About Us

Mitrobe is a network of top notch digital entrepreneur’s, who has put their portfolio together in other to develop and noture individuals, firms and brands

Founded in 2019

The Mitrobe Network of Digital Entrepreneur’s was established in 2019 by a young investor named Johnmiracle Ejikeme.

He was young but has mastered a lot of digital skill, his a successful entrepreneur and he dislike seeing other entrepreneur’s struggle or breakdown.

So, he formed a team of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

We strive to bring out the best in you.

Raising funds, coming up with an idea that will work, doesn’t guarantee business success, but the motivation and the spirit of the team to manage the business on the long run.

Johnmiracle Ejikeme

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Shaping A Place For Entrepreneur's

Mitrobe is not just a network, it a home for entrepreneur’s to shaped up, get involved, get motivated, get a team to strife to move ahead.With Mitrobe, it just get better and better

Our events have benefitted thousands of Entrepreneur's the World.

We have organized and we are still organizing life changing events in various places and online channels. We have take it as a duty to reach out to the world of entrepreneur’s at large to inspire, motivate and support them in anyway possible. Our joy and success comes from the success of other entrepreneur’s in our network.

We host events and people attend, with a mindset to get a change and the positive change we have to offer. This is not about us, it is about you, your life, your business, your finance, your decision, your action, it has everything to do with the way you want things flow.

An event with us, can be a lifetime memory you long awaits for….. take your chances.


We're helping entrepreneur's grow stronger every day.

With the influence of great digital and life growth technicians in our team, we have been a great success for other entrepreneurs… it just get better and better everyday in our network of entrepreneur’s