10 Types of Window Blinds for Your Home In 2020

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Window blinds come in different sizes, texture, and patterns. Each of them is solely designed to give you all the maximum desire you need in your home which includes protection from external spies or interference, protection from the rays of the sun, protection from other external factors like breeze, dust, rain and more.
In 2020, the world of designs and decoration has greatly advanced in different styles and sizes. This is why, you can have blinds anywhere in your home, offices, room or space. Some of the best types of window blind covering are categorized into the following.

Plantation Window Blinds 

One of the best window blinds available in the market today is the plantation window blinds. It made and shaped to have very strong anti – reaction features that help you restrict sunray, rainfall and secure your privacy.

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The plantation window coverings are very wide in sizes and can spread across different sides of your window.

Wood Window Blinds

Have you seen this special type of blind! They are beyond the regular beautiful decoration for your home and highly recommended for your privacy. 

Wood blinds come in different colors depending on what kind of house decoration you intend to have. 

Venetian Window Blinds

They are another kind of blind you can buy this 2020. Before buying this, have it at the back of your mind that it is specially designed for mini windows.

They are usually small in size and made from fine sweet material. This means if you aim at using in for large windows, you will be wrong because they only fit perfectly from fancy small sized windows.

Cordless Vinyl Window Blinds

These window blinds are one of a kind. With a very sweet humid texture that allows you enjoy a regulated weather condition. 

This blinds open and close in a window partner and the best part of this is that it opens at full window length size which makes it not only recommended for a decoration, privacy but also recommended as good resistance.

Roll Up Window Blinds

Do you love privacy or have a tinge for darkness, then the roll-up blind is good for you.

Its covers every shade of light because it is made of unique wooden like materials. And they come in various colors. The best part of this window blind is that it easy to use, and it lasts for a very long time with your security guaranteed. 

Bamboo Window Blinds

The unique bamboo window blinds are superb for the perfect home scenery and beauty. They come out sparkling and give the home a vintage look. These blinds are a combination of traditional window covering of bamboo and a modern function.

This window blind gives you all the traditional look as it is made with bamboo. The design is fully equipped with its traditional appearance and abilities which include heat insulation/control, Bamboo Blinds are yet one of the best options to escape the city atmosphere. These are extremely lightweight and environment-friendly.

Roman Window Blinds

Roman window blinds are very atheistic, modest and classic. It brings out the royal figure of your home in general.

It is a good design for you if you love royal home designs. The beauty for this window blind lays in its ability to not just beautify the home but to shade perfectly from external intruders. 

Vertical Window Blinds

These are thin vertical slats that make the beauty of your home top-class standard. With the vertical shapes, your windows will enjoy a unique appearance different from what the horizontal shape will look like. 

These blinds are structured to give you protection from the sun. As flexible as it is, it gives you the feeling that you have a larger space to yourself.

Blackout Window Blinds

This window blinds are so cute and are good decorators for the home. It is made out of opaque fabric materials and they are most recommended for your bedrooms. 

The blackout option is a very low key kind of blind. Not too expensive, and it does not make your room look bizarre but instead gives the room a sense of nature and calmness. 


Having issues deciding what window coverings to choose for your home, worry no more as the blinds below are some of the best options you can ever imagine using. 
Note that each of the options above comes in different sizes and shapes to suit your window space. This means you can go for any option you want and enjoy the unique appearance you will gain from it.


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