Passive income ideas

15 Online Passive Income Ideas you can start today without Investment

If this is your first time here you are welcome to my blog 😇, and in today’s guide am going to show you how to build an online passive income.

I do not really know for how long you have been looking for means to make money online passively.

But if you are reading this,

you are just a step away to owned your own online passive income funnel without having to pay anything.

My Short Story

I was also like you then, searching  for means to have a steady flow of income online,

I lost a heck of money then and I was scammed.

I spent  money on buying hosting  for my first blog, still  I could not make money.

I went into affiliate marketing,affiliate marketing, I could not make any single sale.

A lot of sad things happened to me back then when I was a novice, but i did not give up.

Now, am grateful I did not give up, I now earn handsomely online.😇

And that why am here to help people not to make silly mistake that will cost them a whole.

However, in this post I have compiled the 15 best passive income ideas, (plus instructions) you can start today with $0 money.

Yea, I mean it . Zero Money


What is Online Passive Income


Online passive income ideas

Online Passive Income is an earning derived from any legal means online in which a person is not actively involved, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain.

Having seen how interesting online passive income could be and how it can make you go debt free.

we will then look at the top 14 online passive income ideas that you can start today without paying anything.

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The 15 Online Passive Income Ideas You can start Today.

1. Blogging


Passive income ideas

Being a blogger is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home.

Unlike any other job.

If you are blogging from home.

You don’t need to work 9-5 hours.

You can work at any time of the day with ease.

But beware blogging takes time before it starts making money for you.

So I suggest you jump into this field slowly.

If you have a day job, don’t quit it.

Start part-time with your blog.

Once it is on the stage where it is earning you more than your comfortable limits,

then it’s the best time to turn into full-time blogging mode.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for people who love to write and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.

Skills Required –

Ability to express knowledge in writing with simpler yet efficient way.

Time Required For Starting A Blog –

The time required depends upon your level of expertise if you are an expert you can easily start a blog within few hours.

For a complete beginner, a day or two would be sufficient.

Tips –

1. Start a blog about something in which you are really good at.

For example:

If you love traveling and you have visited a lot of places then start a travel blog.

2. Always try to limit your blog to a particular domain.

Don’t put content on multiple domains in one blog.

For example, writing about recipe tips on a fashion blog.

Keep your blog specific to one domain only.

3. Using your experience and expertise try to create a unique and phenomenal content.

Try to give a lot of value to your readers. Write about something that will make a difference in your reader’s life.

4. Listen to the readers of your blog. Try to solve the problems they are facing.

Always reply to their comments. Make them feel better.

5. Be committed to your blog.

A blog is like a relationship.

Give it some love, and it will flourish. Ignore it, and it will die a death.

There’s no point in being half-hearted in your blogging efforts – if you don’t care about it, why should anyone else?

6. Think about content, style, the tone of voice, audience, etc.

Look at the people who are already doing what you’re planning to do.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will I stand out from the crowd?
  • What can I say that hasn’t already been said?
  • What’s my unique selling point?
  • Why do I want to do this?

7. Be professional in the way you handle and grow your blog.

Don’t criticize other brands, bloggers or people.

Remember what goes around comes around.

You don’t want something you’ve said to come back and bite you one day.

8. Be open-minded and willing to collaborate with other creatives.

You’ll meet some fantastic and awe-inspiring people.


How To Monetize –

You can monetize your blog by recommending products or services related to your blog’s topic,

either by writing an informative article or placing banner ads on your blog’s relevant pages.

You can earn handsome commissions when a person buys a product recommended by you.

Another way is you can place Google Adsense ads on your blog.

The more people click on your ads more money you will make.


2. Start a Youtube Channel

online passive income ideas

Starting a Youtube channel is the simplest passive income ideas of all and needs no investment.

YouTube gets almost 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the internet.

Felix Kjellberg, the owner of PewDiePie (a YouTube account), has earned 12 million dollars in 2017 from running a single YouTube channel.

You too can see such success if you capitalize on the opportunity that YouTube provides us currently.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for people  who love to create videos, like to talk about a video, shoot documentaries or short films.

Skills Required –

Ability to create a video using software tools or record a video using your mobile phone or camcorder.

Time Required For Starting A YouTube Channel –

Virtually you can start within minutes. You will just have to visit, create a channel and upload videos.

Tips –

1. Create a YouTube channel around a specific theme such as Humor, Tutorial, Recipe, etc.

Don’t just go out create any random unrelated videos channel.

For example:

If you love gadgets, you can create a gadget reviews channel where you review latest gadgets and help people to decide whether it’s a right choice for them.

2. Select a theme in which you are really interested.

Analyze other videos related to your topic, see how many views those videos get.

It will help you to get an overview of how many people are interested in your theme.

3. Generally, more the views more beneficial the theme is.

As more people are searching for it.

4. Check out if there’s any concept missing in the currently existing videos related to your theme.

You can cover these concepts in your videos to fetch more views.

5. Give your best to engage with your audience. Study the comments you get on your videos, learn the hidden expectations that your audience has from you.

6. Try to find out what they like about your videos and what they don’t.

Study which videos get the highest retention rate and find the reasons behind them.

7. Spy on your competitors and try to model the things that are working for them.

But never try to copy them, always maintain your uniqueness.

8. Always try to improvise each new video from the last one.

So when you look at your first videos after few years, you should think how bad I was earlier.

That’s a good sign; it shows that you’ve improved.

9. Experiment, experiment, and experiment.

Never fear to try something new and see how it works.

Experiments are the only way where you can find new and exciting stuff which can catapult you way ahead of your competitors.

10. Finally, try to collaborate with other You Tuber’s who are doing similar work.

Learn their strategies and mindset. Working together can do wonders for your channel.

11. Have fun. Do the things that you love and enjoy your life.


How To Monetize –

The general rule for monetization in YouTube is straightforward.

More views your videos get, more money you’ll earn.

You’ll have to enable the monetize option in your YouTube channel settings. It’s very simple.

3. Earn with Fiverr

What is is a global online marketplace which offers tasks, services, and products, starting at a cost of $5.

Fiverr gets almost 4.7 million visits per month.

Your aim should be to leverage Fiverr’s powerful visitor base to reach more people and sell your services or products to them.

Every service or task you offer on Fiverr is called a GIG.

With Fiverr’s millions of visitor base, you don’t need much to worry about your gig’s promotion and payment handling as Fiverr handles this for you.

All you need to do is focus on delivering high-quality work to maintain your ratings,

as ratings given by your customers will have a huge impact on the failure or success of your gig.

People offer a diverse variety of services on Fiverr which ranges from

  • Graphics and Design,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Music and Audio,
  • Advertising to anything you can practically think of.

Remember you can sell your gig at any price, $5 is just the minimum price.

Top Fiverr gig sellers make over $50,000 a year by leveraging the platform and providing high-quality services.

Suitable For –

1. People who love to help others by making their easier.

2. People who love the freedom to work, doing what they really like.

Skills Required –

This passive income idea is suitable for people having in-depth skills in any particular area, using which they can help other people to complete their tasks or ease their life.

Time Required For Creating A Gig On Fiverr –

You can create a Gig on Fiverr almost within an hour.

All you need to do is first sign up on Fiverr.

While creating a gig you’ll have to insert your gig’s title, upload gig’s image, write gig description and insert relevant tags and keywords.

Tips –

1. Find your best skills

The first thing you need to do is sit down quietly and figure out the skills of which you are the strongest and stick to tasks related to them till you see some success.

For example 

If you are a person who can design logos and websites,

then you should create and sell those gigs in Fiverr that are focused on logo creation and web designing.

2. Do your initial homework

Before diving into gig creation you must do some research to ensure that the gig you are planning to offer has interested buyers.

What if you have a wonderful gig idea, but it didn’t sell?

To avoid such situation you must undertake necessary research to understand what buyers in your niche are looking for.

3. Find popular gigs related to your skill set –

One of the best ways of seeing success with Fiverr is to dig out the popular gigs related to your skill set, study them,

then model your gig accordingly.

Most important metrics you should look at while studying other gigs are its:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image
  • Pricing strategy
  • Upsell strategy
  • Bonus strategy

4. Craft your gig’s title –

Now as you are ready with all the research data, jump into gig creation.

Obviously, here title creation will be your first step.

Following are the steps you must follow to optimize your gig’s title.

– Based on your research data model your gig title, use intriguing words into the title to ensure it catches your target customers the attention and is relevant to him/her.

For example, if you are offering a logo designing gig.

You should consider using titles such as

I’ll design 3 MAGNIFICENT logos in 24 hours

I’ll design a PROFESSIONAL logos with free revisions

I’ll design 2 STUNNING logos BONUS Free editable file

– All the above titles are beautifully crafted because they include two important things.

First, they all have intriguing words such as MAGNIFICENT, PROFESSIONAL, STUNNING and BONUS.

These words definitely help to catch the attention of the right people.

Secondly, they all are appealing to the most important aspects that any person who wants to design a logo is looking at.

For example,

the first title “3 MAGNIFICENT logos in 24 hours” will appeal to the people who are in urgent need of a logo.

The second title “PROFESSIONAL logos with free revisions” will appeal to the kind of people who want the option of incorporating their changes into logo design.

The third title “2 STUNNING logos BONUS Free editable file” will appeal to the people who have some knowledge of logo designing and want to customize the logo on their own.

5. Create your gig’s image

While doing initial homework you must have observed that some gigs have better images than other which makes them really stand out.

Shortlist such images and take inspiration from them while modeling your image.

Once you’re ready with the initial idea use free online image editing tools such as Pixabay or BeFunky to create your gig’s image.

6. Write gig’s description –

Your gig’s description plays an important role in convincing your potential customers to place an order with you.

So you must ensure that your gig’s description is precise, clear and appealing to your potential customers.

Study other top related gig’s descriptions to get some inspiration and model your description on them.

Remember, don’t ever copy other gig’s description it will get you banned.

Just use theirs to get ideas to create your unique description.

Also, make sure you’re listing your gig into the right category to maintain its relevance.

7. Use right tags

Tags play the most important role in ranking your gig higher.

Most of the people don’t realize its importance, so it provides you with the best opportunity to overtake them if you optimize your gig properly using accurate tags.

8. Apart from all the points mentioned above, you need to make sure that your work is credible and unique on Fiverr.

There might be many logo designers out there on Fiverr, but if you are the one who understands the needs of your clients,

and delivers the work in the best possible way then you’ll be able to secure them as your client for a long time.

How to Monetize –

Monetization is very simple. More people place orders with you more money you make.

Your delivery work influences your user ratings which directly affects your order placement.

The simple rule of thumb is, higher the user ratings, higher your orders will be.

Fiverr handles all your transactions securely so you don’t need to worry about any payment processing issues.


4. Do CPA Marketing

passive income idea

What is CPA?

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action.”

CPA is one of the popular ways of making money on the internet. CPA marketing is very simple: you get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action.

That action could be:

  • Providing an email address
  • Signing up for a free trial of a product
  • Downloading a mobile app
  • Requesting a quote

CPA is easier because you’ll earn money even if a product is not sold.

Unlike affiliate marketing where somebody must purchase a product for you to receive commissions.

CPA model works on lead generation.

Many big companies are willing to pay big commissions for generating targeted leads.

Your job is to just get them a lead, they will do rest of the work for generating a sale from those leads.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for;

1. People who love to talk, write, explain and have the ability to persuade.

2. Best for people who already own a blog or website with some daily traffic.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to promote CPA affiliate links using social media, videos, forum marketing, paid ads, etc.

2. Ability to persuade and convince people through right argument and explanation.

Time Required For Starting CPA Marketing –

To start CPA marketing and earn commissions you need find an offer to promote, then get accepted by a CPA network.

You can find an offer almost instantly but getting accepted into a CPA network might take a week.

But, once accepted you can instantly start promoting an offer of your wish.

Tips –

1. Find different offers –

Your first step here will be to find different CPA offers available in the market. And the best way to dig them out is to visit and

Both these sites work as search engines for finding CPA offers. They aggregate offers from all the reputed CPA networks available worldwide.

2. Select your perfect offer –

If you already own a blog in any particular niche then select an offer related to that niche. Make sure it is relevant to your blog and audience.

For example

If your blog talks about android app gaming, then a CPA offer which pays you when somebody installs an android game app would be perfect for you.

3. Getting accepted –

Believe or not but getting accepted into CPA networks has become a huge stumbling block for most of the marketers.

Most of the CPA networks nowadays implement tough scrutiny to ensure that only high quality and legitimate marketers get access to their offers.

This is to prevent any fraud or any illegitimate activity.

Following are few tips which will help you to get in:

Be honest –

CPA networks filter out scammers and not the legitimate people.

So make sure the information you provide is real and isn’t shady.

Don’t try to trick them.

Know you offer –

If you already know what offer you want to promote then it’s a great plus point.

You’ll be asked about it when you’ll fill out the application.

This shows that you are one with a plan.

Know your traffic sources –

While filling out your application you’ll be asked about your traffic sources.

So you must know how people are going to reach your offer.

Are you going to promote it through email marketing, mobile ads, writing an article on a blog or anything else, you must clearly mention it.

Optimize your blog –

Once you’ve joined a network and selected your CPA offer, it’s the time to promote it on your blog.

The best way to do this to integrate your affiliate links in the blog’s content.

This is so far the best way to get higher click-thru rates.

Another way is you can place banners either on in the header or sidebar section.

Always do some experiments and try to optimize your link placement to maximize your click-thru rates, but while doing so ensure that you are damaging your blog’s user experience.

How To Monetize –

Commissions for CPA offers usually range from $0.10 to $10 per action.

In some niches such as Insurance, Attorney, Antivirus Software it can go up to $50 per action.

Imagine if you could get 10 people to download a trial version of an antivirus software which pays you $50 per install, you’ll earn $500 without even selling anything.

Commissions offered are decided based on the factors such as niche, back-end product cost, product demand and supply, targeted country and so on.

In order to earn maximum commissions, it is best that you choose offers which are relevant to your audience and pay higher commissions.

5. Be An Online Tutor


Due to the growth of busy lifestyle many people nowadays prefer the convenience of online coaching.

The growth of technology and the internet has made the experience of online coaching extremely realistic.

As a result, the demand for online tutors is growing fast.

So if you like helping others to learn, online tutoring could be the earning ticket for you.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for people who love to teach and have a gift of imparting knowledge.

Skills Required –

1. Expertise in any particular subject you wish to teach such as mathematics, science, computer programming and so on.

2. A college degree or at least two years of completed study in the subject you wish to teach.

3. Some experience as an online tutor is a plus, but not necessary.

How To Get Started –

The First and the best way is to enroll with the online tutoring sites, these sites will assign you students based on your profile and schedule.

Following is the list of reputed online tutoring sites:

  • The second way is to start on your own.

Create a local ad or flier with your credentials and contact information and place it up in libraries, grocery stores and on community bulletin boards.

Ask your friends and relatives to spread the word.

Create a Facebook page about your online tutoring class and invite your online friends and acquaintances to like and share it online.

Expected Earnings –

You will earn from $9 to $40 per hour depending on your reputation and experience.

If you are a certified teacher with expertise in subjects such as advanced math, science, statistics and computer programming, you can charge more than $50 per hour.

6. Join Q/A Sites

passive income

Sometimes search engines aren’t simply enough to find the answers to our personalized questions. That’s where Q&A sites come in.

When someone needs a personalized answer quickly, they mostly turn to popular answer sites to get the help they need.

If you are an expert in any particular field then answering people’s’ questions on Q&A sites can fetch you a handsome income online.

On most of the top Q&A sites, questions are priced from $5 to $25, even more for more complex problems.

All you need to do is provide appropriate answers to questions of your choice.

If the asker accepts you answer he or she will pay you the agreed amount.

Answering on Q&A sites is one of the most easiest ways of making money online by leveraging your existing skills.

It’s even better because you don’t need any investment to start or learn any new skills.

Following is the list of some reputed Q&A sites you should consider joining:

7. Do Micro Jobs


Micro job sites are the sites that post micro tasks and pay you once you complete these tasks.

These micro tasks can include anything like counting the shopping list items, calculating the total bill amount, do commenting on blogs and so on.

The only problem with micro-tasks is that they don’t pay you much per task.

In order to make a substantial income from these sites to support your living or any cause you’ll have to complete many tasks and as quickly as possible.

This Passive Income Idea is Suitable for – 

Micro-tasks are suitable for you if you have lots of free time.

Most of the people join micro job sites just to earn some side income and make good use of their time.

Following is the list of few reputed short task sites you must try:

8. Write for  Authority Sites

Freelance writing job

There are many authority websites who are always looking for fresh content and ideas to expand their user base and maximize profits.

For this reason, they need new people with new ideas who can do this job for them.

Although most of them have content research, curation and editorial teams, but no matter how experienced they are they cannot cover everything.

So, many such websites will pay you to write content for them.

This helps them to capture new ideas and topics that otherwise would have never been discovered by their content teams.

This also provides a great opportunity to writers who want to earn quick cash writing articles without getting into the hassle of creating and marketing their own blog.

This Passive Income Idea is Suitable For –

People who love to write and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.

Skills Required –

Ability to express knowledge in writing with simpler yet effective way.

How To Get Started –

The best way to get started is to find the topics that interest you the most, do some research and compile an informative article.

Then find the authority websites in the niche related to your topic, contact them via email and forward your article to them.

Following is the Bonus List of 12 Amazing Authority Websites from diverse niches, most of which will pay you up to $100 per article, upon acceptance or publication.

Your aim should be to find a site that matches your interests and write as many informative articles for them.

Bonus list of 12 amazing authority websites –


Topics Covered – General
Payment – $100 per article
Payment Method – PayPal


Topics Covered – Finance
Payment – Up to $75 per article
Payment Method – PayPal


Topics Covered – Parenting
Payment – $75 per article
Payment Method – PayPal


Topics Covered – User Experience
Payment – $100 per article
Payment Method – Unspecified


Topics Covered – General/Humor
Payment – $50 – $200 per article
Payment Method – PayPal


Topics Covered – Web Development/ User Experience
Payment – $50 – $200 per article
Payment Method – Unspecified


Topics Covered – Internet
Payment – Up to $200 per article
Payment Method – Unspecified


Topics Covered – Writing
Payment – $75 per article
Payment Method – Unspecified


Topics Covered – Living Overseas
Payment – $75 – $400 per article
Payment Method – Unspecified


Topics Covered – Web Development
Payment – $150 – $200 per article
Payment Method – Unspecified


Topics Covered – Make Money Online/SEO
Payment – $50 – $200 per article
Payment Method – PayPal


Topics Covered – Travel
Payment – $50 – $200 per article
Payment Method – Unspecified

Now, you have the list, go ahead and write some money writing articles.

Enjoy your life!

9. Become A Graphic Designer


Graphic design is one of the most important aspects for businesses because graphics is something that catches our attention and attracts us towards products and brands.

Imagine, how would you feel when your newly purchased iPhone comes in a poorly designed, dull-colored box?

Not happy, right?

Quality graphics help to build the brand’s image into customer’s eyes, they create a long-lasting positive impression on people.

Due to the rise of the internet and technology, new businesses are spawning up every day that’s why the need for eye-catching graphics has become crucial to many businesses.

This is why there’s an ever growing demand for graphics designers.

You as a person who wants to make money online can leverage this opportunity to change your fortunes.

As a graphics designer, most of your jobs will include designing websites, logo, print headers, illustrations and product interfaces.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for Artists, designers, painters.

Skills Required –

1. Creativity and imagination.

2. An understanding of current trends and styles.

3. Ability to conceive and create designs.

4. Ability to convert designs into digital format using tools such as Photoshop.

5. Ability to manage your time, meet deadlines and work within the budget.

How To Get Started –

You can find graphic design jobs by visiting following websites/URLs:








Expected Earnings –

As an entry-level graphics designer, you can expect to earn $15-$35 per hour.

Once you reach an intermediate level, you can expect to earn $35-$60 per hour.

You will make $65-$100+ per hour once you have lots of experience and positive reviews.

10. Start Dropshipping Business

How to dropship from Aliexpress

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a concept related to e-commerce.

It’s a method in which the online store doesn’t produce or stock the product it sells.

Instead, the store first sells the product then purchases it from a third party for a lower price and gets it shipped directly to the customer’s address.

Dropshipping is an excellent business model because you just need to set up an online store, make sales and earn profits.

You don’t need to worry about stock, inventory, packing, shipping or handling.

It’s a great business model for someone who has very little money to invest because you don’t have to buy a product unless you’ve already made a sale and have been paid by the customer.

So, basically in this business model, you are using customer’s money for purchasing a product and making the profit without investing your own money.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for Anyone who loves e-commerce.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to deal with your clients and suppliers in a confident way.

You should be able to answer their queries, solve problems and instruct them correctly.

2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

3. Ability to spot trends, opportunities and adapt quickly.

4. Analytical skills.

5. Up to date knowledge of the industry.

How To Get Started –

The hassle-free way to get started is by signing up on

What is

Shopify is a website which provides you all the technical things that you’ll ever need to setup your online store.

You’ll get hosting, domain name, design, themes, payment gateways and almost everything at one place.

Shopify makes online store setup so easy that anyone without much of technical knowledge can do it.

It’s great a great choice if you want to focus and spend more time on your business growing activities rather than technical setup and maintenance.

Shopify is not just like any website generator or CMS like WordPress.

It’s a complete e-commerce platform with more than 70k people using it for selling products online.

Tips –

1. Decide what you are going to sell –

Before you can start setting up your online store on Shopify make a list of things that you want to sell.

You can sell anything from wristwatches to t-shirts, necklaces, accessories and so on.

If you still can’t decide what to sell then try to make a list of things you like or which interest you the most, this will give you a heads up.

2. Do some initial research –

Once you have the list, you must conduct some research.

Find the answers to the questions such as:

  • Does the product you are intending to sell have demand in the market?
  • How much price are people willing to pay?
  • Where are people visiting to buy these products?
  • On which social media channel you can find your best potential customers?
  • What is the age group of your potential customers?
  • What are the current trends?

The best way to find the answers to above questions is to visit top e-commerce stores such as find which product designs are selling the best,

read the customer reviews to get more insight into customers expectations.

You can also visit product forums, join social media groups, popular blogs to collect more data about your potential customers.

This data will help you to select the right products that will appeal your target audience and thus fetch you more sales and profits.

For example,

if you plan to sell wristwatches visit and check out best-selling wristwatches note down their price range, observe their designs, read customer reviews and note down important points.

Find out other similar e-commerce sites like Amazon and repeat the above method. After that move on to watch forums, fashion blogs to collect more data about your potential customers.

3. Find the suppliers –

Once you’ve finalized the products you want to sell, you can visit sites like or to find the suppliers who can provide you the products.

Shortlist some good suppliers, discuss your marketing plan with them and see if they are the right fit for you and can deliver agreed products within the time limits.

4. Set your store on Shopify –

Once you’ve completed the first 3 steps it’s the time to setup your online store.

Do this, register on, verify your email and start store creation process.

Here you’ll need to choose your custom domain name, theme, product category and finally, add products.

While adding products you can use the images and description used by your preferred supplier from or

5. Pricing strategy –

Your pricing strategy is going to define how much money you are going to make.

Use the data you collected during the research step to decide your product’s pricing.

For example,

if you’ve decided to sell wristwatches and they cost you $17 per piece on Everbuying, and your research data is suggesting you to sell it for maximum $30, then you can sell it for $27 and make $10 profit on every sale.

6. Promote your product links –

Once you’ve added products to your Shopify store you can start promoting them wherever you want.

Social media is the best place beginning your promotion campaign.

You can also offer discount codes to attract more customers to your store.

7. Orders and shipping –

Once anyone places an order use that money to place the order from your supplier on Everbuying or Alibaba and provide him your customer’s shipping address.

Your supplier will himself make the arrangement for packing and shipping.

You don’t need to worry about anything.

The more targeted people visit your store and make the purchase, the more money you make.

11. Get Paid For Tweeting

Instagram marketing

If you are someone who loves Twitter and was eagerly waiting to discover a way of making money online on Twitter, then there’s good news for you.

You can make money on Twitter just by posting “sponsored tweets.”

Of Course, Twitter is not going to make a millionaire but it’s a good way to earn instant money.

If you have a big follower base then you can make up to $50 to $100 per tweet, and $5 to $20 per tweet for a smaller follower base.

The money you’ll make will also depend on demographics of your followers and niche.

For example,

if you are a network marketer with thousands of followers and most of your followers belong from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia then there’s a very high chance that most of the network marketing companies will pay you above $50 per sponsored tweet.

In simple terms, if you have a good following on Twitter, you can leverage it for making some money online.

The biggest benefit of this method is that you don’t need to invest even a single dollar neither there’s any need for a website or any other technical setup.

Just tweet and earn!

To find sponsors sign up on the following websites:

12. Start TeeSpring Campaigns

What is TeeSpring? is the best way to design and sell custom apparel online.

You design a product and sell it.

The sales money pays for the production of your design and we ship it to all of your buyers.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for Artists, designers, painters.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to conceive and create designs.

2. Ability to convert designs into digital format using tools such as Photoshop.

3. Ability to promote your designs on social media

Time Required Starting A TeeSpring Campaign –

If your design is ready you can create a Teespring campaign within minutes.

How To Monetize –

1. Select T-shirt color and size. Upload the design.

2. Start promoting your T-shirt on social media and/or using paid ads.

3. More T-shirts you sell, more money you earn.

13. Do Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is another form of affiliate marketing in which marketers promote products on Facebook.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for people who like to use Facebook.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to create appealing Facebook posts and images.

2. Ability to promote your page on Facebook.

3. Ability to persuade people with proper reasoning.

Time Required For Starting Facebook Marketing –

You can easily start Facebook marketing by creating promotional posts and create a Facebook page promoting a product.

This can be done within minutes.

How To Monetize –

1. Get more people to visit on your Facebook page.

3. Start promoting any affiliate product relevant to the Facebook page’s topic.

3. If possible, use Facebook ads to promote your posts and pages in a wider range of audience.

3. More people buy products from through affiliate link more money you make.

14. Participate In Usability Testing

Passive income

Usability testing is the process in which you need to test out apps, websites, software, etc and share your feedback with the developers,

and help them in finding bugs, problems or improving the user experience.

With usability testing, you’ll mostly need to find whether the website, app or software that you are testing is easy to understand, easy to learn, efficient and error free.

One great thing about usability testing is that you don’t need any special knowledge, equipment or tools to get started.

You can use the equipment you have such as your mobile phone or laptop to start the testing.

Like many other sites, you need to sign up and create an account with the usability testing sites and finish the testing jobs available to you.

Most of the sites will pay you in direct cash deposits.

Following is the list of few reputed reward sites you must try:

15. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing for beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards a certain percentage of commission for each product bought by the customers who are brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Suitable For –

This passive income idea is suitable for people who love to talk, write, explain and have the ability to persuade.

Skills Required –

Ability to promote a product online using social media, videos, ads, etc.

Time Required For Starting Affiliate Marketing –

Virtually within an hour. You just need to select an online product that pays a commission when you promote and sell it using your affiliate link.

Tips –

1. Select an online product from the domain in which you are well conversant with.

For example,

If you are a dietician then select a product related to diet.

There are lots of products available in every domain you just need to focus on which domain is suitable for you.

2. Places to find products:,, These websites have thousands of products listed from multiple domains.

3. Choose a product that pays you at least 50% commission on each sale.

4. Most product websites handle affiliate link generation and payouts so you don’t need to worry about how you’ll get your commissions.

Just get your custom affiliate link created by the vendor and start promoting it.

5. If you want to earn instant money from affiliate marketing try to promote your affiliate link on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.

How To Monetize –

Monetization is simple, just make more people buy the product through your affiliate link.

Create a Facebook page or Banner ads about the product.

Tell people how the product will help them to solve their problems.

Improve people’s knowledge about the domain and help them to solve other related problems.

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