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How to get a lot of freelance writing jobs for free in 2019


Before I start anything, I want to quickly tell you about something that would help you to succeed in freelance writing business, and tips to securing a lot of freelance writing jobs.

These tips would also go ahead to help you in life also. If you use them effectively.

They are what I call!

F raise to power 3 (F3)

1. Faith

2. Focus

3. Follow through


Have faith that you will succeed in what ever you want to do and be ready to put in your best to make it work.

The reason why this is important is that so many people are afraid to try new things  and as a result,

they do not trust themselves enough to do great things.

I want you to trust yourself, especially if you are a newbie  in the field because,

freelance writing jobs for beginners may seem tedious but only you can make things happen for yourself.

Nobody else will!


Be focused on what you want to do and do it right.

A lot of people make mistakes with this. Focus is very important.

Know what you want to achieve in freelance writing job and how you want to achieve it and then go for it.

Follow through

The power of persistence. Everybody in life who succeeds are persistent people.

How bad do you want to succeed in this freelance writing jobs online opportunities?,

What urge that you wish to be among the top paid freelancer.

What taste do you want to get tons of freelance writing job daily/weekly.

Really, you might experience some challenges in freelance writing jobs as a beginner.

But in this guide, I will be sharing with you, how to start and succeed in freelance writing jobs including those pitfalls you have to avoid as they would waste your time.

However, before we go into the guide proper I will brief you on how to  write articles and the do’s and don’t in freelance writing.

And in case freelancing is not your taste you can also try my guides on making money online with affiliate marketing for free.

Let get Started!

How to Write Articles

What is an article? An article is simply a brief/short information about a topic.

It might be a paragraph or more than a paragraph.

The truth is that with the help of the internet today, any smart person can really create articles on different topics they like.

For instance, I have written on a variety  of subjects such as Blogging tipsDropshipping from Aliexpress  etc.

And you too can do just that! How?

That is what I want to tell you now.

Guides when Writing an Article

An article comprises of the headline (topic) and the body.

It is a combination of words, sentences and paragraphs.

To make your article writing simple, use my 4-step formula below.

1. Headline

2. Introduction

3. Body

4. Closing

The introduction is where you introduce the article.

For instance, if I were to write an article on a topic like “24 free easy ways increase a website traffic

I would start with something like the one below:

In the world of blogging, getting started is not the issue, the pain of publishing an article and getting no one to read it is a big blow to every blogger.

There are a lot’s of way to increase traffic to a website for free.

But all of them need a lot of work, time and investment.

In this guide, am going to share 24 very quick hacks which you can use right now and boost your traffic up to 70%, and it’s completely free.

It will take only your 15 minutes read and will give your thousands of free and targeted visitors.

You are about to learn my working methods to increase website traffic fast to a website for free.

Also, I will reveal how internet gurus are able to drive massive and 100k traffic per month for free.

Hope you know?

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business.

Without traffic, you can not get online success and can not make money online irrespective of your online business.

These are very simple techniques which YOU can use right NOW.

Everyone online business need traffic.

it is the number one problem which most bloggers face these days.

If you have been tired of asking or reading question over then read to the end.

After the introduction comes the body which is the article itself and then the
closing where you quietly close the article.

Whenever you want to get freelance writing jobs, do the following:

1. Make sure it is a job you are specifically suited for.

2. Take time to re – adjust the cover letter you will send across to fit the job
you are applying for.

3. Make sure you send your resume across. (More on this later)

4. Make sure you send samples of your jobs across if asked for.

5. Make sure you send a PM if it is on a bidding site.

6. Use ‘Re: Topic of article advert” as your subject line when sending a proposal  for a job across.


Freelance writing jobs for beginners


How to Create Compelling Cover Letters, Resume (Samples)

While it is true that freelance writing jobs get posted all over the internet everyday,

you must also be aware of the fact that a lot of people like you are also looking
ahead to grab those freelance writing jobs.

Therefore, the first thing you must discipline yourself to do is to check those article writing sites early. (Especially and

By the time you have now looked through the jobs and you decide to get one,

look at the conditions the job poster is asking for and use it to craft your cover letter to send to him.

For instance, if the job poster says that he needs 20 articles of 500 – 1000 words,

with well written English to be submitted promptly and he says he want writers to send their resumes across,

this is what I will send as part of my cover letter.

Dear job poster (or name)

I am a highly experienced writer who is skilled at writing perfectly with the English Language.

I am very strict with deadlines and I pay full attention to it.

As a matter of fact, I write 10 – 15 articles per day so your job won’t cost me more than 2 days.

am the one for your job as you will find in my resume attached to this mail.

I would be awaiting your positive response so that I can start immediately.


Concerning your resume, you do not have to make a list of your hometown, stories etc.

The next thing that is very important here is job samples.

At times, some people specifically require writers who want to work for them to submit samples of former work.

This is simple to do.

For instance, if somebody needs articles written on pets and he says he needs samples of your work.

All you have to do is search the internet for articles on dogs, cats and other type of pets.

Use them to produce 3 short articles (like 500 words) and send it across to them.

WARNING – Never, EVER copy and paste an article from the internet.

There are software that can be used to detect if the articles are original and if you are found guilty, you might lose a lot of profitable jobs.

So, don’t ever try that.

Bonus Tip:  As a freelancer looking for writing jobs it is advisable you give out your best articles to average to top bloggers and also join free articles submission sites like

So you can use your articles there as samples when applying for a freelance writing job.

Steps to submitting application for a freelance writing jobs
1. sites you must be close to are:
2. There are 2 ways of submitting Job applications.

It is either you bid for it ( only shows you jobs from bidding sites)

You apply directly to the owner ( shows you jobs that you can apply directly for)

IMPORTANT – If you are trying to get freelance writing jobs on a bidding site,

make sure that their way of payment is okay with you and bid earlier.

You should also send a Pm after bidding.

NOTE – in case you are not comfortable with the bidding sites,

simply stick to (because personally, I don’t go for jobs from bidding sites) but their pay is high anyway.

Samples of Cover Letters that I Use.


I saw your advert on Craigslist for top Internet writers for your blog.

Please allow me to say straightaway that I am that person you really need.

Without trying to blow my own trumpet, I consider myself one of the very best Internet researchers around.

From using the Internet daily to research information on various subjects and topics, including on “Successful Companies”

for a business newspaper, I have come to possess exceptional skill in using search engines, especially Google and Yahoo efficiently and effectively.

Also, being a professional writer with huge experience, I’m detail oriented with great spelling and proofreading skills,

as well as strong attention to meeting deadlines. And of course I can use Microsoft Word and Notepad excellently.

I am a prolific writer and researcher.

I will help you research whatever information you are interested in and craft those information into powerful
pieces that would captivate and interest any reader –


In addition, my fee is cheap. I take $3 only for a 200 word article and $6 for a 450-500 word article.

Please see samples of my previous work, as well as my resume in the attachment.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon



Dear friend (or name)

I am the writer you are looking for.


Simply because you need a writer who works with deadlines.

And who is professional and that is exactly who I am.

As a matter of fact, I have been writing for the past 3 years with impeccable English and I work strictly with deadlines.

As you will see in my CV attached to this mail, I am also an editor and as a result, my writing skills have been happened a lot over the years.

I also work effectively with the search engines like Google etc to research and produce original and excellent piece of work.

And these are the reasons why I would like to work with you.

Thanks for reading and I will be expecting your response as soon as possible.




Dear job poster,

I saw your advert for an effective SEO writer on Craigslist and I want you to know that is me!

I am an experienced and highly efficient SEO writer and I have been doing this for the past 5 years.

I know how to work effectively with great search engines like Google, Altavista etc such that your site can be ranked higher as a result of the SEOs

In case you do not believe me, I have decided to attach a sample of an SEO article that I wrote to this mail so that you can see how excellent my piece of writings really are.

Also, my resume is attached to this mail so that you van get access to other information you need about me.

I will be expecting your prompt reply so that we can start as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Yours truly,




Dear name,

It was excited to see the details of your freelance writing job at Craigslist today because I am specifically to do your kind of jobs.

I have been writing for XXX years now and I have been doing so well like you will see in the samples of jobs attached to this mail.

must also let you know that I meet all the requirements you want in a reader,

(Insert requirement here).

My writing costs are affordable as you can see below:

200-250 words – $2

250-300 words – $2.50

300-350 words – $3

350-450 – $4

450-550 – $5

Due to the fact that I work with deadlines,

I have adjusted my Daily activities so that I can quickly give you a well done job and that is why I am suggesting that you send me the details so that we can start right now.

I hope you will respond as quickly as possible.

I will be expecting your reply.




NOTE – To write a compelling cover letter is not that serious.

Just make sure that you use what the job poster says he wants in his advert to draft out your cover letter to send to him.

If he says he wants samples of your articles, send them to him.

If he wants someone who is deadline oriented and stuffs like that, say them in your cover letter.


The Importance of a Deadline

A satisfied client of yours can continue to give you jobs and even introduce others to you,

and that is why you must make sure that your jobs are excellent and that you always meet deadlines (People from developed countries are very strict about deadlines and once you do not meet them, they see you as un-serious)

If you want to make sure you always have jobs to do every single month,

take time to deliver every piece of work you do as highly professional.

To add this, use the word editing programs like Microsoft word and spellchecker to get rid of every grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Freelance writing

How to Submit Finished Writing Jobs

Once you are through with writing jobs, simply save them in Microsoft Word and put them into a folder if they are plenty and then make them into a zip folder.

The reason for making it into a zip folder is so that it can be lighter and sent early.

To convert a folder to a Zip file, simply open Winzip on your computer and look for.

“Create a new zip file> type the name you want to give to your new zip file  and then locate the file/folder you want to zip on your computer and the process is finished.

You can then go ahead to attach the file through your email and send it to the job owner.

However, if the owner wants you to deliver the job in other formats such as notepads or PDF.

Also, if you do not have Winzip, you can download a free copy from their site at or use Microsoft word to send the articles.

I believe you know how to attach files to your email.

Simply click on compose, look for a link that says “attach files” when you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you would see small boxes with ‘BROWSE’ next to them.

Click on BROWSE and locate the files to be attached on your computer.

Click attach files and then continue with sending your email.

In case you still can not do it, simply ask someone to help you out.

Sample of the Resume that I Use and You Can Use…Too By Tweaking



Contact Address: No. 40, Wilberforce Island, Amassoma. Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Cell: +234-906-174-1954, +234-901-205-1320

Email Address:

Objective: Digital Marketer / Writer / Proofreader / Editor

Profile: Staff Writer / Researcher / Sub Editor with more than 2 years’ Experience providing contents, proof reading and editing magazines, Newspapers and newsletters for publishing houses.

Core Competencies:

• Exceptional ability to create top-class writings.

• Possess powerful research skills.

• Uncommon ability to write impeccable English, captivating and Incisive writings.

• Proven ability to meet deadlines.

• Exceptional ability to create powerful, compelling headlines.

• Possess immense knowledge and usage of the Internet

• Solid ability to cut stories without loosing the necessary Information

• Strong ability to spot errors in writings

• Great expertise in SEO

Work Experience:

Presently works as a Freelance writer. Hosting company (, 2019

Assistant Editor

• Provide content.

• Provide captions and headlines.

• Provide promotional content for the Newsletter.

Freelance Writing:

• Consistent freelance writing for a variety of other publications.

• Expert Article Contributor On and some other article submission sites like HubPages.

• Sent out newsletters to members weekly.

• Organized periodic seminars and conferences.

• Proofreading of all submitted contents from members.


• Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills

• Fluency in the English Language.

• Ability to Work Effectively Under Pressure.

• Ability to learn quickly and easily.


• Niger Delta University B.Sc. Pure and Applied chemist 2021

• Computer Literacy:

a. Microsoft Word.

b. General Windows Usage

c. Graphics Design..

Additional Information:

• Effective Leadership Ability with Experiences.

• Exceptional Time Management.

• Ability to Learn Fast.

• Ability to Get Others to Work Together Harmoniously.


About the Author: Johnmiracle Ejikeme

A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of Mitrobe(Uprising blog), speaker at various seminars. Life motto: Never Relent, Teach & inspire while you could & .Smile while you have teeth.

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