Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal: Cash out without ATM card

Access Bank

Do you know you can withdraw money from ATM without your Access Bank ATM card? You’re probably thinking, how is that possible? Read on let me show you!

What is Cashless Withdrawal?

The process of cashing out of ATM without Bank ATM card is called Cashless Withdrawal, it is a technology-driven system, when the process first came around, a lot of people think it is quite fraudulent.

Some people nearly got mobbed at the ATM for performing such magic which others think its fraudulent or scam, not knowing is a legal system made available by commercial banks to collect money even when you’re not with your ATM card.

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You can relate with this if you’ve ever been in an emergency situation before; when you need cash and you don’t have your ATM card with you anywhere close.

Withdraw funds without ATM card

Where you aren’t with your ATM making it impossible for you to withdraw your funds? That could be so disheartening but don’t worry, thanks to technology, life has been made more more comfortable.

You can now actually withdraw money from your Access Bank account anywhere, anytime without issues. Thereby saving emergencies and conserving time.

Firstly, let’s get to know what Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal is all about. It’s merely an advanced feature for Access Bank users to be able to withdraw funds from their accounts even without an ATM card. This feature was created to help solve emergency issues.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to perform Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal successfully without any issues.

How to Perform Access Bank Cashless Withdrawal

  • Bring out your phone and dial *903# and select the withdraw money option. (Ensure this is done with the number you used to open your Access Bank account else it won’t work)
  • Proceed by choosing the ATM withdrawal option
  • Input amount you desire to withdraw (Amount shouldn’t exceed your account balance)
  • Enter your PIN
  • A transaction code will be sent to your mobile phone number almost immediately
  • Proceed to the nearest functioning and dispensing ATM
  • Press zero on the ATM to start a cardless withdrawal transaction
  • Input the Transaction Code previously sent to you.
  • Follow all necessary steps displayed by the ATM machine.
  • Collect your cash!

Congratulations, was this post helpful? Because I’m sure it was. Kindly give your feedback in the comment section.


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