Criminology is one occupation that demands a lot of intelligence, critical thinking and extensive investigation. We often come across movies depicting the series of investigative efforts that detectives and investigators commit in a bid to fish out criminals. Therefore, we won’t be far from the truth if we claim that criminology requires digging deep into details.

You may want to believe that an individual will make an excellent criminologist once they’ve got lots of native intelligence and the natural ability to dig into the roots of crimes. However, all of such natural capabilities might not be enough for the individual to meet up with the standards of well-trained criminologists.

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What Is the Essence of a Criminology Certification?

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As much as we can’t undermine the role of native intelligence in the qualities that make a great criminologist, we also shouldn’t ignore the need for a criminology certification. The essence of a criminology school now comes into the picture and this is why it isn’t surprising to see many individuals applying to universities for criminology education.

If you’re a big enthusiast of crime prevention agencies, you could be encouraged to further your enthusiasm and in that case, being a criminology student might be the first thing on your mind. An academic certification in criminology will definitely boost your chances of landing employment in industries where investigators and detectives are needed.

Given that you’re fully convinced about the essence of a criminology degree, you should be willing to find out some of the best universities where you can acquire this degree. The United Kingdom hosts some of the world’s best universities and it is no surprise that a good number of standard criminology schools can be found in the country.

UK’s criminology schools offer industry-focused academic activities which will definitely prepare their students for the big roles in the outside world. Besides appealing to the global standards for criminology education, these schools offer criminology courses that will expose students to the rudiments as well as complexities of criminology.

A Glance at What Criminology Academically Entails

O'Level & JAMB Subject Combination for Criminology and Security Studies

Criminology is an academic field belonging to social and behavioral sciences. As a behavioral discipline, it relies heavily on the research efforts of philosophers, psychologists and sociologists. Criminology also relies on the works of researchers and scholars in other fields including biology, law and social anthropology.

Generally, criminology entails studying criminal activities and other forms of deviant behaviors. Sincerely, it is an academic field that has attracted the interest of many individuals willing to understand the systematic and technical approaches involved in crime investigation.

This post will show you a well-researched list of the 13 best universities for criminology studies in the United Kingdom. All of these universities are long-established academic institutions with globally acclaimed standards. In some of these schools, students are provided with financial aids and certain other materials that should facilitate their programs.

Finally, here are the top 13 universities for criminology studies in the United Kingdom: (Note that these universities are presented in no particular order)

1.Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)

This university is one of the longest-existing UK schools that offer students the opportunity of criminology studies. While it has been in existence since 1823, Liverpool John Moores University is reputed for its impactful researches.

Besides being one of UK’s largest universities, this criminology school has churned out a whole lot of valuable researches, thereby laying the groundwork for the world’s policymakers to proffer solutions to global challenges.

2.Teesside University

Teesside University is a citadel of learning which perfectly integrates culture, industry and excellent scenery. The university’s environment is one that encourages students to ply their academic life while still engaging in extracurricular activities.

Teesside University, which is situated in North East of England, has been in existence for more than eight decades, making it one of the oldest UK universities for criminology studies.

As you would normally expect from a criminology school, forensics constitutes the major courses offered by Teesside University. Besides being one of the best UK schools for criminology studies, Teesside University lets students balance their academic life and leisure.

3.UCEN Manchester

UCEN Manchester is another practical-focused university where students can acquire valuable criminology education in the United Kingdom. The university’s academic structure makes provisions for students in arts, sciences and the humanities to acquire sound education in their desired career paths.

This UK University has all of its campuses located in Manchester. Aside from its delivery of excellent university education, UCEN Manchester makes an avenue for students to settle their tuition fees. This is possible through the financial aids provided by the school.

Just like the other UK criminology schools, UCEN Manchester is one academic institution which gives students the opportunity to serve in their chosen career paths, hence allowing them to acquire hands-on experience.

4.University of South Wales

University of South Wales is one of UK’s biggest universities. A citadel of learning in a countrified location, University of South Wales allows aspirants to enroll in various programs at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

In this UK criminology school, financial aids are guaranteed just to help the students foot their academic bills. Besides the valuable education offered, one thing students would like about University of South Wales is its countrified location coupled with the lovely landscape.

5.University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

This is an excellent criminology school where students can take a good deal of criminology courses including criminology and psychology, criminology and sociology, law and criminology, and criminology and criminal justice.

With its main campus based in Preston, UCLan is a reputable UK university with several campuses. The university runs postgraduate studies with more than 200 programs while its undergraduate studies span more than 300 programs.

In addition to its Preston-based main campus, UCLan’s other campuses are located in Cyprus, Cumbria and Burnley. At UCLan, students are availed the opportunity of financial aids that they might need in settling tuition fees.

6.Liverpool Hope University

A university in proximity to Liverpool, Liverpool Hope University is a criminology school with qualitative studies and high-minded staff. Remarkably, it offers a forensics program which is considered one of the best in the UK.

Moreover, the university is listed among UK’s top 10 universities. Liverpool Hope University sets aside conducive accommodation for its students and quite interestingly, the university’s landscape is one beautiful thing students would love to espy.

Liverpool Hope University has been in existence for several decades, making it one of the oldest UK universities for criminology studies. The establishment of the university dates back to 1844.

7.University of East London

University of East London not only contributes to the transmission of valuable knowledge but also, it discharges its social responsibility through volunteering community projects.

As a standard school for criminology studies, University of East London offers a good number of criminology courses including criminology and law, criminology and psychology, and criminology and criminal justice.

The two main campuses of this university are situated in Stratford and London.

8.Canterbury Christ Church University

Besides being a school for criminology studies, Canterbury Christ Church University is highly revered for its excellent teacher education. This university is known for dishing out scholarships to students that have excelled in sports. By virtue of its emphasis on sports, Canterbury Christ Church University offers a host of sports clubs which students can enroll in.

Moreover, myriads of sporting activities take place in the university, hence giving students the avenue to showcase their athletic capabilities.

Canterbury Christ Church University owns two campuses, one in Medway and the other in Canterbury. Notably, the Canterbury-based campus is regarded as the main campus of this criminology school.

9.University of Portsmouth

This university boasts a boisterous atmosphere that bubbles with studies and entertainment. Founded as far back as 1869, University of Portsmouth is a ground for breeding students that will go on to become key drivers across industries.

Although originally built to prepare skilled workers as well as engineers for positions in Royal Navy, University of Portsmouth is now an excellent citadel of learning for various career paths including criminology.

10.London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University is an industry-focused UK institution for criminology studies. While it offers students the chance to study and still work, it has been lauded for its extensive focus on preparing students for industrial positions pertaining to their career paths.

Clearly, the university is one of the criminology schools hell bent on producing employable graduates. Individuals willing to acquire criminology education in London Metropolitan University can rest assured that they will be equipped with the hands-on experience they need for application in the outside world.


11.Buckinghamshire New University

This university is one of the best UK-based criminology schools for foreigners. It is one academic citadel that aims to transform its students into leaders in whatever fields they desire to be in the future. Buckinghamshire New University therefore offers standardized and up-to-date university education that can transform its students into leaders in real-life scenarios.

Buckinghamshire New University has been in existence for more than a century.

12.University of Derby

This criminology school prioritizes practical knowledge for its criminology students. By virtue of this, the university’s criminology department walks students through real-life scenarios of what they are practicing.

University of Derby is an academic citadel for students to acquire the fundamental skills required to excel in their careers. Meanwhile, the school’s comprehensive course package makes it possible to provide students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels with what they need.

13.The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD)

With its main campus sitting in the heart of Lampeter, UWTSD is a notable UK university with campuses across Swansea, Carmarthen and Lampeter.

This criminology school boasts a lovely landscape flanked by mountains as well as the Welsh eye-catching countryside.


The list above is all you need concerning the 13 best criminology schools in the United Kingdom. While there are lots of other UK schools offering criminology, we can assure you that we’ve painstakingly listed the best criminology schools in the UK.

If you really have a knack for criminology, the United Kingdom could be your best destination for sound education in criminology. Moreover, the listed UK criminology schools often provide students with financial aids which are definitely a great opportunity for indigent students to foot their academic bills.



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