Forex Trading Signals Groups on Telegram

FX Signals are an important part of successful Forex trading. If you have a group of reliable and trustworthy traders in your Telegram, then it is time to take advantage of these groups. Read this article for 10 great signal groups that can help with your trades!

One of the most lucrative means to earn additional income today is through Forex trading. Forex, or Foreign Exchange Trading, is the exchange of one currency for another at a specific price and time in order to profit from fluctuations on an international market

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“Forex Signals Groups” are groups that provide traders with signals about when to enter trades. The benefits of having such a group include reduced emotional stress and increased profitability.

The Forex Signals Groups that were compiled in this article are reputable, trustworthy groups with a high hit rate for their signals. If you know of any other legitimate Forex signal group please let us know so we can add them to the list!

1. Wall Street Forex Signals

Wall Street Forex is a group that has been around for a while and offers both free and paid signals. Their premium service might not always be the best performing, but they’re very honest about when this happens.

They do advertise their paid services in their free chat room to get more people interested in joining, it does seem like some of them are just being pushy though – which isn’t something I appreciate much by any means!

To summarize: Wall Street Forex offer good quality content both as part of your membership or on a strictly educational level if you’re looking for help with understanding technicals analysis instead of trading strategies

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2. MYC Forex & Commodities Signals (@MYC Signals)

MYC Signals offers forex traders with two groups, a free one and an upgraded paid group.

The goal of MYC Signals is to provide members with signals that are high-quality in order for them to generate sustainable returns.

In both the free group which features higher quality but limited content, as well as the premium membership where more focus on technical analysis updates will be provided so their members fully understand why they made certain trades.

3. Pip Prophet

Pip Prophet is a group of experts that help traders find the best trades possible. They have loyal followers who are indicative to their high-quality signals, and they answer customer questions about pricing plans or forex trading in person.

The frequency of these great opportunities may need to be called into question, but most people will not mind for all the benefits this crew offers!

4. Royal Forex Signals

Forex signals with Royal Forex are premium and they offer high quality trade setups. Other groups that do a mixture of free and paid might post charts but not as good in quality or highlight common chart ranges/patterns such as head & shoulders, double tops, etc.

These posts provide much value for traders when deciding to take action on their own forex trades because the commentary is concise yet clear enough to understand given detailed analysis so it can be very helpful too!

5. PipChasers Group

The PipChasers group aims to offer a return on investment through daily active trades. They also provide trade management support and advice for their premium members which can be seen as one of the downsides because it limits educational content.

6. Ten Times Profit Fx

The biggest plus of this group is the chart setups that they post. They’re incredibly high quality and concise in explaining a trade setup, which will help you understand what to look for when trading.

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Members of the group are able to do the following: analyse charts if/when posted by members, see if you agree with their analysis (and then decide whether or not one should follow it).

This gives people on both sides – those being learning as well as acquiring skill needed- an opportunity at success!

7. Forex Pips Factory

With so many Forex Signal providers out there, how do you know which one to get? The answer is simple – the best provider will be able to provide educational material with their trading signals.

You might think that educating traders would make a group less profitable; but don’t worry!

While some groups post mostly promotional materials like ads and charts designed for convincing members of premium services, other forex signal providers are devoted entirely towards education without sacrificing profits or quality.

8. Forex Signal Solutions

Forex Signal Solutions is a great place for those looking to get access to free forex signals. The team provides the service so members can see what they’ll be in store with when they join their premium group, which offers more frequent trades and better quality charts explaining why particular trades are being taken.

9. Forex Scalper Zone

Forex Scalper Zone is a group of traders that meets in-person, and online to discuss their experiences with Forex trading.

The channel offers two focuses: the premium signals they offer for sale, as well as an automated trading bot service available only through paid membership.

There are no free services offered by this company outside of some promotional material encouraging people who don’t want to purchase either or both options mentioned above.

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10. Forex in Africa

Forex in Africa is a primarily educational group with the goal of providing traders from different parts of the continent to meet and share trade ideas, strategies, risks associated with trading as well as provide feedback for potential trades.

The community feel also has distinct advantages that include: accelerating learning by requiring members learn how to put on their own trades before they can open them up; sharing knowledge about risk management when it comes time for new investors coming into this space.

This African forex trading signal network boasts an active forum where traders are able to post questions or misconceptions they may have experienced during live sessions (think flash crashes).

In order words – if you’re looking for quick information then Forex in Africa might not be your best bet but rather a great place to look to.


There are many Forex trading signals groups on Telegram that provide traders with different strategies.

These 10 Forex Trading Signals Groups have been chosen for their popularity and variety of content they offer to the community.

In these times, it is important to be able to find a group or strategy that suits your needs best. Check out these 10 options today!

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