In a previous article, we discussed about the best brands of laptops to buy in 2020. But in this article, we will be taking a look at the best laptops for developers of android applications. 

Android apps are available in abundance right now. There are hundreds and thousands of applications on the market. If you are a budding developer and want to make a difference in the Android world, the sky is the limit. But before you start building the best Android app, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing to remember is to have enough coding and design knowledge to do it. Secondly, you will need a computer or laptop capable of meeting these needs. And not just any laptop but one capable of running Android Studio.

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Given the large number of notebooks available in today’s world, it can be quite tricky to choose the one that best suits your needs. Keeping this in mind, we are going to make your decision slightly easier by selecting some of the best laptops for developers available on the market that can help you get started in the coding world.

A variety of notebooks are available here, including Apple’s MacBook Pro.So you have a wide range of options to choose from


Best Laptops For Developers Of Android Apps

Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro is one of the best laptop available in today’s market. Even if Google and Apple are not really the best of friends in the industry, the experience of Android developer on OSX (with Android Studio) is one of the best that we can meet. The MacBook Pro offers a full range of features for developers. It may be the only laptop you’ll ever need if you’re a developer.

Most current and cheap MacBooks Pro come with 16 GB of RAM. It is essential to have enough RAM on a laptop because the device is supposed to use emulators to test your applications or simply follow the evolution of the situation. All of these factors make the MacBook Pro an ideal option for a complete development notebook. The new MacBook Pro models also come with a Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor, which are fantastic additions to an already exciting laptop.

Since this is a MacBook, you will have to pay a little more compared to other laptops. You’ll have to shell out about $2,000 or more to get the best MacBook Pro available on the market.

Dell XPS 15

Dell is not too late in terms of technological upgrades on notebooks. The current iteration of the Dell XPS 15 includes many features and is slightly lighter than the MacBook Pro. This is essential since laptops need to be carried everywhere without being a burden on the user. 

Expert advice suggests that choosing the 1080p laptop model will also translate into more robust battery performance. If you are a developer, we recommend you get the best performing model because it has to handle more substantial tasks on a regular basis. 

Slow processing speed and performance are a scourge for modern laptops.
Naturally, no laptop is without flaws. Initial user reviews suggest that the graphics processor built into the XPS 15 presents some compatibility issues with Linux operating systems. This is something that Dell can easily fix with a software update. So we are not too worried about this. Part of the reason the laptop is light enough is that Dell used carbon fiber on certain parts of the body.

 It is a double-edged sword because the palm rest of this laptop can retain a lot of fingerprints and dust if not cared for properly.

You can get the Dell XPS 15 at various retailers starting at $ 1,599.99.

HP Specter x360

This is a super light laptop with a variety of attractive features on board. Since it relies on SSD storage, like most modern laptops, it can multitask without wasting time. With 8 GB of RAM onboard, developers can make sure they get the best experience possible. The battery life of the Specter x360 also deserves special mention. With basic tasks or browsing the web, the laptop can generate 11 hours of performance. It is rather attractive for a laptop and is worth a try by anyone considering a practical notebook at a reasonable price.

Now for the cons. Well, the HP Specter x360 comes with a relatively slim body. This basically means that it secretes more heat from the interns. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you find that the laptop is heating up with just a streaming video. But apart from these small drawbacks, the HP Specter x360 is a spectacular laptop to own, especially for developers. It will cost you around $ 900 or so, depending on which model you choose.

HP Envy 13

It is not as expensive as some of the other notebooks we have mentioned on this list, but it is still one of the best laptops for developers and should not be pushed aside. The Envy 13 comes with a somewhat decent hardware spec sheet, especially for a laptop under $ 700. Interestingly, it is currently one of the thinnest laptops available on the market today, at just 12.9mm. This is a significant advantage for a laptop because it can be carried anywhere, even in a very compact backpack.

Naturally, you can manage all the day-to-day tasks on the Envy 13 without much trouble. Customers have complained about the Envy 13’s low battery life, which is perhaps the only downside we can see here. Envy 15 can be yours from just $774 via Amazon.

Acer Aspire E5-575G

Best Laptops for developers in 2020
Acer is a prevalent laptop maker and has been around since time immemorial. The company mainly manufactures Windows laptops and offers the best value for money. The Aspire E5 model comes with a fairly decent hardware specification sheet, and the processor is only about 20% slower than the $1400 MacBook Pro. It’s not really a sacrifice to make since you only pay around $550 for the device.

Naturally, a budget notebook will not be perfect in all areas. One of the main complaints we have heard about the Acer Aspire is that it can distort the sound from the speakers when played too loud. This is something that users can adapt to since it’s not exactly marketed as a budget offer. You can get the Acer Aspire E5-575G for around $549.99 via Amazon.

There you have it, our list of best laptops for developers of android apps is finally out of the bag. If you have decided on which to buy, then it is necessary to check out the 10 mistakes you should avoid when buying a laptop. 

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