5 Tech Companies Outsourcing Software Developers

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Software developers continue to emerge from Nigeria, thanks to startups like Andela, who invested a lot in training and outsourcing Nigerian developers to international companies. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, many developers are being laid off, which poses a great threat and questions on whether to invest in learning software development or not. In this post, I will share 5 tech companies outsourcing software developers
But recent developments have seen the startup shift its strategy from being a combination of tech training and outsourcing to more outsourcing. Few days ago, startup companies such as Andela laid off over 100 of their staff due to the coronavirus
So what happens to these software developers? Well, here are 5 platforms trying to fill in that gap. If you are a developer, I definitely recommend you check one of them out.

5 Tech Companies Outsourcing Software Developers

1. Semicolon5 tech companies outsourcing software developers

Founded in 2019 by Sam Immanuel, SemiColon is one startup picking up from where Andela left and training the next generation of African software engineers. The startup wants to turn the vibrant youth population in Nigeria into an army of technologists – software developers, enterprise architects, and project managers, creating solutions.
Through an intensive 12-month program, the startup trains Nigerians in core marketable IT-skills. The training is broken into a path of 4 – which sees natives (Semicolon students) go through several pieces of training in design and design thinking, software engineering and development training, enterprise architecture, and team management.
Upon completion, students are attached to companies for an internship. The payment process is also in 3 parts – full on payment (which costs about ₦2.3 million), paying in installments over 12 months, and paying back after landing a job.
PS: The startup has applications open for its next cohort here.

2. WeJapa

The newest startup on the block, WeJapa is basically an app that is developed to help developers find lucrative jobs abroad. This is one perk that saw many developers turn to Andela.
WeJapa offers an opportunity for Software Developers/Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists/Analysts, or any tech-related professionals to gain access to job opportunities across Africa, Europe, And North America.
The startup matches developers with both remote and on-site jobs. And in just about 2 weeks of launch, the startup says it has successfully placed about 13 people in jobs (Full time, remote & On-site) which comes with several perks.

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3. Decagon

Founded in 2018 by Nigerian entrepreneur, Chika Nwobi, Decagon is another startup in the business of training and outsourcing tech talents. Decagon brings together talents from across Nigeria and gives them a place on its software engineering training program.
Similar to the Andela Fellowship Programme, the startup runs for six months and includes accommodation, food, a laptop, and a monthly stipend of about N40,000. After training, students are outsourced to companies in need of their talent and expected to pay back N3 million over a period of 3 years.
The startup has undergone four cohorts of training and has achieved a 100% placement record for the first 2 cohorts. These placements are in companies across Africa including Interswitch, Access Bank, Seamfix, Kobo360, and Terragon.

 4. CodeLN

CodeLn is another automated tech recruitment platform that makes it easy for companies around the world to hire African tech talents for their projects.
Founded in 2018 by Elohor Thomas, Philisiah Mwaluma, Dennis Nduta, and Dexter Ouattara, the startup sources, screens, and interviews developers and connects them to companies globally in need of their services. The startup currently has a database of 8,000 software engineers from across 12 African countries.

 5. Enyata

Enyata is a software development and training company founded by former Andela software engineer Oladayo Oyelade. The company which was founded less than a year ago currently has 50 members of staff comprising engineers, designers, quality assurance analysts, and a host of others and has seen rapid success since its founding. In a strategic move, Oyelade launched a 3-month intensive training program that provides software developers with high-level skills that normally take years to achieve. As a result, Enyata can equip companies with the teams they need to create products that scale.


No doubt software jobs are on the rise in the country and thankfully, Nigerians are not relenting when it comes to learning new skills. Andela, one of the leading tech companies in Nigeria and Africa for outsourcing developers laid off about 135 of their staff a few days ago. These new emerging outsourcing companies will also guarantee developers get their dream job. So if you ever had an interest in learning software development but scared of job security, I am here to assure you that there is a place for everyone, just stick to learning and building your portfolio.

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