Get 6 Month Free Glo Data with Glo Handset Offer (2021)

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I want to share with you an impressive offer from one of the biggest Telcos in Africa from Nigeria. This offer is available exclusively for Nigerians.

Globacom is giving out 6 months of Free Data on their Glo Handset offer.

The Glo handset offer is an initiative from Glo designed to make available phones and devices on the
outlets and phone stores nationwide, the initiative is to help users on the network enjoy massive bonuses whenever they purchase phones from any of Glo’s outlet.

They give new and old customers call and data bonuses that cannot be matched anywhere. When you buy a new Phone may be Samsung or Noki phone, it is imperative that you buy data and recharge the mobile in order to start exploring and fantasizing about your new device.

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Which means you will need to allot some cash to spend on data can Airtime. In the latest Glo Handset offer, you can cut your cost substantially on your new device. The company is giving a mouthful 6 month of data on all smartphones purchased from any of their Outlets Nationwide.

How to Qualify for the Glo handset Offer

To qualify for the Glo handset offer, all you need to do is visit the nearest Glo Outlet to you in your State or town then order for a Nokia or Samsung Phone put in your new Glo SIM card or existing Glo SIM and start enjoying this mouthwatering deals.

Glo Handset Data Offer

Price Slab (N) Data Total volume for 6months
N80,000 500 MB 3 GB
81,000 – 150,000 750 MB 4.5 GB
N150,000 1 GB 6 GB

The only condition to qualify for this offer is to use a Glo SIM whether new or old. Immediately you plug in the SIM card into the new device obtained from Glo World Outlets you will receive a data bundle valid for the next 10 days and subsequently for the next 5 months provided you recharge up to N500 each month.

Where to buy Glo Phone

To identify handsets or phones that are Eligible for this offer, look for devices that have the above Glo stickers on them, you will be guided at the Glo outlet be a service representative.

Customers who visited any Gloworld outlet or phone stores in the market place and bought a Glo Stickered Handset whether Samsung or Nokia will enjoy the offer, you don’t necessarily have to be a Glo customer but the offer only works on Glo lines that satisfy the above requirements.

Please note that Glo Handset offers is only available for Samsung and Nokia Handset brands.

You can as well get this offer from other outlets like Glozone what matter s you buy a stickered boxed Samsung or Nokia Phone regardless of where it’s sold.

You need not do anything to get the data, you are expected to dial any code whatsoever, you will be automatically credited as soon as you insert your Glo SIM into your new Glo Stickered Nokia or Samsung smartphone.

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Please mind that the Data bundle you will receive will be valid for only 10 days, 500 Naira monthly recharge on your line is the only condition to satisfy for the next 5 months to make sure you get the free monthly data offers.

In order to check your free data, you can Dial 1270# or *777#.or visit portal at, you can as well send an SMS: ‘info’ to 127. If you already have an exisiting data on your mobile the data bonus will be added to your existing data plan

In case you remove your qualifying SIM to another phone before the next month the data bonus on the line will automatically be forfeited, it will only work on a qualified device with a cumulative monthly recharge of N500.

If you don’t exhaust the data in 10 days it will be forfeited, more so you can share the data with friends and family. The Glo Handset offer is set to run for the Next few months so be quick on the offer.

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