Affiliate marketing for beginners

A complete guide on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2019

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online.

Everyone wants to get success in the field of affiliate marketing.

Do you know why?

It is because affiliate marketing allows you to have a steady stream of income.

But before going on affiliate marketing for advanced you have to learn the basic things required for affiliate marketing for beginners.


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So before I continue this guide  I will love to give a quick recap on affiliate marketing, what it really is and explain some key terms in affiliate marketing that you should know.


What is affiliate marketing

Do you want to earn money selling products as  from other companies over the Internet? You can do it.

And without the need for a large infrastructure or initial investment?

You’re in luck, with Affiliate Marketing you can get it.

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy that is based on the following principle: an advertiser, whether a company or an eCommerce, that pays another company to help sell and promote your business.

And an affiliate that agrees to promote the product or service in exchange for a commission.

Advertisers or businesses agree to deliver creative or advertising corporate material (banners, advertisements, links) so affiliate marketing can incorporate them into their website.

Definition of Affiliates Marketing

The definition of affiliate marketing is that it is a method to get sales of products and / or services from a web page in exchange for a certain commission.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Key terms in affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Manager: This is a person who manages the affiliation channel of a company. Take the affiliate program, follow its objectives and control that proper use of corporate branding is made.

The profile of the worker does not have specific characteristics and can play the role properly both marketing people, for the commercial nature, as technology professionals or the digital world,

journalism or advertising or even consultants in the end the important thing is that control various facets and that can guarantee results to the company:

the most important are sales, analyze and be aware of the records and conversions and that an appropriate use of the brand is made.

An affiliate: Usually has a blog or content page that is growing in traffic and visits and wants to take advantage of it to earn money. Want to monetize your page or blog .

It is essential the trust that inspires both the users and the company with which you join and also the selection of products and business relationships that you make from the date on which the affiliation program begins.

Affiliate marketing is a branch of online marketing that is based on achieving results.

Companies or websites, called affiliates, are responsible for advertising to merchants (stores or advertisers) by publishing their ads or promotions.

These affiliates obtain a commission when the user enters their web page and performs the determined action (click on a banner, register or buy).

This type of marketing differs especially in the cost perceived by the company.

The Cost per Action (CPA) allows the advertiser to pay only for each of the users who perform the determined action and not per campaign.

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guides for Affiliate marketing for beginners

To start affiliate marketing as a beginner, you have to work on the following things first.

1. Select your niche for affiliate marketing

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing guide, then you must start by selecting a niche for you.

It is always a better idea to select a topic in which you are passionate about.

It is because it is really easy to work on the topic you are passionate about.

The next thing you have to consider while selecting a niche for you is how much money you can get from this.

2. Find products to promote

Once you have picked your niche then you have to find products that you can promote with ease.

There are a lot of websites where you can find different products.

By exploring these websites, you can get better ideas about which products are easy to promote or in which things people are more interested.

Research the demand of product effectively to understand the demand of the product.

To get better affiliate marketing ideas, you can explore the sites of your competitors.

You can also write about the products that you have already use and find useful.

To write for such products will be easier for you.

3. Build your website

After you have done your research and now want to start work then you have to build your site.

It may seem a difficult step but actually, it is not. has made it really simple to build a quality website for everyone.

4. Produce appealing content

Content is everything. Fill your site with the content which people can find interesting and useful about the product you want to promote.

And place the affiliate link at different places of your content.

5. Build an audience

Once you have set up your blog and add content on your site, it’s time to promote your platform to build an audience.

It is because when you will get more traffic on your site, the chances will become greater to get more clicks.

You can use different social media platforms to generate traffic on your website.

Affiliate marketing
How to make money from affiliate marketing?

Most of the people want to know about how to make money through affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting different products by referrals.

In other words, you can earn endlessly by promoting products of different companies.

You can earn a healthy amount if you have a blog with good traffic.

In affiliate marketing, you recommend a service or product of a company at your website with a link from where the user can purchase that service or product.

When a user will visit the merchant website through your given link and will make a purchase, you will get the fixed commission as a reward for that sale.

You can join different companies which are giving the option of affiliate marketing such as Amazon and can link your selected products in your articles to promote them.

Tips to get more sponsors – as a beginner in affiliate marketing

To start an affiliate marketing program, you have to build your audience first.

It is because if you are going to have more traffic on your blog site you can get the sponsorship offer of any company to earn money easily.

By having affiliate marketing tips, you also need to know the things which are important to attract more sponsors with ease.

Following are some things that you must consider for this:

1. Stand out in the crowd

It is time to be honest.

It is because you can attract more sponsors, if you are doing something great which your competitors are not doing.

To attract more sponsors your goal is to bring something unique and attractive that can be helpful for you in pursuing more people to make a purchase through your platform.

Create the best content and get more traffic on your blog site, then ask your desired companies for sponsorship.

2. Never give a reason to sponsors to say no

It is better to design sponsorship packages with more creativity and offer better results in return. Never show any flaw in your dealing.

It is because by this the company will have no reason to say no to your offer.

If you are managing your site well, the chances will be higher of getting sponsorship.

3. Join affiliate networks

Another way that you can use to find different products for your niche is to join different affiliate networks.

These platforms work as a middleman between merchants and affiliate marketers.

Many of the organizations are using these affiliate networks, it is because through these networks they can easily find affiliate marketers for their companies.

4. Try to reach different companies

If you want to promote a product of an organization and you are unable to find the affiliate program of the company you can contact the company through email to get sponsorship.

5. Always be prepared to be prospect-centric

It is better to be prepared to meet the needs, goals, and requirements of the organizations.

To accomplish what you are going to commit, you have to stay focused and flexible.

6. Bring the best of you

Nothing can happen immediately. Try to grow your platform as much as possible.

Things take time to happen. Stay consistent and stay in touch with the organizations, you will see how every interaction is bringing you closer to your goal.

In every affiliate marketing course, you will be learnt different ways to earn money from affiliate marketing.

Whichever niche you are going to select or whichever product you are going to promote you have to be consistent.

And it is always better to learn about the product which you want to promote.

What products are usually promoted in affiliate marketing?

The reality is that thanks to affiliate marketing, there are thousands of products and services that can be promoted thanks to affiliates.

However, the most common are:

  • Infoproducts
  • eBooks
  • Trainings (Courses, workshops and programs)
  • Discounts
  • Digital tools
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Paid searches
  • Mobile apps
  • Generation of visits
  • Filling information
  • Subscriptions

As you can see, there are many items within affiliate marketing, and within each, an immensity of products and services to choose from.

How does affiliate or affiliate marketing work?

As a beginner in affiliate marketing it best you know how affiliate marketing works, how you earn with it.

Affiliate marketing is based on a well-known but little explained technology: “cookies”, which allow to track the information and data of the Internet, in this case the links and banners, in an appropriate way.

A cookie is a technology, programming code, with which browsers work to store different sets of data about the behavior and actions of users when browsing the web:

from which pages they have visited, the records they have made, passwords saved or the content that they have dumped in a virtual shopping cart.

Affiliate marketing uses this technology to remember the link or ad that a visitor has clicked to go to another web page.

They store the date and time, what types of content and webs the user frequents.

It’s simple and that’s how it works:

A client arrives at the affiliate’s blog and clicks on a link or banner that takes him to the e-commerce and if he finally buys or performs the action that the company wants,

the process is tracked with the cookie thanks to the CJ – Commission Junction, which contains PID (identification of the site), AID (Identifier of the ad or specific link) and SID (Shopper ID, transactions are recorded) – which is able to identify the advertiser and already value the amount of the commission for the service.

Each one is a world, but all have a very clear common ground: You register on the platform.

Some will also ask for your tax identification number so you do not forget to pay your taxes.

You look for companies or affiliate programs that offer to be able to sign up for them.

The company you select will usually provide you with “resources” such as HTML code, images or links that you can use on your website.

Once placed on your website, start the “magic” marketing strategy that you must carry out for people to click (or whatever action).

In the web of the platform you will be able to see statistics of the clicks received and those that have ended up in the action for which they will pay you commissions.

Charge the commissions of the actions taken and take something to my health.

You must be clear that the “cost” of finding companies so easily in an affiliation network, is that it will take part of the commission you get and you will therefore charge less .

Types of affiliate marketing
  • Websites

In this case, web pages that deal with a specific topic are interesting for merchants that sell products or services related to the content of the page.

These websites advertise the products of the stores to their readers and obtain a commission for sale, registration or click obtained.

  • Cash back and sites that share their income with users:

Companies that use cash back have a registry of users and share with them the commissions either with money, discounts or exchangeable points.

These users make purchases through their platform and receive a percentage return. An example is the company Lyoness .

  • PPC Affiliates that work in search engines:

Affiliates provide qualified traffic to merchants by purchasing words or phrases in search engines such as Google or Yahoo .

  • E-mail marketing databases:

Another type of affiliate marketing is the transfer of data from registered users who are interested in a topic related to the product or service offered by the merchant and is often used together with other types of affiliate marketing.

The type of commission most used is the CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

  • Co-registration databases:

Users who are interested in the products or services of several companies can subscribe to an affiliate’s newsletter.

  • Affiliation networks:

In order to regulate relations between advertisers or merchants and affiliates, so-called affiliate networks appear.

Among the most popular affiliation networks we can find Zanox or Tradedoubler.

These companies act as intermediaries between thousands of advertisers and affiliates, in addition to providing the tools for tracking sales directed from an affiliate’s page and controlling transactions in a way that is safe for both parties.

These platforms host a variety of advertisers and merchants from hotel chains, flight companies, clothing stores and accessories to gourmet stores.

On the other hand, some stores use their own affiliate network where affiliates can register and follow the results of the advertising they are providing on their website.

Advantages and disadvantages of using affiliate marketing

You will have to learn to value yourself if it is worthwhile to carry it out in your blog or not. So here I leave the pros and cons of these strategies:

Advantages of affiliate marketing
  • You can generate income passively “simply” by recommending a product that another company sells.
  • If you have recommended a service that charges the client on a recurring basis every X time, you can also generate income on a recurring basis .
  • You can recommend almost any product without having to “tie” to any company.
  • Recommend products with which people are satisfied can increase your impact and confidence towards you .
Disadvantages of affiliate marketing
  • It requires time and effort, so it is a strategy that gives results in the medium and long term(depending on the case, of course).
  • Recommend products in exchange for a commission can create rejection to your readers . Many do not like to be “sold” at all.
  • Misuse or poor choice of the product or service can make you lose credibility and confidence towards you . Be careful what you recommend!.
  • Acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller can make customers believe that you will also be responsible for managing their complaints or problems with that product (with the inconveniences that this could cause).
The 4 keys to monetize with affiliate marketing
1. Qualified traffic

If only your family reads to you, only your family will buy you. Until then everything clear.

To start selling you need to generate visits. But here I want you to take into account one thing,

it is not about gaining visits just because, but to attract qualified traffic.

People who, when they arrive at your website, are interested in your products.

2. Trust

We reach one of the key points: trust. I’ve mentioned it more than once throughout the post, but remember now the first example I put you: the boy who was doing his backpack and you have doubts.

Why did you buy what I recommended?

Because he trusts me and my criteria.

If you need to buy something and you have doubts, what do you do?

Questions to family and friends. And if they do not know how to respond, you expect the store clerk to know how to advise.

It is in him that you place your trust. However, the Internet has changed the rules of the game of this business.

Now, thanks to the network you have a world of information.

Not only can you know the opinions of other people who have bought, but you have real specialists who can advise you.

As a blogger, you open yourself to the world.

You have everything that happens to you, you give opinions on different topics and help others from the knowledge you have.

And with all this, you start to generate a community.

A group of people that connects with you and with whom a link is generated.

They read to you every week, they know how you are and above, you have helped many of them with your contents.

3. Credibility

United with confidence. Besides trusting me you have to respect my criteria.

I can fall great, but if I recommend a powerful drill for you to make holes in a wall, the most likely is that you pass me Olympian.

Your credibility adjusts to your experience, to what you master.

What can you use to improve your credibility?

For me one of the best ways to enhance this point is to use the videos. Basically, for 2 reasons:

They see your face or, failing that, they hear your voice.

The fact that you are there is very important, it will be understood as a sample of transparency and security in what you recommend.

Very useful to show how the product or service works. What greater proof can there be that something is good than seeing it in full operation?

4. The problems of your ideal client

This point is not only applicable to affiliate marketing but to any system that you use to generate income through the Internet.

That’s why I told you before that membership is interesting when you start.

Discovering the problems your audience has, takes time.

If you create an info-product of your own at the outset, you most likely believe something based on your tastes and not on what your community needs.


You will not sell anything and you will have lost time and money in creating something that is not commercial.

In contrast, with affiliate marketing you can see what works best and what is not without risk.

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