Aa Mirror Plus Apk Download For Android Devices


Perhaps, AA Mirror and AA Mirror Plus are some of the apps that should come to your mind if you’re really conversant with using Android Auto for video sharing. As someone who fancies using their car’s monitor for watching videos, it’s very likely that you’re conversant with AA Mirror but haven’t had any experience of what AA Mirror Plus is.

Luckily however, you needn’t ponder over AA Mirror Plus as this very post will introduce you to AA Mirror Plus and guide you on how to download its APK. Additionally, you’ll find out more about AA Mirror and what distinguishes it from AA Mirror Plus.

What is AA Mirror?

AA Mirror, which is fully defined as Android Auto Mirror, is an unofficial application which lets you establish the Android Auto as a medium for mirroring any kind of video. Basically, it allows you to utilize Android Auto for sharing different videos including streamed and downloaded videos.

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If you have a particular video on your smartphone and wish to share it to your car’s monitor (perhaps for viewing as you drive), you can always bank on AA Mirror to prop up Android Auto for this purpose.

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AA Mirror makes video mirroring possible regardless of whether the video (you wish to mirror on your car’s screen) is a YouTube file or a content you saved into your Android phone directly from a particular video-specific site.

The Difference between AA Mirror and AA Mirror Plus

Android auto aa mirror - YouTube

AA Mirror is the base app while AA Mirror Plus seems to be the upgraded version. Although it comes with additional screen settings, the Mirror Plus app isn’t any different from the base app. In fact, some users have associated AA Mirror Plus with irregularities including an “orientation” hitch. While specific users claim the Plus version (of AA Mirror) is faulty, several others claim the app barely works well on certain Android OS versions.

If you’re on the fence as to which you should use between AA Mirror and AA Mirror Plus, you may download the two files and find out which actually works well for your smartphone and your car’s Android Auto device.

Downloading AA Mirror Plus

Just like the base variant (AA Mirror), AA Mirror Plus is not available for download on the official Google Play Store. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched considering that regulations on driving safety prohibit drivers from playing videos on their cars’ monitors. Put simply, it is considered harmful that people driving cars should have the cars’ screen as video players.

If you however want to install a third-party app (such as AA Mirror) on your car’s Android Auto device, you’ll have to download AA Mirror along with the AA-Phenotype Pacher app. To easily do this, there is a kind of workaround you can follow. The workaround comes as a step-by-step procedure duly explained in our previous post titled How to Watch YouTube Videos on Android Auto.

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Although AA Mirror isn’t downloadable from Google Play Store, there are sites which host its APK file which is considered an effective alternative for downloading the application.

How to Download AA Mirror Plus APK on Your Android Device

Trying to get the APK of AA Mirror Plus on the Internet might seem quite frustrating as there aren’t many sites with the file. To save you the stress of browsing the web endlessly, here’s a step-by-step trick on how you can download the APK on your Android phone:

  • Launch any reliable browser on your Android phone and visit https://mzdconnecthacks.com/downloads/
  • This will take you to a particular download page with the links to download various files
  • Scroll downwards the page until you see AA Mirror Plus 1.101A –Click on Image to Download
  • Tap the image below this in order to download the APK


We hope the information in this post has helped you find the link to download AA Mirror Plus. However, you may switch to the base variant (AA Mirror) provided you aren’t finding AA Mirror Plus effective for Android Auto video sharing or downloading its APK seems frustrating.

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