rates and a strong focus on mobile-first and video technology.

Mediavine vine has high RPMs modes, way more higher than Google. Mediavine also comes with ads lazy load features, this means when loading a page, the ads will show when you scroll down to them, For example: when scrolling down a page, the Mediavine ads will only load when you scroll to them, this also enhances and improves site’s speed.

Mediavine has good standard ads placements, which includes in-content ads on both mobile and desktop, two sidebar ads, adhesion units that run across the bottom of the page on all devices.

Mediavine displays high quality ads on your site, with monetized video display ads features, and also with a good customer service.

Mediavine has many other wonderful features for customers. Mediavine ads looks exactly like that of Google ads, with both picture and display ads, infact you can hardly differentiate between Mediavine ads and Google adSense because their appearance and similarities are almost the same.

Requirements To Sign Up For Mediavine

1. To be accepted with Mediavine, your blog needs to be in good standing with Google and will need to have had at least 25,000 sessions in the last 30 days. I mean Sessions, not page views, (that should be around 30,000 pageviews), according to Google Analytics.

2. Ensure you have a good and quality website.

3. Ensure your site is in good terms and standing with Google AdSense.

4. Ensure you don’t copy contents or articles from other blogs or sites, ensure you create quality articles which are nice and engaging too.

5. You site theme design must accommodate Mediavine ads placements

How To Sign Up For Mediavine

Follow this link to Sign up for Mediavine click on Apply now, and fill in the form appropriately, paste their code on your site (header section) And wait for approval.

Mediavine Payment Method

Payment Method: Wire Transfer / Paypal / Payoneer

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Minimum Payment Threshold: $100

Minimum Traffic: 25,000 sessions in the last 30 days

Media.Net Ads


Media.Net is powered by Bing, a powerful search engine just like Google. Is tech company comprising of 900+ employees exclusively focused on developing innovative monetization products for digital publishers, (bloggers). is a very good alternative to Google AdSense, with high quality ads display, so long you have a blog with quality Contents (no copy and paste) your chances of getting approval is very high. is a contextual ad network, which means that it displays Advertisments related to the contents on the page or based on the content of the page. For example: if you are running ads on your page about smartphones, your readers will be seeing advertisements related to smartphones and its accessories.

Why Should I Use Media.Net Ads

1. is absolutely free, no cost involved, with a powerful dashboard which gives you reports which helps you keep track of your site’s performance.

2. Media has high Revenue Per Thousand Impressions rate (RPM).

3. has sticky ads features, which most ads network platforms don’t have, allows you to stick your ads on your blog or site, (side bar and top bar inclusive) which follows your readers around as the scroll down reading your Contents. You can read how to stick or float your ads on your WordPress blog.

4. has good responsive customers support, once your approved you’ll get dedicated customer’s response from

Requirements To Sign Up For Media.Net

1. Quality Contents (No Content duplicate or copy and paste)

2. does not mention any specific minimum number of page views required to get accepted as a publisher. But, your blog must generate primary traffic from USA, UK, and CA. If you are just started the blog and getting only a few visitors a day, then I will advise you to wait.

3. Language Requirements is primarily in English

4. Good movie responsive Theme

5. Avoid invalid source of traffic,

6. No prohibited publishers Content, Example: Adult, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Violence, Gambling. Read legal Publisher’s guidelines

 How To Sign Up For

Follow this link to sign up for as a publisher paste their code on your site (header section) and wait for approval

Note: Ensure your blog/website meets up with Ads Publisher’s policies. Payment Method

Payment Method: Wire Transfer / Paypal / Payoneer

Minimum Payment Threshold: $100

Minimum Traffic: N/A


Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads is one of the leading adTech company, providing powerful marketing on a global scale. Propeller ads is a great substitute to adSense, which brings publishers (bloggers) and advertisers together through it’s self-serve platform.

This adTech company is now one of the biggest alternative traffic sources with 1Billion+ monthly audience reach and thousands of advertising campaigns launched daily, across desktop and mobile.

One of the main reason why I love propeller ads is because it’s a one time approval adTech network, they are not strict like Google adSense, all you need to do is ensure your blog is completely set up, with high quality Contents and Contains no publishers prohibited Contents, then you’re good to go.

Why Should I Use Propeller Ads

Easy to use and set up: Unlike other advertising networks that require your website to meet certain requirements, one of Propeller ads unique features is it’s super easy to get started. Your account is activated as soon as you sign-up and place the ads on your site (you only have copy and paste), there is little else for you to do. Once traffic starts engaging with your ads, you’ll start generating revenue instantly and can start earning within minutes.

Propeller ads accept all websites that meet their relaxed terms and conditions. Whether your website is old or new, as long your getting reasonable amount of traffic, you’re good to go. Read properller ads terms and conditions.


Propeller ads works alongside other advertising network: if you have other Advertising networks on your blog, and wants to further increase your earrings, you can as well sign up for Propeller ads.

Propeller ads works in conjunction with any Advertising network including Google AdSense, and affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Clickbank.
There are very few limitations using properller ads service and properller ads are a great way to maximize your website’s earning potential.

Serves high quality ads: properller ads serves high quality ads on your blog, it displays both, picture and video ads, which generates high CPC income revenue.

Referral features: Propeller ads also allows users to refer friends in order to earn 5% additional amount. So, don’t waste any more time and start attaining profit now.

Adlock Bypass: Propeller ads bypass ad blocking software, increasing revenue by 20%. The ads remain non-intrusive due to their relevance to users and quality

Requirements To Sign Up For Propeller Ads

1. Quality Content (No duplicates)

2. Ensure your site if fully set up

3. No prohibited publishers Contents (Eg: adult Contents)

4. No invalid Traffic source (Eg: Traffic from adult sites)

How To Sign Up For Propeller ads

Follow this link to sign up for Propeller Ads Paste their code on your site (header section) and wait for approval.

Propeller Ads Payment Method

Payment Method: Wire Transfer / Paypal / Payoneer

Minimum Payment Threshold: $100 and for Wire transfer it’s $500

Minimum Traffic: N/A



PopAds.Net is one of the oldest ads network, founded in 2010. PopAds.Net is considered to be one of the best Advertising network, and a very good alternative to Google AdSense too.

With this ad network, you can generate a decent amount of revenue from your blog if your website traffic is high.

PopAds.Net come as a CPV (Cost per View) Based Ad Network. What this means is, your visitors don’t necessarily need to click on anything. Whenever they visit your website and click anywhere on your web page a popunder ad will open in a new tab and, you will get paid.

Moreover, they offer the highest CPV Rates in the Industry which can be as high as $6 per 1000 Ad views.

However, the CPV Rates vary depending upon visitors’ geographic location and website niche.

Why Should I Sign Up For PopAds.Net

1. PopAds.Net allows even low traffic blog to enjoy their ads serving services.

2. PopAds can work in conjunction with other ads service networks.

3. PopAds is a one time approval just like properller ads, no strict policies, just like Google AdSense.

4. Pop-under Ads do not require your website space as they show up in a separate browser window or Tab.

5. PopAds CPM Rates is one of the highest in the Industry. It pays a very good eCPM Rates for publishers.

6. For websites receiving traffic from English-speaking countries such as the US, and the UK, the CPM rates can be as high as $6 per thousand impressions.

7. offers low payout threshold of $5, and you can expect instant payment. So, whenever a publisher earns a minimum balance of $5, they can withdraw their earnings. This is one of the main reason why I love

8. PopAds offers numerous payment methods such as: Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, and Bank Wire Transfer.

9. PopAds.Net provides high quality ads Which are clean and neat and fast.

10. Registration process is simple and quick. It just requires 5-6 minutes to complete the signup procedure.

11. PopAds.Net accepts all types of sites such as adult sites, non-adult sites, sub-domain sites, Gaming sites, etc

Requirements To Sign Up For PopAds.Net

1. PopAds has no specific requirement to get approval for showing Ads on your website or blog. It accepts all types of sites such as adult sites, non-adult sites, sub-domain sites, etc. Read PopAds terms and conditions.


2. Ensure your site has High Quality Contents (No duplicates)

3. Ensure your site if fully set up (Not understand construction)

PopAds.Net Payment Method.

Their minimum payout is only $5. You can withdraw your earned money anytime you want. Once your earnings reach $5, PopAds automatically processes your earnings.

Payment Method: Wire Transfer / Paypal / Payoneer

Minimum Payment Threshold: $5

Minimum Traffic: N/A

How To Sign Up For PopAds.Net

Follow this link to sign up for Finish up the registration and paste the code to your site.

Affiliate programs


Affiliate marketing programs are another monetizing income revenue program. Affiliate program can generate alot of revenue to you, so long you have reasonable amount of traffic.

Affiliate Marketing is a program runned by companies, which pays publishers (bloggers) on an agreement commission for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

There are so many mouth watering affiliated network programs that can generate lots of revenue to you on monthly basis so long you have high traffic.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Programs Works?

Affiliate marketing programs are runned by companies that sells their products online, as a publisher, you can apply for any company’s affiliate program, and if your site meets up with their requirements standard, then you’ll be approved.

When approved you’ll be issued an affiliate code/link you have to insert the codes on your site where you want the affiliate ad banner to display, then the products ads banners will start to display on your site/blog, any of your blog readers who clicks the banners and purchase an item you’ll be paid, and payment differse depending on depending on the price of the item ordered the higher the price of the product ordered through your referral link banner the higher your payment.

For Example: Assuming a product worth of $100 or $150 Is being bought online using your affiliate link, you’re gonna make killing money every month. You’re advice to go for categories with high prices, so as to make high when they are been purchased from your affiliate link, Example: Categories like phone’s and accessories, Electronics, Skincare and Health Products. Follow this link to learn more on cool and attractive affiliate marketing programs you really need to try out as a blogger.

To cut the long story short, affiliate marketing programs are good source of income or revenue to bloggers, so long you have High traffic you’re good to go.

In Conclusion.

After reading this article I’m sure you must be convinced that Google adSense isn’t really the only monetizing ads serving network, their are so many of them out there, but the once I meantioned here are the best of them and also have similarities with that of Google adSense, except for it’s strictness, but so long your abide by their publishers policies, you’ll never have any problem with your ads serving.

So if your AdSense happens to get banned or your AdSense account just got banned, don’t loose hope, you can earn more money with the above monetizing ads networks, and still keep your earning rate increasingly moving forward.

Ensure you read their publisher’s polices before joining in. If you chose affiliate marketing programs, when choosing Product categories, ensure you go for categories with high price tags, in order to earn 30-50% from your affiliate referral links.

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