10 Top Facebook Video Downloaders In 2020

Top Facebook Video Downloaders

Looking for at least 10 Top Facebook Video Downloaders In 2020? Weve got you covered. Facebook is such a great interactive platform for people of varying strata and preferences to connect with each other and even share exciting contents.

Frankly enough, many people have taken advantage of this to find enthusiasts for their contents inclusive of write-ups, skits, videos and pictures.

Needless to say, Facebook could be where you constantly see those pictures you’re bent on downloading. Meanwhile, there are tons of apps or platforms which let you download such videos. But to save you the hitch of browsing extensively to get a reliable option, we’ve come up with the 10 Top Facebook Video Downloaders in 2020.

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Practically designed for lovers of high-quality videos, HVD is an app which guarantees you free download of Facebook videos. Besides getting videos in HD, other benefits you can derive from using this app are efficient download speeds and the easy navigation around, courtesy of the site’s user-friendly interface.


Video Downloader for Facebook

Save for its likelihood of experiencing crashes, this app is damn good for downloading Facebook videos courtesy of its versatile file support and its high download speed. Also, you’re at liberty of choosing which phone location to save your downloaded videos and the app guarantees an easy-to-understand download process.

All Video Downloader

This is a high-ranking downloader which supports a wide variety of Android devices. Interestingly, some of its benefits are direct storage for your downloaded (Facebook) videos, ability to easily serve multiple video-sharing sites and capability of multiple video downloads at a go. Sadly however, some of its downsides are the presence of irksome ads and incompatibility with YouTube video download.

Get Them All

Among others, one great benefit of using Get Them All is that the app supports multiple file formats. Definitely, you can be sure of unlimited experience as you’re able to download documents, images and media files inclusive of Facebook videos. Although the Get Them All platform is said to be vulnerable to crashes, you can bank on the app for free download of Facebook videos.

Download Manager

This Facebook video downloader is quite unique as it helps you prioritize downloads. It further helps users maintain reasonable download speeds while ensuring that sizeable files are downloaded in bits. However, this app comes with few noticeable downsides including its unsuitable buffer size and the need for users to manually include the links to the videos to be downloaded.

KeepVid Android

This is another free-to-use video downloader which comfortably supports multiple file formats. One great strong point of this app is its ability to maintain expeditious download speeds while still supporting 4K resolution. Although users are damn sure to get high-quality videos, KeepVid Android is considered vulnerable to unexpected crashes.

Advanced Download Manager

With this app, you can expect to download multiple files regardless of the file type. Asides guaranteeing efficient download speeds, Advanced Download Manager boasts a smooth interface, making it one of the highly ranked Facebook video downloaders.

AVD Download Video Downloader

Packed with an impressive outlook, this Android platform offers an excellent and easy-to-use interface for anyone to freely download content including Facebook videos. With this app, there’s an added benefit of online tutorials for users to better understand how to operate it. Quite sadly, this platform delivers a low download speed.

FVD Free Video Downloader

This free-to-use video downloader is good for downloading Facebook videos as well as other content including PDFs, music and documents at a go. Although the site is loaded with add pop-ups, you’re sure to enjoy its GUI-based interface.

Media Clip Video Downloader

With this app, you can rest assured of excitement, courtesy of the wide support covering video streaming and unrestricted video downloads. This free-to-use Facebook video downloader also lets you download content (including videos, images and documents) in popular file formats but users’ experience could be weakened by the presence of annoying ads.


We hope you’re satisfied with our selection and discussion of the best Facebook video downloaders in 2020. Although there are various other Facebook video downloaders, you can always bank on this very selection for the exciting experience you so desire.


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