From establishing, running and also marketing, small businesses face one problem or another. Although problems or challenges are not peculiar to small businesses, even big and well-established firms and businesses also encounter their obstacles.

So in this article, we are going to evaluate those pressing challenges that small businesses are drawn up against in the course of marketing, and also try to offer or suggest a way out to some of the issues.

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Below are the marketing challenges for small businesses;

6 Marketing Challenges Small Businesses Face

  • Lack of adequate resources.
  • Generating leads and visibility.
  • Competition from bigger businesses.
  • Shortage of marketing personnel.
  • Time.
  • Insufficient budget.

Lack of adequate resources:

Whatever business you decide to do, the availability of your resources both human and material-wise is one major determiner of the success of the business. This acute inadequacy in resources affects the marketing of small businesses tremendously. This is because, no matter what marketing strategy you consider best, whether digital marketing, use of radio and television, or even if you decide to use an influencer, a lot of cash is still needed to actualize it.

Quick solution

Since inadequate resources is a general problem affecting every business both small and big, the solution is simply to inject cash into the business. You can outsource or get a loan from banks, corporate organizations or individuals who are willing to lend.

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Generating leads and visibility

Once it comes to marketing, the importance of leads and visibility can not be overemphasized. Small businesses oftentimes are faced with the problem of brand awareness. You must know that even if your products are of top-notch or even the very best of its kind, once it lacks visibility, it might still not be able to garner enough sales. 

Leads on the other hand is also another problem facing small business marketing, though it a problem for most companies, its effect is more felt by small businesses.

Quick solution

Visibility and getting quality leads for your business is one factor you must know that contributes hugely to the success of your business. The internet has given a level of competing ground for both small and big firms, so taking advantage of the medium, you can advertise your products and services and also generate quality leads for your business.

Competition from bigger businesses

With the increasing globalization and the inflow of new technologies, competition has become one of the major marketing challenges of small businesses. Every day different kinds of products, services and even marketing strategies hit the business sphere. Being able to reach your target audience or potential customers before others do is an acute problem facing small business marketers.

Quick solution

Facing this challenge requires constant monitoring and competition analysis. It is not something that you do once and forget about it. After all, competitors are constantly evolving as much as you do. And the worst part is, the moment you take your eyes off them, you can lose the game quickly.

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Shortage of marketing personnel

Unlike well-established firms and businesses, small businesses are often confronted with marketing personnel shortage, in a bid to manage the little available funds at their disposal, they tend to employ as few workers as possible. Marketing personnel are most times left out in that recruitment, a good portion of the capital is channelled into numerous factors that are involved in running a business, therefore making the employment of competent marketing personnel almost impossible.

Quick solution

Learning how to make use of your available funds is one sure way to tackle this challenge. Also, one other great way is to learn marketing. Educate yourself as much as possible in the marketing field. You could register for webinars and seminars constantly hosted by many bigger firms. Again there are thousands and thousands of resources on the Internet. If you want to learn about Marketing, nothing can stop you.


The overwhelming challenges and tasks that often come with managing a business never afford small businesses the luxury of time to plan and strategize their marketing aspects.

Quick solution

The simple solution to this problem is creating an all-inclusive schedule that consciously delegates an appropriate amount of time for each necessity.

Insufficient budget

Marketing no matter how you see it involves cash. Insufficient budget is one of the reasons small businesses fail in their bid for effective marketing.

Quick solution

No matter how much you invest in your business, there will still be many other areas that still need cash. So narrowing your choices to the most necessary is one way to tackle it. Don’t engage in different things at a time, decide on what it is you do best and chase it with all your available resources.

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Before starting up any business, remember that marketing is as vital as the business itself. First, you must know that people only buy or patronize that which they are aware of. So always strive to market your business properly.

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