Rewording content is really fun and for some people, it’s a need.

But why do we need to paraphrase content? Various possibilities lead to rephrase the content.

And the easiest approach to paraphrase the text is, using a paraphrasing tool. When we type “paraphrasing tools”, there are hundreds of tools available.

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That’s the point where you need to focus on many things as you need to have a smart and accurate tool for rephrasing content.

Before starting, keep in mind that paraphrasing is a term not only used in the educational sector but is widely used by bloggers and writers.

And as we mentioned above that there are hundreds of paraphrasing tools available on the internet but every tool is not meant to use.

So, first, we are going to discuss the basics of rephrasing and paraphrasing tools and then we get towards the factors to look at while picking the best paraphrasing tool.

Why paraphrasing is needed?

It is not wrong to say that this is the most frequent and basic question asked by writers or students and especially if someone is a newbie.

Paraphrasing is primarily needed when you are willing to make content unique and it can be the easiest approach.

You can paraphrase your content on your own but you may not achieve that much accuracy and efficiency that a good online paraphrasing tool can give.

But using a paraphraser is not only needed or used when you need to make content unique but if your preference is to write readable content in less time then a paraphraser can be used.

How does a paraphraser work?

The working of a paraphraser is pretty simple and all you need is a couple of clicks and you can easily get a well-rewritten article.

The algorithms that are working at the backend of this tool are designed to replace the most suitable synonyms and make content unique.

It is pretty obvious that when you are using synonyms, your content will ultimately get unique and you don’t need to follow more steps.

But still, you need to read the article as sometimes, a paraphrasing tool can use some complex synonyms, and ultimately your content will be difficult to understand by many people.

So, let’s have a look at the factors to look for while choosing a paraphraser.

Factors to look in a paraphrasing tool

There can be many really important factors but some of them are not meant to ignore at any cost.

But some can be ignored for a shorter span and it doesn’t mean that these factors are not important so, let’s head towards it.

1.      Readability

The very first and the most important thing is to check the readability of content that will be paraphrased by a tool.

It is encouraging if you are going to upload good readable content on the internet and for this, you need to get the best tool.

Sometimes, many paraphrasing tools are just programmed to change the words either they are simple or complex.

And that’s why you need to proofread your content at least twice after rewritten by a paraphrasing tool.

But once you find a suitable tool and then you don’t need to spend time on proofreading but finding the best tool can be the only hectic job.

After finding a good tool, all your paraphrasing can be done by following a couple of steps.

2.      The uniqueness of the content

The second thing for which a paraphrasing tool came into being is to make content unique and removes plagiarism.

So, when we have a tool that is not capable of removing plagiarism from content then can it be beneficial for you?

And for checking this in a tool, you need to give at least two or three tries and then you can determine that can this tool is capable of removing plagiarism or not.

We have seen many tools available on the internet that are not that efficient and will not free you from the charge of using plagiarized content.

But it doesn’t mean all tools are similar to this, there are some of the best tools that are pretty efficient in doing this job.

All you need to do is, check plagiarism after rephrasing a content and this needs only two to three times and after that, you can determine the capabilities of a tool.

3.      Pricing plans

If you are a student then it cannot be possible or you are not willing to pay for a tool.

So, your primary focus must be on a free tool but we recommend you not to compromise on the efficiency of a tool just for being free.

Fortunately, many tools are available at a single click which means these tools are readily available and free of cost.

Not only students, but some writers are also unable to pay for a tool so, the last option is to pick a free tool as long as it is enough to fulfill your requirements.

If by choosing a free tool, accuracy and quality are compromised then you must not go for that tool and we say it twice just for making you realize that how important it is to make sure the quality.

4.      The interface of a tool

When a tool has everything like it is free and efficient and it does have many advanced features but if it doesn’t have a user-friendly interface, it can be a flop show.

If we are going to pick a tool, it is compulsory to get a user-friendly tool which means every option must be clear and understandable by anyone either the viewer is technical or non-technical.

5 things to consider before choosing a paraphrasing tool 1

And if a tool has a colorful and attractive interface then it can be the best option but still, we need to be focused on the functionality of the tool.

And functionality includes all the features that are needed to make content more readable and unique.

5.      Ai-based tool

An ai-based tool can be a good option if your preference is to get an efficient tool and most of the modern tools have artificial intelligence involved.

But how can it be beneficial?

When a tool has artificial intelligence, it can easily assure accuracy and speed and these two things are badly needed by a writer or a blogger.


Using a tool is not a difficult job but picking up the right one can be hectic as long as you don’t know about what factors are important and what are meant to be ignored.

We have shared all the important and necessary factors that must be present in a paraphrasing tool so, this guide can be really helpful.


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