Mornings can be stressful after late-night work or a casual party. You reach out for a cup of coffee to activate your wake-up hormones. You catch up on your smartphone for the early morning messages and rush under a shower to reach your desk on time. Breakfast happens in an instant with little or no time for newspapers, grandparents, or pets. Hurried mornings give you less time to maintain healthy habits for yourself.

Work from home may have hampered your early morning habit of getting up early and going for a walk. Whatever the circumstances, you need to keep aside some time to grow as an organized person to tackle everyday challenges. Morning time has plenty of minutes to do your morning chores with efficiency and speed.

Here are five healthy habits that will help you start your day on a positive note-

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1.  Limit your screen consumption.

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Reaching for your mobile is a morning habit in most of us. Doing so ruins the early morning productivity. The fear of missing out on Instagramable moments or Twitter posts creates a reactive mindset. It can also fog your mind with negative thoughts and mindless comparisons. Reading the bout of mobile messages increases your screen time, causing eye strain.

Morning news brings their share of pessimistic stories to spoil your peaceful mornings. Give your phone some rest and turn to healthy habits. Water your plants, pamper your pets, switch on morning melodies, make porridge and fruits, and think of your priorities for the day. It will wake you up and rejuvenate your body.

Replace your milk tea preparation with CBD-infused herbal tea to kick start your mornings. Check out a cannabis store near me to shop for relaxing and energizing CBD products that is derived from premium quality autoflower seeds. Starting your day with a digital detox and herbal tea will refresh your mind and help you stay focused.

2.  Plan your diet for the day.

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With umpteen food choices and ready-to-eat meal options and cafeterias, you may not feel the need to cook. Resist the temptation of grab-and-go meals and make easy-to-digest meals to last you the day.

There are a variety of meal-planning apps these days. They help you explore homemade menu options and keep a calorie watch by monitoring your salt, sugar, edible oil intake. By adopting light meals and soups for dinner, your liver and digestion abilities will thank you. Consider keeping a fast one day a week to fulfill your body detox and fitness goals.

3.  Drink few glasses of water.

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The body needs sufficient hydration throughout the day to keep its organs in smooth functioning. The human body weight has 70 percent water that helps in toxin and waste removal. It cushions your joints and plays a significant role in smooth body functioning.

Make a habit of drinking at least two glasses of water when you get up in the morning. It will help you in your bowel movements and make your lazy body get back to life. Try detox remedies like warm water and lemon to flush your body toxins and supplement your body with vitamin infusions.

4.  Wash and cleanse your face thoroughly.

Your sleepy look is far from freshness and agility. The first thing to do when you get up is to splash your face with cold water. It will give an instant shot of cleanliness and brightness to your face. It is also an ideal self-care practice to get fresh and healthy-looking skin.

Use soap-free cleansers to avoid getting face dryness. Pat a moisturizing cream and an SPF to protect you from suntan. Consult a dermatologist for face care tips. Regardless of the season change, be regular with your facewash and face care regimen.

5.  Call and find out about your friends’ and neighbors’ health.

Long work hours, regular outstation travel, and domestic duties leave you little time to check on your friends and neighbors, especially senior citizens. Call them up every alternate day to find out about their wellbeing.

Be regular in wishing people close to you on their birthdays and anniversaries. Send hellos, congratulatory messages, and occasional greetings to people in your personal and professional life. It will earn you thanks and blessings.

Final Word

Enjoy the morning sunshine. Sunlight has powerful energy rays to wake up your body naturally. Keep your Venetian blinds open to allow light and energy. If you stay in a dark apartment and struggle to get up, allow sunshine to enter your room and fill it with life-giving rise.

Do an early morning strategizing of your tasks for the day. Stretch your body to warm-up exercises. Delay catching up on your smartphone notifications for one or two hours till you reach your work desk. Give yourself a social media break. Instead, get your hands to experiment each morning, whether in cooking, gardening, or spring cleaning your home. Any sunrise activity, however small, will keep your mind absorbed and fill your heart with joy.

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