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8 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners – Maximize Your Profit

If you really want to go into affiliate marketing business,

but you don’t know which affiliate marketing programs that is right for you as a beginner in affiliate marketing.

This guide is for you.

I have successfully analyze the profiles of the best affiliate marketing programs  for beginners.

I discovered that some companies are dedicated exclusively to affiliate marketing,

joining digital media with different advertiser brands.

I came to realize the fact that a lot of people who want to earn money online are neglecting affiliate marketing,

Due to facts that, they are

  • Unable to make sales
  • Having difficulties in driving traffic
  • Don’t know how affiliate marketing works

But, in this guide you are going to discover that in some affiliate marketing programs, you don’t need to make sales before you earn.

If you find yourself in any of the above listed categories,

then today you will have a change of mindset when it comes to affiliate marketing business.

I will take you on the 8 best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

But, first  check on my previous guide A complete guide on affiliate marketing for beginners.

However, if your already familiar with affiliate marketing,

but your major issue is driving traffic,

then I suggest you read my previous guide on traffic generation that has been thrilling on Google now  with over 100 comments 24 easy ways to increase traffic to a website for free.

Affiliate marketing programs for beginners
Best of All

The 8 Best  Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners:

1. Coobis

Coobis is a Spanish.  affiliate marketing company that connects bloggers with sponsors.

It has very simple operation, you contribute the data of your web like the url, the thematic one, description, etc.

And in few steps you will be able to generate yourself a code to insert its banners in your website.

In the control panel you will see how many users have clicked on the ad.

That yes, you will be paid depending on the users who have registered on the advertiser’s page, and not the click received.

This affiliate marketing  program is easy and suitable for beginners. register on coobis

2. Adpv

It is the marketplace of advertising par excellence.

They help advertisers to create their online campaigns and bloggers to manage their digital platforms.

The best of all is that they have a tool that allows affiliates to add their website and define the advertising areas they want to offer.

You can choose between three types of zones, depending on the services you offer: display, newsletter and or sponsored post.

You can can also choose in each advertising zone the business model that interest you.


The one reason why I recommend Adpv is that you can also earn even without selling  a single product.

And that why I listed Adpv as one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

Register on Adpv here.

3. Antevenio

Antevenio is a Spanish company specialized in digital advertising.

You can send a presentation of your websites,

and negotiate with them the different advertising spaces that you offer on your website,

depending on your number of visits and the theme of your website or blog.

Register on Antevenio here

4. Commission Junction

Commission junction (CJ Affiliate) is now one of the largest affiliate network on the web.

Almost every major merchant is on commission junction,

giving the affiliate a greater range of products to choose from.

Affiliate get even more power in decision making because the advertisers offer multiple creative sizes.

This customization and plethora of product makes it nearly impossible to not find a product to promote on your site,

no matter what your niche is.

CJ has one of the most powerful reporting systems in all the affiliate networks.

This will greatly help you optimize your performance.

The more you analyze how your products are doing and tweaking them to do better,

the more money you will make.

With CJ, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

That being said, it can be a steep learning curve to set up, navigate and understand all the reports.

To complete the application process for CJ affiliate you need to enter your tax information.

Without it you are barred from using the network.

In your marketplace of publishers you can enter you web page or blog as support for advertisers.

This tool offers total transparency when publishing the performance metrics of all advertisers and their advertising.

They also have strategic advice to improve the performance of your spaces totally free.

Register on CJ here

5. Linkshare

Linkshare is also one of the oldest affiliate networking sites on the web,

however, it still remains to be a smaller one,

only have a small percentage of merchants compared to some of the other networks.

However, this does not stop them from being one of the top affiliate networks.

One of the main features of Linkshare is that you can rotate through multiple banner ads for a particular product from a single snippet of code.

This is a key feature because you do not have to manually select which banner to run and it allows for variety on your site.

Linkshare also allows for flexible deep linking options.

This means that you can link directly to products instead of the merchant’s homepage.

You don’t need to be approved to sign up and can start using linkshare right away.

Linkshare does have a considerably smaller merchant pool than other networks,

such as CJ, that have most of linkshare’s merchant pool plus more.

Register on Linkshare here

6. ShareASale

Shareasale has a large network  of merchant from small businesses to the big fortune 500s,

and they have been around for a long time, so they have built up relationships with credible merchants.

The payment scheme of shareasale is the 20th of each month via direct deposit or check.

Shareasale offers a large range of comparisons when you are trying to decide which offers to select.

This is a great when trying to decide on which offer will be the best o promote on your site.

In order to sign up with shareasale, they need to approve your websites which can take 2 -4 business day.

Shareasale also has a difficult use user interface that can be cumbersome for new users .

Once you get the hand of it, you can make good money on shareasale.

Register on ShareaSale here


7. Jz Zoo

JV ZOO is newer to the affiliate marketing scene that others networks,

however they are quickly becoming the rising star because it is easy to use and free to sign up.

They have a large number of advertisers offering a wide range of products.

There are some products that are only available in JV ZOO,

so even if you are already using the other affiliate networks,

JV ZOO can still be profitable to you.

JV ZOO has great customer service and is always happy to help out.

While they do not have the best looking users interface, it is practical and easy to use.

One of the great features that JV ZOO has that the other networks do not have is that your commission go instantly to your paypal account.

JV ZOO is very popular among the “ make money online” crowd because it is easy to get paid instantly with the adaptive Paypal payment scheme.

Why wait for your hard earned money.

This is one of the reasons the JV ZOO is quickly becoming one of the more popular affiliate network even though it is one of the newer ones.

Refunds with affiliate marketing can become a nightmare and ruin your reputation based on the payment schemes of the other affiliate networks.

With JV ZOO there is no issue with the buyer getting their money back because with instant,

and direct paypal payments, paypal simply deducts the payment from both the publisher,

and the advertisers accounts the same way the payment went in.

Register on JVZoo here

8. ClickBank

Perhaps one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks out there,

clickbank is also one of the best affiliate marketing networks.

You can earn commission of 1% to 80% from their large network of advertisers.

Infact, clickbank has the largest source of advertisers of all the affiliate network.

Clickbank 60 day money back guarantee is very important to consumers,

and they feel comfortable when they see the clickbank logo.

The reputation of clickbank precedes itself and when a consumer sees the logo they know they are getting a quality product.

Clickbank only offers digital information products.

Clickbank might not be the right network if you are focused on fashion or sports for example.

Since there are no distribution costs with the products clickbank offers, this allows a higher percentage of commission to go to the affiliate.

Register on ClickBank here


Conclusion on Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate marketing for beginners

marketing is an alternative revenue system to Google Adwords that works very well for the most veteran bloggers.

Have you tried this type of banners and links promoted on your website or blog?

Tell me your experience.🤔😇

About the Author: Johnmiracle Ejikeme

A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of Mitrobe(Uprising blog), speaker at various seminars. Life motto: Never Relent, Teach & inspire while you could & .Smile while you have teeth.

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