Boost website traffic

24 easy ways to increase traffic to a website for free

There are a lot’s of way to increase traffic to a website for free.

But all of them need a lot of work, time and investment.

In this guide, am going to share 24  very quick hacks which you can use right now and boost your traffic up to 70%, and it’s completely free.

It will take only your 15 minutes read and will give your thousands of free and targeted visitors.

You are about to learn my working methods to increase website traffic fast to a website for  free.

Also, I will reveal how internet gurus are able to drive massive and 100k traffic per month for free.

Hope you know? 

Traffic is the life blood of every online business.

Without traffic, you can not get online success and can not make money online irrespective of your online business.

These are very simple techniques which YOU can use right NOW.

Everyone online business need traffic.

it is the number one problem which most bloggers face these days.

If you have been tired of asking or reading question over then read to the end.



24  Tips and Tricks to Increase Traffic to A Website

1. Display your top pages first

Your most important pages.

You written a lot of post on your blog but each post are not as equal.

So if you want to increase quick ranking for your most important post, use this techniques.

If you checked my blog home page, you will find this section:-Above three post are the most important post of my whole blog and I want that most of visitors read these post.

To make this happen I put these three post at custom home page so that these posts get more eyeballs.

Second benefit of this is everyone create backlinks for their homepage.

So our home page has most link juice than any other page.

By putting our most important post at home page we pass more link juice to these page to quickly boost traffic and ranking.

You can also apply this technique to your blog too.

2. Add other’s Youtube video in your posts.

You don’t have a YouTube video, don’t worry.

I am not telling you to make your own video. Instead of this, embed any other related video.

How will this benefit you:

Let’s suppose you have written a post which has 700 word. Now suppose you have added a 5 minute video or so.

If visitors come to your site they will also watch that video and your average time on site will increase to 10 minutes.

And by doing this you are increasing your website dwell time.

And once again this is one of the main Google ranking factors.

3. Change your post title to “title 2019” and get thousands of free visitors

Yes this works.

You can not rank for “make money online“, because you can’t actually outrank top site that has already dominated the first page,

And that will lead to low organic traffic to your website but you can rank for “make money online 2019”


There are visitors who only want fresh article so they type 2019 after their each search.

Try this and you will get thousand of free visitors to your site.

Viperchill shared a detailed guide on it How Four Numbers Can Send You Millions of Visitors from Google And that 4 number is year

4. Audit your site for technical error and solve them

Do you know that A broken links break your whole SEO.

So if you want to stay ahead form your competitors audit your site SEO and technical SEO.

I suggest 2 free tools.

First is

Simply put your site home page URL and hit search. This will result all broken links, duplicate page and thin page.

Increase traffic to a website

Another great tool I love is It will crawl each page like google bot do.

And find if there any page or post which are not index-able or if your robot.txt file creating any problems.

Website traffic

You can also find duplicate content and broken links with other free tool.

5.Content Locker

Simply Put a content locker at each post ask your reader to share.

This will make your content viral and You will easily increase your website traffic.

You could tell your website visitors to share a post first before accessing it content.

So with content locker strategy you can increase traffic to a website for free.

6.Optimize meta description for click

The Meta description is the second most important parts of on page SEO.

If you want to stay rank above from your competitor then you need greater CTR (Click Through Rate) than your competitor’s.

To make this happen you need to optimize your description for more click through rate.

7. Add your new post link in your most popular postand

By adding your new post link in your most popular post (internal backlinks) it will drive free traffic to your new post.

This is very simple. If you want to increase page views for you blog and each new post,then just go to your most popular post and add new article.

Very simple but it works.

8.Comment on other blog with  yourname@keywords

The best way and the best techniques to driving traffic by commenting is type your name@keywords in name field while commenting.

This techniques works greater than commenting on comment luv blogs.

There are a lot of blog in your niche who accept and publish these comments if your comments are high quality.

Your name does not make any sense to click on it. No matter how good or long comment you have written.

You are just wasting your time by this way.

So next time whenever you comment at any blog put your blog name after your keyword and enjoy free traffic.

I suggest commenting only at auto approve blog comments like, forums, and

I will also advice you to register an account on my site to increase your site DA and PA and also stay in-touch for more tips

9. Re-share your old content

There is no good reason to not share your old evergreen content again and again. This surely increase traffic to a website.

If your people love your post in 2018 then they will also love it at 2019.

I suggest you find your 5 best performing post and sharing them with different title and description.

All social media marketing website use this technique.

You can also use this tricks to boost your traffic for free. I would recommend two tools to auto-schedule this task.

Buffer is best tools for sharing your old post automatically.

You can add 3 social media in free version and 10 article at single time.

Buffer will automatically post it on social media as per scheduled time.

Another tool you can use is mass-planner.

All you need to add your post or page RSS feed in volume campaign, and it will share your post automatically at hundreds of destination (Facebook groups, Linkedin groups and Pinterest)

10. Use AIDA system while writing each of your post

AIDA in this context means attraction, interest, desire and action.

This is great copy writing techniques which used by all top copywriter blog like copyblogger, problogger etc.

There are some great guide on this but I will write a guide for it separately, so consider saving your spot by registering here.

11. Your title should be very attarctive.

Attractive title do send tons of free traffic to a website.

You can add words  like “Secret Revealed”, “fixed”, “Which you don’t know”, Which none will tell you” etc. or other words to boost your CTR.

12. Your first 100 words of each post should be very interesting to your reader.

Everyone knows this strategy of driving traffic to a website.

You should trigger your reader pain in first 100 words.

And at the middle of your content you should complete your reader desire on what they are looking for.

And  at the conclusion you force them to take action that all.

13. Join HQ Share Exchange Programme

To increase traffic to a website for free it advice-able to join HQ share exchange programme like Viralcontentbee and leadsleap.

There are many social media exchanges sites but you should not waste your time on each site.

If you want to drive traffic to your site then you should join only two sites.

First is viral content bee

This is a high quality social media exchange site.

You share other post and you get point and in return you can submit your own post and other will share on twitter, facebook, pintrest and stumbleupon.

Viral Content Buzz is a place where you can earn points for sharing other people’s content, and use those very points to get other people to share your content.

Yes, I realize this post isn’t supposed to have social media related methods for getting traffic, but Viral Content Buzz doesn’t really have to do as much with social media as it has to do with showing your content to a community.

There is no crazy social media tool, strategy or trick involved.

You simply have to submit your content to the site and it will send traffic your way.

On some level it’s nothing more than a place where competent people from different niches gather to share quality content.

Now, if you happen to like something shared by someone, you can help them out and Tweet it or Like it on Facebook.

The more you participate in the community and share other people’s content, the more exposure you can get for your content.

Viral Content Buzz thoroughly checks your social media profiles to makes sure that your Facebook,  and Twitter profiles that you are using to promote other people’s content are real profiles with real followers and plenty of activity.

This makes sure that none of the people joining the community are looking to take advantage of it.

Because these are real people with real followings that are genuinely sharing your content, you get a lot of visibility and traffic.

Join Viral Content Buzz and submit your best content.

Your content will be shared by people who would not have seen your articles otherwise, and you will get traffic that is genuinely interested in reading what you have to say.

You need to have 10k Facebook page likes or 5k twitter fans to get started with their network.

You can not spam their network and if you try to do this they will kick out instantly.

Second is Leadsleap

This is leads provider service for free.

You can drive traffic, get free quality leads (email subscriber) and make money up to 10 level .

If you belongs from Internet Marketing niche than you must join this network.


Hey wait again I will not bore you.

I will not suggest you to answer questions as much you can.

I will give you the secret formula to drive massive amounts of traffic from questions and answers sites like quota and Yahoo answer.

  • Just sign up at Quora.
  • Fill your interest
  • Look out some questions.
  • Find questions about “Application” and “Website”

Lets supposed some one wants an android app for whatsapp spying.

We know very well that whatsDog is very good for this job.

But the tricks here answer his questions like this”

Hey dude, Your question is same what I was searching for many days.

But Finally I found an app called whatsDog.

It’s a free app and doesn’t need of rooting cell phone.

You can download it from here ( your post url where you have whatsdog download link).

Note – If you don’t have no download link then also you can do same.

No problem. Same in the website, reference about your website. Mind opened?

Now It’s your turn: -Driving traffic to new blog really a big pain.

But if you follow the right system and the technique I am sure you can drive big traffic in short of time.

Follow above my secret techniques and share your experience.

Which technique are you using to driving traffic to your site?.

15. Write a Roundup Post To Quickly Grow your traffic

A roundup post is an entry that speaks about a group of people in your niche.

This strategy is used to build relationships with influencers in your niche.

Let them know that you are reaching out to them and promoting their content.

More often than not, this leads to them returning you the favor by blogging or tweeting about you.

If they are indeed influential in your niche, their return of favor will be sending massive traffic your way.

How to write great round up post which gets your traffic, and links and social shares:-

  • Ask right question and easy to answerable question like name your 3 best link building tools, Which one is better between aherfs and moz etc.
  • Find the right person
  • Right Promotion
  • Set up an email autoresponder Series and Get Free Returning Visitors


16. Email Marketing

This is my number #1 money making tricks.

You can boost your blog traffic and also make fast money at same time with this feature.

Having an email list is not enough, there needs to be a strategy to get your marketing and promotion messages across to your list.

An auto-responder is an email marketing tool that once set up will automatically send emails to a subscriber in specific time intervals after they sign up to your email list.

Setting up an auto-responder email series requires some thought and organization.

Ideally, your autoresponder emails should contain content for every important article on your blog and each email should have a call to action designed to get the reader to click through to your site.

17. Use keywords in your title tags

If you want to get more traffic to your website, it is crucial to know where all that traffic is coming from.

You should also use other On Page Seo Factors.

Majority of online traffic finds content on search engines using keywords hence the first step to get found on search engines is to include keywords into your website.

We call this process On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

One element to include keywords in is in your title tag, the title of your website.

There are many other elements to search engine optimization.

18. Generate free traffic to your blog using HubPages.

HubPages is an online space for you to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors.

One of the 50 most visited US sites on the Internet, it is where you can get more traffic to your main site.

If you are able to get the attention of the ready traffic there by contributing interesting and value-adding content Set up a page.

Squidoo is similar to HubPages where you can create “lenses” that tend to rank very well in the search engines.

Provide a link back to your website and that you will get you more traffic to the site

19. Conduct Proper Keyword

Research To rank faster. Keyword research helps you to find relevant keywords that are high in demand but low in level competition.

Use the Google Keyword tool to gather this information, and then use it for search engine optimization or cost per click campaigns to get your website ranked to be found by prospective customers.

Or you could use an awesome Keyword Research software like: Long Tail Pro with 10 days free trials .

20. Page Rank Cafe

Page rank cage is a viral traffic generator and one of best source to drive Targeted Visitors.

How it works –

  • You simply need to surf 10 pages to post 1 link.
  • Once you post that 1 link it is live 24 hours!
  • When new people come to the site to post their ads.
  • Your ad will be eligible to be clicked for the entire 24 hours without you lifting a finger.

Join Page Rank Cafe and check it yourself.

21. Set up a Facebook business

If you really want to increase traffic to a website set up a Facebook business page to join in the conversation with Facebook users.

You can send updates to your fans, which will show up on their home pages.

You will also have access to insights and analytics of your fan base.

The good thing about having a Page is that you can have an unlimited number of fans, while individual accounts can only accommodate 5000 friends.

22. Participate in Forums

Participate in forums and add a compelling message in your signature.

Forum posting is one of the ways to increase the traffic to a website.

When you participate in forums which are on topics surrounding your niche or website content, give value-adding comments and participate actively in the discussions.

Add a persuasive message in your signature to attract forum members to visit your website.

Some Forums you must join:-

23. Give Away Free Stuff and Grow

One very effective way of making your content viral is to give away free stuff.

You are able to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, generate leads for your business.

And even make sales later by giving away high quality free stuff on the front end of your sales process.

24. Updating Your old post

We have limited time. Limited subject and limited content.

So if we want to successful in this industry then we should create ” time management plan”.

But Google index and give better rank who update quickly ( minimum 2 times in week), the question is here…

“How we can fool Google?”

Just update your site’s content, update old post, Add some information in old post, add more images to all old post, create new page.

All of these things will send a signal to Google that this site is update regularly, so Google will give you high rank as It give to other regularly updated blogs.

In fact this the hidden black hat seo tricks which only a few webmaster know.

Bonus – This process also help for better Alexa ranking.

Last Words :

Ok, After reading this post how are you feeling?

Tell me in comments section and additional if you want more tricks like this you can join our email subscription where I will send you “Full Seo Guides”.

Also, you can also register an account in my blog to enjoy free bonus and unlock some lock content for free.

I am sure after applying all these methods regularly, you will get enough and tons of traffic for free.

Also If you think that some thing should be also add to this list please let me know.

We will update the list with your name and your website name to create a backlink for you.

Is there anything secret tactics to increase website traffic fast which may be work, Please let me know in the comment section.

About the Author: Johnmiracle Ejikeme

A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of Mitrobe(Uprising blog), speaker at various seminars. Life motto: Never Relent, Teach & inspire while you could & .Smile while you have teeth.

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