Are you looking for a detailed 1xbit review? Then carefully and thoroughly read every line of this comprehensive 1xbit review which entails everything you need to know.

1xBit review: Every working class human yearns for an alternative or supplementary source income. While many have opted for taking second jobs, the rest have opted for investments in various sectors like foreign exchange, stock trading, cryptocurrency trading and sports betting.

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But what if you can get two of both cryptocurrency trading and sports betting in one package to burgeon your earning power. This is what 1xBit is all about.

What is 1xBit?

1xBit is a sports betting site specializing in cryptocurrency payments. Although Bitcoin is the benchmark in this field, 1xBit also allows transactions with several other cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2016, but online since 2014, the 1xBit platform offers betting on more than 1,000 daily sporting events including LIVE casino games.

All customer accounts support multiple virtual currencies so users can therefore use their 1xBit bonus accounts to bet with over a dozen cryptocurrencies.

The 1xBit bookmaker offers a wide range of sports betting spanning over 55 different sports. Football remains the most represented discipline with more than 1,600 possible bets.

But there are other sports on offer on 1xBit, such as badminton, table tennis or tennis. Navigate the site to discover all the online offers.

The Live Casino section is only a tab on 1xBit but it has the merit of being one of the most complete because almost all the providers of table games with croupiers are represented.

1xBit App

The 1xBit platform also has applications as well as a very easy-to-use web version.

The 1xBit bookmaker offers its users different possibilities to bet from a phone. On the official website are applications available for smartphones running either Android operating system or iOS.

The web version of 1xBit is accessible from any device and relegates any need to download an app. Just type 1xBit in the search bar of your internet browser or visit this link.

The application for Android and iOS as well as the web version are very functional, with all offering the essential services for sports betting.

How to Download 1xBit App

Here’s how to download the 1xBit app:

  • Go to the web version of 1xBit at
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the “Mobile applications” tab

1xBit Registration: How to Open a 1xBit Account

To open a 1xBit sports betting account from your smartphone:

  • Click on the “Registration” tab on the home page.
  • A security question will appear in form of photos showing a vehicle, traffic lights or a bridge.
  • 1xBit will then deliver your account number and password.
  • You will now need to provide and confirm your e-mail address.
  • After this step, you must provide personal information in order to finalize your 1xBit account.
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1xBit Promo Code and Bonus

1xBit is a popular choice among sports bettors, as they offer a welcome bonus of 100% up to 7 BTC (an equivalent of about $210,000).

1xBit offers different bonuses and several promotions each season. There are three main bonus offers on 1xBit:

  1. The first is the welcome 1xBit bonus of 100% up to $100 or its equivalent. This first deposit bonus can increase up to 125% if users redeem redeem a promo code on 1xBit.
  2. The second is betting insurance, where bettors can purchase insurance for their bets. In case the player loses, he will be able to get his money back. This reduces the amount that bettors lose.
  3. Finally, there is the lost bet bonus. If a player suffers a series of losses, he can claim this bonus. For 20 consecutive losses, players can claim a bonus based on their stake. The maximum they could get is $500 or the equivalent.

How To Get 1xBit First Bonus

1xBit offers a 100% bonus for the first deposit. A bitcoin-for-bitcoin system up to 7 BTC!

To take advantage of this welcome bonus, all you have to do is:

  • Create an account through your computer or mobile device. Registration only takes a few minutes.
  • Next make a minimum required deposit of 1 mBTC on your 1xBit account. The funds will be credited to your account in a few minutes.
  • 1xBit bonus points will be automatically opened for you so that you can receive your 100% bonus payment on your deposit, up to 7 BTC.
  • As soon as you wager 40 times the amount of your first deposit, bonus points equal to 100% of your first deposit will automatically be credited to your bonus points account.
  • You can convert the bonus points into funds for your 1xBit account or spend them the way you prefer on the bookmaker.

Find the bonuses as well as all the existing promotions by clicking on “Promo” then “Bonus” in the menu bar of 1xBit.

Pros & Cons of 1xBit

Here is a general overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the 1xBit gambling platform.

Pros of 1xBit

  • Mobile-friendly sports betting system
  • Clear and readable menu
  • Reduced charging time
  • Application available for Android and iOS

Cons of 1xBit

  • No application for tablets
  • Curacao license

1xBit Deposit

1xBit works in Bitcoin and also accepts deposits in 17 other cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Zcash
  • GameCredits
  • NEM
  • Bytecoin
  • Sibcoin
  • DigiByte
  • Bitcoin gold
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • FunCoin
  • BitShares
  • xGOx

Deposit on 1xBit is instant and can be processed via this link or by clicking the very bold Deposit tab at the top of your 1xBit page.

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The minimum deposit amount on 1xBit is 5 mBTC (MilliBit) and there is no limit to the amount you can deposit.

We advise you to check with customer service if all these payment options are available in your country.

Is 1xBit Trusted? 

1xBit is undoubtedly a major player in the cryptocurrency sports betting market with substantial betting offers.

Their mouth-watering welcome bonus as well as numerous other promotions for their registered customers are enticing sweeteners that would be enticing to many bettors and investors.

Although their Curacao licensing might be insufficient to deduce credibility, if you want to bet in crypto-currencies, 1xBit might be the bookmaker for you.

1xBit are also reportedly the first to deviate from the conventional use of fiat currencies to more modern digital currencies and offer fast payouts.

Nonetheless, we however warn that users of 1xBit should thread with caution as very little information is related by the bookmaker themselves.

Although they score above the average mark of 3.0, customer reviews on Trust Pilot are generally unfavourable, questioning if 1xBit can be trusted.

Tricks And Guide To Win 1xbit games Everyday

The following are the top secretes and guides to play and win 1xbit games everyday

1.Have The Knowledge

When you want to start playing 1xbit games, you need to have the knowledge of it.  You don’t just jump into it and start playing just because others are playing or because someone just won a bet. Try and know 1xbit games and know it well.

2.Be Wise When Playing 1xbit games

You have to be wise when placing your bet or when betting games in 1xbit games. You don’t have to be as wise as Solomon to start winning 1xbit games, just use your common sense and you will see how wonderful you are.

3.Be Smart In Your Selection

Being wise when playing 1xbit games is good but it is not the only requirement to win a bet. You also have to be smart and sharp in thinking. Always use your logical reasoning when selecting your odds. Don’t just select or choose because someone have chosen it.

4.Learn From Your Mistakes

Just as experience is the best teacher, you can actually learn from it by identifying your mistakes and correct them. You can only improve in Playing and winning 1xbit games when you eventually correct your previous mistakes and never to repeat them again.

5.Try New Methods In 1xbit games

You cannot do same thing every day and expect different results. You have to always try new ways and see how it works out for you. There is no harm in trying besides, it will give you the experience you will need to apply in the future when you meet same issue on 1xbit games soccer prediction.

6.Be friends with 1xbit games Winners

Make friends with those that have played 1xbit games especially those who have won it before. If you befriend winners, they might teach you their tricks also and you will definitely become a winner. When you make friends with winners and you don’t win immediately, just keep associating yourself with them and you will become a winner someday.

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7.Become Friends With Sports Lovers

1xbit games is all about rewarding your passion for sports so you have to love sports or make friends with those that do. When you become friends with sports lovers, you always get to discuss sports which will make you smarter in your 1xbit games soccer predictions.

8.Follow Trends On Internet

It is no more a new thing that the internet is where you can find almost any information or guide you are looking for. You can only master an act when you keep doing it and follow trends on the internet is one of the way to that master 1xbit games.

9.Don’t get confused by odds in key matches

Do not draw conclusions on a team just from odds awarded to them. Most time after predicting the outcome of a football match you may become confused by the odds given to the team. Whenever you try to modify the prediction base on the odds, you can end up asking yourself questions like “how will a team with 7.5 odd win a team with 1.4 odd” do not keep an eye on odds, because it will make it difficult for you to predict and win.

10.Do Not Be In Haste In Predicting 1xbit games

If you want to win 1xbit games always, don’t be in a hurry when you are predicting your matches. Take your time to arrange your game properly before placing your bet.

Other Daily secretes, guides and Tricks to Win 1xbit games includes

  • Don’t play 1xbit games when you are angry
  • Use your own best strategies
  • Don’t borrow money to play 1xbit games
  • Be secretive in your game – don’t disclose to avoid casting
  • Don’t play all games you see
  • Always know when to bet and when not to try at all
  • Don’t place all confidence on betting sites
  • Don’t always underestimate a team
  • Stop playing once your money finishes.

With both 1xBit and 1xBet being owned by, 1X Corp N.V., one of the most controversial bookmaker companies in the world, Mitrobe advises users and readers alike to show discretion.

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