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How good is the Rank Math SEO Plugin | A Honest Review 2019


Rank math attempt to distinguish itself from other wordpress SEO plugins by including free analysis tools and other premium features for free.

I tested rank math as at when it was newly launched and I thought I would not use it again.

Care to know why?

Because I did not feel so good about the plugin after usage of first month.

Plus I got discourage about the negative reviews and criticism about Rank Math SEO  plugin.

Rank math review

But that was sometime back.

Let say, I have learnt how and discovered the right way to use rank math plugin and that had made me achieve a better result.

And plus am going to share some tips on how to use rank math plugin to achieve better result.

Who is behind rank math SEO plugin

Rank math SEO plugin comes from Mythemeshop developers, who also sells quite a few theme and plugins.


I would not say Rank Math is the best SEO plugin in 2019, but it has several features when compared to Yoast and other wordpress seo plugin.

Care to know why:

It is because; my review is honest (not a paid review), and it is based on my very own practical usage and experience.

For instance.

Yoast premium version is been reviewed as the best wordpress seo plugin tool.

Yoast review

But, have you ever wondered how come it still has negative reviews!

Yoast negative review


It always trials and error.

What work out well for you might not work out well for others.

Rank Math SEO  plugin is the SEO game changer because

Rank math
Rank math seo Plugin

1. Super fast light weight SEO plugin

Rank math plugin is even faster, packing so many features, and it has a negligible load on your server unlike other wordpress SEO plugin.

2. SetupWizard

Rank math setup

Even if you are a beginner, you can setup rank math with the aid of the setup wizard.

All you have to do is set a few options, and rank math will configure itself perfectly for your website.

Plus they have provided a proper complete SEO setup guide for their plugin …

Watch the video to learn how to setup yours properly


3. SEO Analyzer

Rank math analysis

This is a unique feature that is only attributed to Rank Math SEO plugin.

It has in built SEO analysis which will give you SEO recommendations that you would have spend a dollar or two to figure out.

4. Optimize 5 Keywords

If you’re using Rank Math seo  plugin you can optimize your post for 5 different keywords for free.

Of which you would have spend a dollar or two in other wordpress SEO plugin to access this feature (Yoast as a case study).

5. Google Keyword Suggestion

Rank math SEO plugin will assist you when deciding on your focus keywords,

Rank math can help you discover more keywords by pulling in keyword suggestion from Google.

6.  1-click import from Yoast


With a single click, Rank math can import all your settings from Yoast SEO to itself.

Plus the transfer is instant, and you don’t loose any SERP ranking as a result.

7. Quick Indexing

Fast indexing

I don’t know if any other users of rank math do notice this.

With rank math your newly published article will be index within few minutes of publication .

8. Support

Rank math support

(95 out of 100 ) requests are immediately resolved.

9. Search traffic

Rank math search report

My blog is a case study that show organic traffic improvement after start using Rank math seo  plugin.

I accept that even yoast or other wordpress seo plugins don’t improve traffic they are basically managing your traffic.

Rank Math Overview

Rank math seo Plugin

Rank math seo plugin is quite a nifty tool to rank your website and grow your small business.

It is good no doubt, disregarding the fact of the negative sentiment it has had overtime.

However, it can get quite wieldy when using it.

But if you follow instructions you will definitely flow with it.

You just need to understand that ranking high doesn’t depend on the kind of SEO plugin you are using alone.

It will be best if you see them as a guide to rank.

Rank math download

Since have been using Rank math SEO, my knowledge about onpage seo has increased with pace.

Though, have not yet scored 100/100 on my blog post,

but I make sure with the guidelines they have provided I stay above 85% before publishing any post.

How do I know?

That because I have been getting reviews from my blog users, some did state how they find my blog.

I didn’t know how this my previous articles thrilled the net 24 easy ways to increase traffic to a website for free (as a case study) that it got me over a 150 comment.



with proof that some find my blog through various search engines.

Case 1


Case 2


So, with these I will recommend rank math seo plugin, and for begineers most especially.


It is because now Rank math seo plugin is  completely free, it will save you a lot of money compared to yoast premium.

Plus there are fit for the game.

And you won’t dare to compare yoast free version or other wordpress seo plugin free version with rank math .


Take for instance, Yoast free version gives you a chance to optimize your post for just a single keywork.

But, rank math gives you five options.Overall rank math free version (has no paid version yet).

So you might want to take that into account when opting for the plugin.

Also, but in to consideration that it a newly launched plugin and there are building their audience and need some testing.

Overall, rank math free version offers more features than other plugins out there.



How to Optimize your article with rank Math SEO plugin

Before publishing an article, there are certain onpage seo rules to obey before you finally hit the publish button.

And if these rules are not taken into consideration, the tendency for your article to rank high in SERPs will be low.

For instance

The 100/100 score in Rank math seo plugin is a determination if you fully obeyed the onpage seo rules.

You must not score 100/100 but until the score button turns green then you should know your article is not ready to be published.

Rank math team has also provide tips to help score 100/100 for best optimization 

However, I will still outline my some tips and tricks in using rank math seo Plugin for onsite seo.

Rank math seo Plugin on site seo guide is divided into four categories.

The 4 categories.

1. Basic seo
2. Additional
3. Title readability
4. Content Readability

Basic Seo

Rank math seo Plugin

  • Ensure that your target keyword is included in the seo title of your article.
  • Ensure that you include the focus keyword inside seo meta description.
  • Use the focus keyword as your article permalink.
  • Make sure you the focus keyword is included in your content along side it phrase and LSI keyword.
  • Ensure your content length is 700 and above
Additional information

Rank math

  • Try to make shorten your URL.
  • Ensure the target keyword is included in Subheadings.
  • Use your focus keyword as an Alt description for at least on of your images in the article and ensure all your images has alt description.
  • Link out to external website it tell Google your site has greater information and add at least one dofollow backlinks to the external links. You can learn more of backlinks here and how to use them.
  • Ensure your focus keyword is spread withing your content, but try as much as possible to keep it Natural.
  • Make sure you have 3 or more internal link to other blog post in your site.
  • It advisable not to use a focus keyword more than onces, it preferable you update the previous published post on that keyword.
Title readability

Rank math Plugin

  • Your focus keyword should appear at the tile or Close to the title of your article.
  • Your title should have a positive and negative sentiment, here is a guide provided by rank math team on positive and negative sentiment.
  • Your title should contain at least one power words, power words are used to increase ctr, words like Revealed, Best, Easy, etc.
  • Your title must contain a number.

For instance a title, 24 easy way to increase traffic to a website, sounds more cool will get more clicks than a title Increase traffic to a website.

Content Readability

Rank math

  • Make sure you use table of contents in your article for easy navigation
  • Your flesch readability score should be above 50,you should bear in mind that your articles will be consumed by humans and not search engines.
  • Make sure you use short Paragraph so your content won’t be so clumsy.
  • Make sure you use lot of images and as well videos to increase user experience, reduce bounce rate.


Conclusion on Rank Math SEO Plugin

I have to say that just using a SEO plugin will not get you conversion, traffic, results etc. Instantly.

You have to be consistent and follow other best seo practice mentioned in authority blogs like blog by ahref and providing great content.

Types of backlinks
Content is King

so others can link back to you.

Thus, increasing your traffic and ranking

About the Author: Johnmiracle Ejikeme

A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of Mitrobe(Uprising blog), speaker at various seminars. Life motto: Never Relent, Teach & inspire while you could & .Smile while you have teeth.

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