It is in a bed that couples most often make love… Yet there are plenty of other places to have fun with your partner, and thus spice up your sex life. And you, what is your favorite place to have sex?

Places to make out secretly

There are followers of unusual places that are often found in public places such as cinema or fitting rooms, nature lovers, found in wheat fields, those who like risky places like elevators and the office, fans of showers and other hot tubs, and the more traditional who have tested all the rooms of the house…

In need of inspiration to find places to have sex with your partner. Summer and winter, day and night, indoors and outdoors, the edac offers you lots of ideas. From bed to car to elevator and hot tub, break your routine and discover our 50 ideas of places to make love.

Making love in the Sea, Beware of sand, it may cause micro-tears in your vag*na, salty ocean water can also sting and burn. Ladies, it’s not always pleasant in Salt Water.

1. Making Love In An Elevator

Who hasn’t dreamed one day of stopping an elevator and making love with their partner?

2. Making Love In A Hot Tub

It’s going to bubble between you!

3. Making Love Under The Stars

On the roof of a building, in the wilderness or on a balcony to you the stars…

4. Making Love On A Pool Table

When the pool game slips…

5. Making Love In The Shower

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Making love in the shower is still a classic.

6. Making Love In A Sauna

It’s going to be hot, very hot in the sauna.

7. Making Love At The Movies

Make love at the cinema ok but, away from prying eyes.

8. Making Love On A Carpet

Making love on thick carpet changes from the traditional bed.

9.Making Love At Work

Making love at work, yes, but with whom? Your boss, your colleague, your intern?

10. Making love in a hot
Making love at the hotel brings spice to your couple.

11. Making love in a limousine
What could be sexier than a limo to make love?

12. Making love on the couch
What if you were having sex on your couch, simply?

13. Making love in a bath
Notice to the owners of large bathtubs!

14. Making love in a car
And in the car!

15. Making love under a waterfall
What could be more romantic than making love under a waterfall?

16. Making love in an underground car park
You like the taste of risk and that of being surprised by the keeper and other users.

17. Making love in a swimming pool
Our little finger tells us that you are not going to do much lengths today.

18. Making love on a public bench
This public bench away from prying eyes is for you.

19. Making love on a washing machine
On the way or at a stop, you are given the choice…

20. Making love to the doctor
Yes, you fantasize about your doctor and yes you dream of making love with him in his office. Or your husband is a doctor.

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21. Making love on a boat
Tired of paddling? Make love on your boat.

22. Making love on a balcony
This is not voyeurism but to spice up the relationship in his relationship by having sex on his balcony, after dark and your neighbors lie down.

23. Making love on the beach
Take a towel and get the fine sand!

24. Making love in a tent
Long live the tent on summer evenings.

25. Making love on the floor
Commando night tonight at home.

26. Making love in an alley
Make love in an alley away from prying eyes.

27. Making love in front of a fireplace
In summer it’s sea and sand, in winter you make love in front of the fireplace.

28.  Making love in a phone booth
Fans of public places, here is the phone booth.

29. Making love in an attraction
Opt for a slow attraction in the dark like the ghost train.

30. Making love in a fitting room
Don’t want to go shopping right now?

31. Making love on a train
The berth cabin is good, isn’t it?

32. Making love in a taxi
The driver better only look at the road…

33. Making love against a tree
When a walk in the forest slips…

34. Making love in a bed
Making love in a bed, simply.

35.  Making love in a field
Escape and make love in a wheat field.

36.  Making love in a hammock
Don’t fall when you’re making love in a hammock!

37.  Making love on a plane
Making love on a plane is what we call getting laid.

38.  Making love in the tall grass
Even adults roll in the grass!

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39. Making love on a staircase
At home or in the stairwell?

40. Making love in the toilet
Eclipse yourself during a night out with friends…

41. Making love in the straw
Making love in the straw, as in the movies…

42. Making love in the bathroom
The day will start well if you have sex in the bathroom.

43. Making love in the snow
A little cold but so exciting.

44. Making love in the dead leaves
Autumn is going to be your favorite season.

45. Making love in the forest
Take a walk in the woods…

46. Making love against a car
Making love against a car, in the middle of the night of course!

47. Making love in the kitchen
Why don’t you go straight to dessert?

48. Making love by a river
Sleep under the stars and have sex by the river.


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