15 Best Paint Companies in Nigeria

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Are you looking for the best paint companies in Nigeria? Paint is one material in the world that is commonly used; it is a colure substance which when spread over a surface leaves a thin decorative surface.
There is different kind of paint for a different type of users such as the Acrylic paints for artists, watercolor paints, Emulsion and Acrylic paints for road markings, buildings and industrial.
However, such pain is produced and manufactured by a different type of company. Are you interested to know the different types of paint companies in Nigeria? In this article, I will focus on the top 15 paint producing company in Nigeria.
15 Best Paint Companies in Nigeria

  1. Dulux paint

Dulux paint is unarguably one of the best paint  companies in Nigeria and is well known for its high-quality and decorative paint production.
The paint company was  founded in 2015, it produces over 120 colors scheming with high speed and precision for both wholesalers and retailers, it also has branches in over ten major Nigerian cities.
There are also good at color consultancy services in case you are interested.

  1. Berger Paints Nigeria

Next in position is the Berger paint, the company was established in 1760 by a German color chemist, but in 1959 it begins its operation in Nigeria.
It is also known for its high-quality production of pain. The company operates in 6 different segments

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  • Decorative
  • Architectural furnishes
  • Industrial coatings
  • marine and protection coatings
  • automotive and vehicle refinishes
  • Wood finishing and preserves

The headquarter of Berger paint is located in Lagos but operate in 25 depots across Nigeria.

  1. International Paint West Africa (IPWA)

Another company that produces quality paint in Nigeria is the International Paints West Africa otherwise known as the IPWA.
It is a certified company by the Nigerian industrial standards and also by the standard organization of Nigeria.
They focus on the following product:

  • building and industrial paints
  • marine and protective coatings
  •  wood finishes and refinishes
  • Packaging coating and other allied products

It has a production plant in Port Harcourt and Lagos state it has outlets in other major Nigerian cities.

  1. Meyer Paint

Like Dulux, Berger, and IPWA, Meyer is a reputable company that has consistently produced the finest quality of paint in Nigeria since its incorporation in 1960.
Formerly known as DN Meyer PLC, its name was later changed in 2016 after the stakes of its partner company were acquired by another conglomerate.
They focus on the following product:

  • Architectural paints
  • wood paints
  •  auto refinishes
  • Industrial and marine paints
  •  Roof coats
  • Road lining paints
  • Tube coatings
  •  HP coatings and Adhesives

Meyer operates its corporate offices in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt and runs outlets in virtually every Nigerian state capital.

  1. Portland Paints Nigeria

Is also a contender in the paint industry in Nigeria? It started off as a small division of WAPCO a cement producing company but is now a subsidiary of UAC Nigeria.
They focus on:

  • decorative,
  • automotive and distributive paints
  • marine and protective coatings

Their flagship brands are Sandtex and Crown paints. They have outlets in the North, south, east and western regions of Nigeria.

  1. Eagle Paint

Is a paint production company owned by a family and has been in operations since 1979. The company headquarters is in Lagos but as a trusted brand it is well represented all over Nigeria.
They produce and distribute:

  • decorative
  • Industrial paints
  1. President Paints Nigeria

It is an indigenous paint company that was incorporated in 1987. Apart from paint production, they’d specialize in color development products advice and paint application.
They currently run about five hundred retail outlets in Nigeria as one of the leading indigenous paint manufacturing company.

  1. Trumpcoat Paint

It is also an indigenous paint company that produces basic quality architectural and decorative paints. They offer both interior and exterior painting services for commercial and residential projects. Their head office is in Lagos.

  1. Premium Paints PLC

Premium paint manufactures and distributes decorative paints, auto refinishes, wood finishes, industrial coating, and protective coatings.  Its headquarters is in Ogun state.
Premium distributes all over Nigeria and Africa and maintains a good portfolio in the industry.

  1. Prestige Paints Nigeria Limited

Incorporated in 1999, the company produces good quality building paints, automobile paints, marine coating, industrial paints, wood stain, and finishes. They also maintain an efficient distribution system.

  1. Chemstar Paint

Incorporated in 1995, Chemstar manufactures good quality paints and allied products. Their productions include fine coat acrylic paints as their flagship brand, wood finishes, and auto refinishes. They also have a nationwide distribution network.

  1. Precious Paint

Produces diverse colors of paints in forms of gloss emulsion, textcote, satin, etc they are located in Lagos state but distribute their products fairly across the nation.

  1. African paint Nigeria PLC

Is a chemical manufacturing company in Nigeria that produces paints and allied products under two brands zebra and royal. Their products also include marine, protective, decorative, auto refinish paints, industrial finish, wood finishes, and lacquers. Their sales outlets are nationwide.

  1. Permolit Paint

It is a third-generation paint production company in lieu of a world-leading global paint manufacturing company in Turkey.
Permolit paint has distinct qualities that set it apart from others like its inability to fade, crack, swell or peel, Antibacterial, high physical and chemical resistance and its ability to self cleanse.
The company headquarters is in Asaba but it distributes nationwide.

  1. Inter Color Industries Nigeria Limited

Located at the capital of Rivers State, Port Harcourt city they produce high-quality acrylic-based emulsion paints and road marking paints.
Now that you know the top fifteen paint companies in Nigeria, you can make your choices them go ahead to order on Konga or Jumia.
From the above listed paint companies in Nigeria, you can make your choice.


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